How To Watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus

Watch-Hexagone-MMA-14-in-Australia on Discovery Plus

As this powerhouse league continues to dominate the European circuit. However, to watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus, you will require a VPN like: ExpressVPN! The event is exclusively available on Discovery Plus UK library via TNT Sports, so you’d need a reliable VPN to unlock geo-blocked content.

Set to ignite screens on February 10, 2024, Hexagone MMA 14 brings together a lineup of unparalleled talent, delivering a spectacle of adrenaline-fueled battles that will leave fans on edge. With a VPN, you will feel more confident accessing the UK library of Discovery Plus in Australia, granting you a seamless experience.

How to Watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

The best way to watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN to your preferred device.
  3. Connect to a UK-based server through a VPN. Try Docklands.
  4. Visit the Discovery Plus website and log in.
  5. Stream Hexagonee MMA 14 on TNT sports via Discovery Plus right away!

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To access Discovery Plus and its amazing content (including TNT Sports), subscribe to the channel. Learn about Discovery Plus price in Australia and access unlimited content on Discovery Plus without any hassle.

Where to Watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia?

To catch the action of Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia, look no further than Discovery Plus UK library via TNT Sports. However, if you find yourself encountering geo-blocking barriers, fear not! You can easily bypass these restrictions and unlock access to the best Discovery Plus sports in Australia Plus with ExpressVPN.

This powerful tool ensures that regional audiences can enjoy every thrilling moment of Hexagone MMA 14 right from the comfort of their own screens.

When is Hexagone MMA 14 Happening?

Mark your calendars for February 10, 2024, when Hexagone MMA 14 will take place. Prepare for a night of intense action, adrenaline-pumping matches, and unforgettable moments as fighters step into the cage to showcase their skills and determination.

To ensure you catch the Hexagone MMA 14 live stream, get your hands on ExpressVPN beforehand!

What is Hexagone MMA 14 Start Time in Australia?

Hexagone MMA 14 will kick off on Saturday, February 10, 2024, at 12:00 PM ET and 19:30 GMT. Tune in promptly for those eager to catch the action live from the venue or via streaming on Discovery Plus through TNT Sports.

However, if you encounter geo-blocking hurdles accessing the event online, don’t fret! Utilize ExpressVPN if you encounter any geo-blocking hurdles to watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus and witness every moment of the exhilarating battles from anywhere in the world.

Where is Hexagone MMA 14 going to be held?

Hexagone MMA 14 will occur at the Palais des Sports in Dijon, France. If you’re looking to watch the event live on TV or other devices, make sure to tune in.

And if you’re in a region with restricted access, consider using ExpressVPN to catch the Hexagone MMA 14 event and all the action without any hassle.

How Much Does TNT Sports via Discovery Plus Cost?

For users in Australia, accessing TNT Sports via Discovery Plus comes for $60.01 (£30.99). This premium plan not only grants you access to TNT Sports but also includes multiple other sports channels, ensuring you never miss out on any action-packed moments.

This subscription offers an immersive viewing experience, with features like high-definition streaming and on-demand access to a variety of sporting events.

However, it’s essential to note that TNT Sports via Discovery Plus is not available for free. Unfortunately, However you can take advantage and avail the Discovery Plus free trial in Australia for 7 days to explore its offerings and, If you don’t wish to continue with the account, then feel free to cancel Discovery Plus in Australia.

Rest assured that subscribing to the channel is an easy process and can be done easily in Australia via ExpressVPN.

Hexagone MMA 14 Fight Card

From seasoned veterans to rising stars, Hexagone MMA 14 promises to deliver a spectacle unlike any other. Stay tuned as we delve into the Hexagone MMA 14 results from this unforgettable night of combat sports.

Check out the table below for the Hexagone MMA 14 fight card:

# Player HXMMA Interim Middleweight Championship Player
10 Matthieu Duclos
MiddleW (Europe Western)
Main Event
1855 x 5 | Pro
Alexis Fontes
MiddleW (Europe Western)
9 Benjamin Molnar
FeatherW (Europe Eastern)
Co-Main Event
3 x 5 | Pro
Helder Fernandes
BantamW (Europe Western)
8 Tamerlan Albeikov
HeavyW (Europe Western)
Main Card
3 x 5 | Pro
Chemss-Eddine Djeffal
HeavyW (Europe Western)
7 Anas Azizoun
BantamW (Europe Western)
Main Card
3 x 5 | Pro
Borja Garcia
BantamW (Europe Western)
6 Pavla Kladivova
Women (Middle East)
Main Card
3 x 5 | Pro
Elsa Hemat
5 Gregory Wamytan
FlyW (Europe Western)
Main Card
3 x 5 | Pro
Alikhan Khatiev
FlyW (Russia)
4 Nicolae Bivol
LightW (Europe Western)
Main Card
3 x 5 | Pro
Guillaume Delattre
LightW (Europe Western)
3 Alix JeanGuillaume
WelterW (European Western)
Main Card
3 x 5 | Pro
Allan Taibi Jouve
WelterW (European Western)
2 Djibril Taslamat
AM LightW (Europe Western)
3 x 3 | Amateur
Quentin Renard
AM LightW (Europe Western)
1 Eddy Hourtal
AM LightW (Europe Western)
3 x 3 | Amateur
Ismail Tolsoutanov
AM LightW (Europe Western)

Excited to watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus? Subscribe to a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN and catch live streaming of your favorite matches on the channel.

