How to Watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA

How to Watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA

Master, the debut feature film by writer-director Mariama Diallo will land on Amazon Prime Video on March 18, 2022, for its global premiere. If you are looking to watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA, don’t skip and read this article till the end to know the best Amazon Prime VPNs.

Featuring Regina Hall, Amber Gray, and Zoe Renee, the movie is right now playing at the Sundance Film Festival, 2022. The film tends to unveil the predominant institutional racism at Ivy League universities. Master revolves around the experience of three black women at a white-dominated New England university.

Hall plays Gail Bishop, the first Black woman to occupy the position of dean at a residence hall. Amber Gray plays the “energetic and optimistic” freshman, Liv Beckman, who moves into a dormitory room that is believed to be haunted. And Zoe Renee plays Jasmine Moore, a professor who is up for tenure. Three different women with three different roles, united by one thing in common; racism.

Amazon Prime Video subscribers can watch this film without any hassle as it will be readily available to stream.

However, if you are a Prime Video subscriber who is currently living outside the USA, or if Amazon Prime Video isn’t available in your region, you will need a premium VPN app to watch this wonderful horror-drama film.

However, you needn’t worry as we will reveal everything about this film and how to watch Master on Amazon Prime. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA [Quick Steps]

VPN apps happen to be the only convenient and feasible way to access geo-restricted streaming platforms including Amazon Prime Video.

Here’s how to watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA with the help of a VPN:

  1. Get a subscription to a reliable VPN app. We recommend ExpressVPN for its secure and fast servers.
  2. Download the VPN app after subscribing and install it on your streaming device.
  3. Now launch the VPN app, log in, and connect to a server located in the USA.
  4. Get a subscription to Amazon Prime for $14.99 per month or standalone Prime Video membership at $8.99 per month.
  5. Next, log in to your Amazon account (if you already have an account then skip the 4th step).
  6. Look for Master as soon as it lands on Amazon Prime on March 18, and enjoy!

Watch the Trailer of Master

The trailer of the film Master has been out on Amazon Prime’s official YouTube Channel since March 2, 2022. The trailer is full of suspense and the explicit display of how racism is affecting individuals is shown. Check out the official trailer here:

As the trailer starts a house door opens with a squeak and very dramatically. And right after that, we see Regina Hall who is playing Gail Bishop. And the other leading character Jasmine is introduced right after that and how she has landed in the haunted room in the dormitory of the institute.

Later on, the trailer is filled with the creepy and suspenseful racist events they both go through or endure. How will they solve this mystery? Tune in on Amazon Prime to watch.

Schedule of Master: when will it come on Amazon Prime?

Master is the debut feature of the writer-director Mariama Diallo and has had its first screening at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. The movie is scheduled for its premiere on the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video on March 18, 2022, also the release will happen in a few of the selected cinemas. The movie then will be available to stream online.

Best VPNs to Watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA

The VPN market is full of competition and you can find a plethora of options from free service providers to premium VPN apps. However, when it comes to the true VPN experience, only a handful of apps can provide that.

That being said, for a guaranteed unlocking of geo-blocked websites and streaming platforms, you should only consider the top market players. Ordinary VPNs tend to eventually make your streaming experience terrible due to their incapacity to provide fast speed and bypass the location barriers.

So, to assist you in your VPN hunt process, we are enlisting the best VPNs to watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA. We have rigorously tested these VPN apps and after they have passed the litmus test of security, speed, network size, and price, we can guarantee that you won’t regret buying any of these options. But based on the positive reviews of our experts as well as power users, ExpressVPN is our top choice.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA

ExpressVPN has been a dominant force in the VPN market due to its consistency in providing excellent service. This VPN has a widespread global presence with over 3000+ servers spread over 94+ countries also including 20+ server locations in the USA.


On 100 Mbps, we got a downloading speed of 88.78 Mbps and an upload speed of 54.22 Mbps. The VPN speed is perfect for streaming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 outside USA.


