How to Watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live in UAE on ITV [Free Online]

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If you are interested to watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 live in UAE on ITV, this guide will show you how to use ExpressVPN to watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 live in UAE on ITV.

ITV, a prominent broadcaster known for its extensive sports coverage, is your ticket to the world of Rugby World Cup 2023. As the tournament unfolds, the eagerly anticipated match between Italy and Los Teros(Uruguay) is a focal point for sports enthusiasts.

Scheduled for September 20, 2023, at the Stade de Nice in Nice, France, the Italy vs Los Teros bout promises to be a riveting spectacle. With Italy’s storied World Cup history and Uruguay’s determination, this face-off (12th vs. 17th in rankings) is set to deliver high-stakes rugby action that’s not to be missed.

However, geo-restrictions can challenging to watch ITV in UAE and live coverage of Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023. Here’s where ExpressVPN becomes indispensable, circumventing these limitations and ensuring uninterrupted access to this thrilling encounter.

How to Watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live in UAE on ITV? [5 Easy Steps]

To watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 live in UAE on ITV, using ExpressVPN, here are five easy steps to follow and get Rugby World Cup 2023 on your home screens.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Connect to a UK server, Like the Docklands server.
  4. Visit ITV’s website or app.
  5. Opt for the “Pay for ITV” option for ad-free Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live streaming in UAE otherwise you can watch free with ads.

Where Can I Watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live in UAE on ITV?

If you want to Watch Rugby Union Italy vs Uruguay live, ITV is the best option. You can watch Italy vs Uruguay online free as ITV is completely free for its users.

But if you are in UAE and want Rugby Union Italy vs Uruguay live stream free, then you may face geo-restriction, but don’t worry, ExpressVPN can bypass these restrictions and you can enjoy ITV RWC 2023 live.

Who is in the Italy rugby squad 2023?

As Italy gears up for the Rugby World Cup 2023, let’s take a closer look at the Azzurri’s formidable squad. This table provides a snapshot of the players and their positions, with Michele Lamaro leading the charge as the team’s captain:

Player Name Position
Pietro Ceccarelli Forward
Simone Ferrari Forward
Danilo Fischetti Forward
Ivan Nemer Forward
Marco Riccioni Forward
Federico Zani Forward
Luca Bigi Forward
Epalahame Faiva Forward
Giacomo Nicotera Forward
Niccolò Cannone Forward
Dino Lamb Forward
Federico Ruzza Forward
David Sisi Forward
Lorenzo Cannone Forward
Toa Halafihi Forward
Michele Lamaro (Captain) Forward
Sebastian Negri Forward
Giovanni Pettinelli Forward
Manuel Zuliani Forward
Alessandro Fusco Back
Alessandro Garbisi Back
Martin Page-Relo Back
Stephen Varney Back
Tommaso Allan Back
Giacomo Da Re Back
Paolo Garbisi Back
Juan Ignacio Brex Back
Luca Morisi Back
Pierre Bruno Back
Ange Capuozzo Back
Monty Ioane Back
Paolo Odogwu Back
Lorenzo Pani Back

What is the Uruguay Squad for Rugby World Cup 2023?

Uruguay’s rugby warriors are ready to take on the world in the Rugby World Cup 2023, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the key players and positions. Meet the squad, with captain Andrés Vilaseca leading the charge, in the table below:

Player Name Position
Mateo Sanguinetti Forward
Matías Benitez Forward
Facundo Gattas Forward
Germán Kessler Forward
Guillermo Pujadas Forward
Ignacio Péculo Forward
Diego Arbelo Forward
Reinaldo Piussi Forward
Ignacio Dotti Forward
Manuel Leindekar Forward
Felipe Aliaga Forward
Manuel Ardao Forward
Santiago Civetta Forward
Manuel Diana Forward
Lucas Bianchi Forward
Carlos Deus Forward
Juan Manuel Rodriguez Forward
Eric Dos Santos Forward
Santiago Arata Back
Santiago Alvarez Back
Agustín Ormaechea Back
Felipe Etcheverry Back
Felipe Berchesi Back
Andrés Vilaseca (Captain) Back
Nicolás Freitas Back
Felipe Arcos Perez Back
Tomás Inciarte Back
Gastón Mieres Back
Baltazar Amaya Back
Juan Manuel Alonso Back
Rodrigo Silva Back
Bautista Basso Back
Ignacio Facciolo Back

What is the Form for Italy and Uruguay Rugby in 2023?