What is the Form of the Fighters of Hexagone MMA 14?

Let’s assess the form of the competing fighters in Hexagone MMA 2024. With each match poised to showcase the fighters’ skill and determination, anticipation is high for an unforgettable display of mixed martial arts prowess.

So before you watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus, check out how these formidable athletes compare.

# Player Form Player Form
10 Matthieu Duclos Middleweight Alexis Fontes Middleweight
9 Benjamin Molnar Featherweight Helder Fernandes Featherweight
8 Tamerlan Albiekov Heavyweight Chemss-Eddine Djeffal Heavyweight
7 Anas Azizoun Bantamweight Borja Garca Bantamweight
6 Pavla Kladivova Women Elsa Hemat Women
5 Gregory Wamytan Flyweight Alikhan Khatiev Flyweight
4 Nicolae Bivol Lightweight Guillaume Delattre Lightweight
3 Alix JeanGuillaume Welterweight Allan Taibi Jourve Welterweight
2 Djibril Taslamat AM Lightweight Quentin Renard AM Lightweight
1 Eddy Hourtal AM Lightweight Ismail Tolsoultanov AM Lightweight

What is the Prediction for Hexagone MMA 14?

Ready for Hexagone MMA 14 predictions?

Members of Tapology have made predictions for upcoming MMA battles. Refer to the table below and see if you had the same predictions in mind.

Name Chances to Win Name Chance to Win
M. Duclos 96% A. Fontes 4%
B. Molnar 80% H. Fernandes 20%
T. Albiekov 98% C. DJeffal 2%
Azizoun 96% B. Garcia 4%
P. Kladivova 91% E. Hemat 9%
G.Wamytan 93% A. Khatiev 7%
N. Bivol 35% G. Delattre 65%
A. JeanGuillaume 64% A. Taibi Jouve 36%
D. Taslamat 92% Q. Renard 8%
E. Hourtal 95% L. Tolsoultanov 5%

Who do you think will take the victory based on these predictions?

What is the Ticket Price of Hexagone MMA 14?

Generally, Hexagone MMA 14 ticket prices can range from affordable options for general admission to premium seats offering enhanced viewing experiences.

Categories Price
Ringside €99 ($106.60)
Platinum €89 ($95.83)
Gold Square €79 ($85.06)
Category 1 €59 ($63.53)
Category 2 €49 ($52.76)
Category 3 €39 ($41.99)
Category 4 €29 ($31.23)
Ringside 1st Row €179 ($192.74)
Ringside 2nd Row €159 ($171.20)
Ringside 3rd Row €139 ($149.67)
Ringside 4th Row €99 ($106.60)
Ringside 5th Row €99 ($106.60)
Ringside 6th Row €99 ($106.60)

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it’s advisable to check the official Hexagone MMA 14 website or authorized ticket vendors.

If you’re not in the region and wish to watch the battles unfold on your TV screen, tune into Discovery Plus via TNT Sports and catch Hexagone MMA fights live. ExpressVPN is your ultimate solution to unblocking geo-restrictions and watch Hegagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus.

Social Media Buzz of Hexagone MMA 14

Fans are excitedly buzzing on social media as they eagerly await the start of Hexagone MMA 14 on February 10, 2024. The official Hexagone MMA Instagram page has sparked anticipation with a countdown post, signaling the thrilling action.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by HEXAGONE MMA (@hexagonemmafr)

Watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus as the championship is set to captivate audiences and deliver an unforgettable spectacle in the cage.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus

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Watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus with ExpressVPN!

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Hexagone MMA 14

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MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. It is a dynamic and multifaceted combat sport that blends various martial arts disciplines into a cohesive fighting style. MMA fighters are trained to be proficient in various combat techniques, including striking, grappling, wrestling, submissions, and clinch fighting.

Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has referred to Bruce Lee as the “father of Mixed Martial Arts,” recognizing his influence on the sport’s principles and techniques.

Using a free VPN to watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia might be possible, but it comes with risks. Free VPNs often have limitations on speed and servers. For a better experience, consider using a reliable and secure VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Yes, it is legal to watch Hexagone MMA 14 on Discovery Plus in Australia with a VPN. Using a VPN to access geo-blocked content is not against the law. However, it’s essential to ensure you’re using, A premium VPN service like ExpressVPN for geo-restricted content.

Wrapping Up

Hexagone MMA 14 marks the return of the best fighters in the discipline. Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the adrenaline-fueled battles that Hexagone MMA 14 promises to deliver. Don’t miss out on the nonstop entertainment and watch Hexagone MMA 14 in Australia on Discovery Plus using ExpressVPN.

With its unparalleled speed, security features, and global server network, ExpressVPN ensures that fans can enjoy every moment of Hexagone MMA 14 with the highest quality streaming experience possible.

Tune in with ExpressVPN and witness the excitement of Hexagone MMA 14 firsthand.

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