ExpressVPN can easily dodge geo-restrictions of all the major streaming services and is our recommended VPN to watch Master on Amazon Prime outside the USA. With his VPN you can also watch Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Online from anywhere

This VPN app is fully capable of unblocking geo-restricted content from Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney Plus, Paramount+, Apple TV, Peacock, and several other platforms. You can also unblock Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, DirecTV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV with this VPN.

ExpressVPN is fully loaded with next-gen tech features and can be used on Linux, Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, as well as laptops, computers, handheld devices, game consoles, streaming devices, and even Wi-Fi routers. A single account of ExpressVPN lets you connect 5 different devices at a time.

The key features this VPN offers include Kill Switch, Camouflage Mode, Split Tunneling, AES-256 Encryption, Private DNS, Threat Manager, Trusted Server Technology, Lightway Protocol, and 24/7 Customer Assistance.

ExpressVPN comes with a price tag of US$ 2.30/mo - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan and also provides 100% refund coverage for 30 days.

Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN to Watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA

Surfshark is famous for its modest price range and the next-generation features it offers. It’s one of the cheapest VPN apps available in the market right now. You can get this app for US$ 2.30/mo - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also use this affordable VPN to watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime outside USA.


In our 100 Mbps connection speed test, we got download speeds of 86.51 Mbps and upload speed of 51.86 Mbps.


The VPN offers unlimited device connectivity with a single account that you can even share with your friends and family. It is definitely the most affordable VPN to watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA.

Surfshark operates with over 3200+ servers located in 65+ countries including 600+ servers in the USA. These servers are speed-boosted and our 100 Mbps speed test proved that it’s not just about the sales pitch.

Through this VPN app, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN, Apple TV, Peacock, and many others. Surfshark also lets you unblock Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Hulu + Live, and DirecTV.

Surfshark is at par with its competitors in terms of features and offers Camouflage Mode, Network Lock Kill Switch, Private DNS, NoBorders Mode, IKEv2/IPsec Protocol, Split Tunneling, No-Logging Policy, and 24/7 Technical Assistance.

You can use this VPN on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. Moreover, you can easily configure it on smart technology, gaming consoles, routers, streaming devices, mobiles, and tablets. With this VPN you can also watch Lucy and Desi on Amazon Prime from anywhere on your preferred device.

NordVPN: Largest Server Network to Watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA

Ask any tech-geek and they’ll definitely mention NordVPN among the finest VPN apps. This VPN is a perfect mix of convenience, ease of use, fast speed, and a huge network of servers. Moreover, with its servers, you can also watch MotoGP Life At Speed on Amazon Prime from anywhere.


On a 100 Mbps connection, this VPN can deliver amazing download speeds of up to 85.48 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 48.42 Mbps.


NordVPN offers the largest server network with 5543+ servers spread over 94+ countries. With its over 1500 dedicated servers in the USA, you can easily unlock Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Peacock, Paramount+, and others. In addition, it can also unblock OTT services including Sling TV, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV.

This VPN is known for its convenience as it offers hassle-free configuration on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. In addition, its SmartPlay feature helps you to configure it on streaming devices, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi routers, smart TVs, computers, and mobiles. You can concurrently use it on 6 devices with a single subscription.

This VPN offers several state-of-the-art features. Its key features include Dedicated IP, Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, Obfuscated Servers, Double Protection, Multi-factor Authentication, Onion over IP, Threat Protection, AES-256 Encryption, Tap-jacking Protection, Dark Web Monitor, and 24/7 Customer Service.

NordVPN is available for as low as US$ 3.49/mo - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal with the long-term subscription plan. It also provides a one-month money-back guarantee. With this VPN you can also watch the latest shows like Upload Season 2 on Amazon Prime Globally.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Amazon Prime outside USA?

Amazon Prime is available in several countries as it has mass-expanded its business in recent years. Prime Video is a popular streaming platform of Amazon Prime and one of the sought-after platforms in the world due to its huge content library filled with blockbuster films, super hit TV series, and documentaries.

However, there are some regions where Prime Video isn’t offering its services. Moreover, even in the regions where it’s available, you will get limited access to its content library due to various regions such as licensing agreements, streaming rights, and copyright issues.