When we look at the history of Italy vs Uruguay Head to Head, we find a series of intense rugby battles. On November 20, 2021, a memorable match took place between Italy and Uruguay, with Italy emerging victorious with a score of 17-10.

Italy vs Uruguay H2H clashes provide valuable insights into their performance and competitive spirit, making them an important reference point.

Italy has been actively participating in recent matches, showcasing their form. Here’s a glimpse of their last five matches, indicating the opponents they faced and whether they secured victories or faced defeats.

Italy’s Last 5 Matches:

Date Tournament Opponent Score Result
09/09/2023 World Cup – 1st Round – Pool A Namibia 52 – 8 Win
26/08/2023 Test Match Japan 42 – 21 Win
19/08/2023 Test Match Romania 57 – 7 Win
05/08/2023 Test Match Ireland 17 – 33 Loss
29/07/2023 Test Match Scotland 13 – 25 Loss

Uruguay, too, has been actively involved in recent rugby battles. Their last five matches highlight the opponents they encountered and the outcomes they achieved.

Uruguay’s Last 5 Matches:

Date Tournament Opponent Score Result
20/11/2021 Test Match Italy 10 – 17 Loss
07/11/2020 Test Match Spain 19 – 10 Win
01/11/2020 Test Match Spain 32 – 20 Loss
13/10/2019 World Cup – 1st Round – Pool D Wales 13 – 35 Loss
05/10/2019 World Cup – 1st Round – Pool D Australia 10 – 45 Loss

These recent match records provide insight into the performance and results of both Italy and Uruguay in their most recent rugby encounters.

What is the Match Preview for Italy vs Uruguay?

Italy has a track record of 31 World Cup matches, with 13 wins and 18 defeats, indicating a 42% success rate. While they scored 627 points and conceded 977 between 1987 and 2019, they have yet to advance beyond the group stage. Currently ranked 12th, Italy hopes to improve its World Cup performance.

Uruguay, tactically led by Esteban Meneses, has participated in 15 World Cup matches, securing 3 wins with no draws and enduring 12 losses, resulting in a 20% success rate. They’ve tallied 188 points but conceded 718.

Despite appearances in the 1999, 2015, and 2019 World Cups, Uruguay has yet to progress beyond the group stage. They aim to establish themselves on the international stage despite being in a challenging group.

The upcoming Italy vs. Uruguay clash marks their first World Cup encounter, setting aside previous friendly matches. Italy, with its 12th ranking, hopes to build on a 42% success rate from 31 World Cup matches, while Uruguay, ranked lower, seeks to prove itself with a 20% success rate in 15 World Cup appearances.

Who is Predicted to Win between Italy and Uruguay in Rugby World Cup 2023?

The Rugby World Cup 2023 encounter between Italy and Uruguay is expected to tilt in favor of Italy with a predicted scoreline of 22-16. Although Italy doesn’t boast a large or renowned squad, their steady improvement places them ahead of Uruguay.

The outcome remains uncertain, but Italy’s speed and performance may secure them a victory in this engaging match.

How to get Tickets for the Italy vs Uruguay Rugby Match?

To secure tickets for the Italy vs. Uruguay Rugby World Cup 2023 match, you can visit the official ticketing website for the tournament. Ticket prices vary depending on the category, ranging from €75 (Cat 4) to €300 (Cat 1). It’s advisable to check the official website for availability and any additional details regarding ticket purchases.

If you’re unable to attend the match in person, you can still catch the live action. The Italy vs. Uruguay Rugby match will be broadcast live on ITV, providing a free viewing option for those in the UK.

However, if you find yourself in UAE and still want to enjoy rugby union Italy vs Uruguay live online free, consider using ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions. With ExpressVPN, you can securely access ITV’s coverage and ensure you don’t miss any exciting moments of the match, even while abroad.

What makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live in UAE on ITV?

ExpressVPN stands out as the best ITV VPN to watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 live in UAE on ITV due to its robust ability to bypass geo-restrictions.

Its extensive server network ensures uninterrupted access to ITV’s coverage, providing a seamless and high-quality viewing experience, regardless of your location. This VPN’s dependable performance and strong encryption make it the ideal solution to watch Rugby Games 2023in UAE .