You need a VPN app to watch Amazon Prime outside the USA because when you try to access this service from a restricted region, you will get an error message on your screens:

“This video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions.”


Even if you are in a region where Prime Video is available, you will not get the content catalog that is available in the United States. So you are likely to miss out on several latest super hit shows and films. Prime Video also offers live streaming of major events in the country like award shows, sports, etc.

Streaming platforms like Amazon Prime catch your location through your IP as soon as you open the website in your browser or mobile, and give a response accordingly. It will either block your access completely or provide you with the content library that is sorted out for your specific region.

That’s when a VPN becomes a dire need and a blessing in disguise. To fool Amazon Prime into thinking that you are accessing the platform within the USA, a VPN will mask your real IP address and spoof your location with state-of-the-art VPN features.

For example, with the help of our recommended ExpressVPN, you can change your IP address to a server located in the USA and watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA. Not just that, it will also keep you and your activity on the internet anonymous and hidden.

What is Master About?

Master is the newest entry in the impactful increasing surge of new horror films about allegorical racist behavior towards black people. Master, mainly explores the institutional racism happening in Ivy League universities. The story centers on the lives of three Black women on the campus.

One of them is Gail Bishop, who is enthusiastic about being the new Master, the Dean of Ancaster’s students, and starting her new position at the university in New England. Being the first Black woman to acquire this high-ranking position, Gail is being targeted with racism in a very casual way by her colleagues and has been put in very uncomfortable circumstances by that.

Second is another professor at the university named Liv, who also shares these same kinds of experiences as her. As Liv is pushing around very hard to get a contract in the eyes of the board which is constantly assessing her regardless of her limited published work.

The third one is a freshman student named Jasmine Moore, who is trying to adjust to life on campus, as she has been made uneasy by the story about the dormitory room she is in and that a witch haunts it.

The movie explores the experiences of the characters that are navigating around such an extraordinary institution and how the history which is very unpleasant is playing its role in affecting their relationship dynamics and ultimately their lives.

Who is in the Cast of Master?

The movie Master cast has Regina Hall in one of the leading roles who also served as the executive producer of the film. Check out the top cast of the Amazon Prime upcoming movie Master given below:

Regina Hall Gail Bishop
Zoe Renee Jasmine Moore
Julia Nightingale Freshman Counselor
Talia Ryder Amelia
Ella Hunt Cressida
Noa Fisher Katie
Anna Van Patten Libby
D.C. Anderson Painter
Angela Grovey Dining Worker
Will Hochman Tyler
John Kroft Nicky
Amber Gray Liv Beckman

This new horror movie is written and directed by Mariama Diallo as a debut film of her career. The production of the film was done under Joshua Astrachan and Brad Becker-Parton.


You can watch the horror movie Master on Amazon Prime or in a few selected theaters once it is released for the public, as the movie is premiering right now at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

If you live outside the USA and are looking forward to watching the movie Master and also Amazon Prime is not available in your region you can connect to a VPN, ExpressVPN, and use it to relocate yourself virtually to the USA. Like this, you will be able to unblock the geo-restricted content i.e. Master and stream it seamlessly on your device.

The release date of ‘Master’ on Amazon Prime is 18 March 2022, later on, you can stream it whenever you want if you have an Amazon Prime Subscription.


Master is the latest addition to an increasingly poignant new stream of allegorical horror flicks about race. The advent of this specific upsurge can mainly be attributed to the Oscar-winning film of Jordan Peele; Get Out, which he followed up with another commercial and critical success; Us.

The most appalling thing about all these films and many alike, beyond anything the viewers saw in them, is the fact that what each of these titles had to highlight is still very much prevalent even in today’s world what George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead brought into light back in the 1960s.

We hope this article has helped you know everything about the much-anticipated Prime Video feature; Master. If you want to watch Master on Amazon Prime outside USA, we recommend getting your hands on our recommended ExpressVPN, as it’s the only convenient way to access Amazon Prime from anywhere in the world.

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