ExpressVPN: The Fastest VPN to Watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live in UAE on ITV


Watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 with ExpressVPN

Its lightning-fast connection on 100 Mbps internet speed guarantees a seamless streaming experience. During its rigorous testing, it achieved impressive download speeds of 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds of 84.64 Mbps. This ensures that you won’t miss a second of the action.

ExpressVPN’s extensive server network spans over 3000+ servers across 94+ countries worldwide, including a strong presence in the UK. With servers in major cities like London and Manchester, you’ll have no trouble accessing ITV’s coverage of the Rugby World Cup 2023. Plus, Its AES-256 encryption ensures that your online activities remain secure.

Streaming has never been easier with ExpressVPN’s dedicated streaming servers. Whether you’re on a PS4, Mac, mobile device, or tablet, its MediaStreamer feature enhances your streaming experience. It’s perfect for Smart TVs and maintains the highest security standards while optimizing your streaming quality.

What sets ExpressVPN apart is its support for up to 8 simultaneous connections. This means that you can cater to the streaming needs of your entire household on various devices and platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, routers, and even ITV on Roku.

When it comes to pricing, ExpressVPN offers incredible value at just USD 6.67 /mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan with an annual plan. This package also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind as you watch Italy vs. Uruguay in the Rugby World Cup 2023 live on ITV.

Should you encounter any issues, its 24/7 customer support is ready to assist. Say goodbye to “ITV HUB not working” frustrations and choose ExpressVPN to ensure a seamless streaming experience from kickoff to the final whistle.

Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live

How To Get The Best Experience To Watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 Live?

To ensure the best experience when tuning in to watch Live Sports on ITV in UAE, consider using ExpressVPN. This powerful tool allows you to bypass geo-restrictions, granting you access to ITV’s coverage of the event. With ExpressVPN, you’ll enjoy seamless streaming without interruptions, guaranteeing you don’t miss a moment of the live action.

To optimize your viewing experience, make sure to watch the Italy Rugby live stream free on a Smart TV using the ITV app for stunning 4K full HD quality. Additionally, opting for a premium ITV subscription can eliminate pesky ads during the live stream, offering you uninterrupted enjoyment of this exciting rugby showdown.

So, gather your favorite snacks, invite your friends and family, and get ready for a thrilling Italy vs. Uruguay match right in the comfort of your own home. With ExpressVPN’s help, you’ll have a front-row seat to all the action.

What are some other Rugby Matches you can Watch on ITV?

Don’t worry about what channel is the Italy Rugby game on today. ITV holds exclusive rights to broadcast the Rugby World Cup France 2023, treating rugby enthusiasts to an exciting lineup of matches. Here are five upcoming games to mark on your calendar:

Pool Date Match
Pool A 14 September 2023 France v Uruguay
Pool A 29 September 2023 New Zealand v Italy
Pool A 5 October 2023 New Zealand v Uruguay
Pool A 6 October 2023 France v Italy
Pool C 17 September 2023 England v Japan


The Uruguay rugby team is commonly referred to as “Los Teros.” This nickname is derived from the Tero, a native bird in Uruguay known for its distinctive cry, which has become a symbol associated with the national rugby team.

Los Teros represent Uruguay in international rugby competitions, including the Rugby World Cup.

The Italy vs. Uruguay rugby game will be broadcast on ITV. ITV holds the broadcasting rights for the Rugby World Cup 2023, including this matchup between Italy and Uruguay, making it the go-to channel for viewers in the UK to catch the action.

The best free streaming app to watch Italy vs Uruguay rugby on ITV is the ITV Hub. ITV holds the broadcasting rights for the Rugby World Cup 2023.

However, if you’re located in UAE, you’ll need ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access the ITV Hub for free live streaming.

Wrapping Up

To watch Italy vs Uruguay RWC 2023 live in UAE on ITV, ExpressVPN is your trusty companion. By leveraging the power of ExpressVPN, you can seamlessly bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy the action-packed match as if you were right there in the stadium. Don’t let geographic barriers keep you from witnessing this exciting showdown.

With both sides aiming for victory, this matchup promises a thrilling display of rugby prowess that fans won’t want to miss. Don’t let geographic barriers keep you from witnessing this exciting showdown.

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