How Much is Stan Subscription? Is It Worth Your Money?


Streaming services are becoming a major part of our daily routine. There are a lot of streaming platforms offering vast content just like Stan Australia. Because of exclusive content, I mostly hear people asking how much is Stan?

Stan offers three subscription plans starting at aud 12 per month for the basic tier. It has also introduced a new add-on Sport package, which will add to your main membership plan for $15 per month.

Stan is a streaming platform that can only be accessed in Australia. If you want to watch Stan outside Australia, you will need a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN to get past the geo-barriers.

Each plan of Stan is different, and it is designed to accommodate a variety of streaming preferences and budgets. In order to assist you, I have made an easy guide on how much Stan costs and which plan is best for you!

How Much is Stan per Month?

One of the main reasons for Stan’s popularity, aside from its high-quality film and TV library, maybe its affordable pricing: a basic Stan price is 12 AUD (7.80 USD) per month, exactly one dollar less than Peacock price in Australia similar membership tier.

The Stan price of the Standard package is only 16 AUD (10.39 USD) and offers three displays and three download-friendly devices. It also has the same fantastic content library, but certain titles are available in HD, depending on the strength of your internet connection.

Only Stan’s premium membership, which costs 21 AUD (13.64 USD) per month, includes the ability to watch best Stan movies Outside Australia in ultra HD. Premium subscribers can access outstanding content on up to four screens and download on five separate devices.

Here’s a quick rundown of how much is Stan a month, as well as the features that come with each one:

Packages Stan Cost per month Free Trial Resolution Offline download devices Simultaneous Streams
Basic 12 AUD (7.80 USD) Available SD 1 1
Standard 16 AUD (10.39USD) Available HD 3 3
Premium 21 AUD (13.64 USD) Available Up to 4K 5 4

All three Stan packages offer a 30-day free trial, just like BBC iPlayer. All you’ll need is a computer with an Internet connection and a television to watch shows. Stan is compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast devices to name a few.

Also, Stan’s plans are Ad-free so that you can enjoy your favorite shows on Stan without any interruptions. You might to look for Stan yearly subscription to say, a few bucks, but they do not offer an annual plan as yet.

What is Stan Sport? How Much is Stan Sport per Month in Australia?

Stan Sport is an add-on package that enriches the Stan subscription with premium sports content such as:

Event Category
T20 Black Clash 2024 Cricket
UEFA Champions League Football
Super Rugby Rugby
Australian Open Tennis
World Rally Championship Motorsport
Wimbledon Tennis
Roland-Garros Tennis
Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 Multi-sport (Winter Sports)

As for how much is Stan sport, it is an extra 15 AUD (9.74 USD) per month, you can add a Stan Sports subscription to your existing Stan account. Stan Sport is currently unavailable as a stand-alone subscription. Stan Sport price does not look to bad when you look at the collection they offer.

Every match is exclusively available on Stan Sport. Enjoy exclusive extended coverage and analysis from the award-winning team behind the wide world of sport ad-free, live and on-demand on Stan Sport. It also offers a 7-day free trial to enjoy sports events to the fullest.

Now you know all about sports add-on and How Much is Stan, keep reading to find out which plan is the best for you.

Which Stan Subscription Plan is Best For Me?

Everyone’s preferences and demands are different, so when you’ve figured out how much is Stan, here are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a plan. Once you have the answers, you’ll be able to determine which plan is ideal for you:

  • How many people are going to watch it at home?
  • Want offline downloads?
  • What is your preferred image quality?

If you want my suggestion, I suggest the Premium subscription, an all-in-one package that costs only 21 AUD (13.64 USD) monthly.

You can watch 4K Ultra HD TV shows and movies simultaneously on up to four screens or download content to five devices to watch offline. You can upgrade or decrease your Stan packages at any time if your needs change.

Do you enjoy participating in sports? Then add Stan Sport to your existing package for an extra 15 AUD (9.74 USD) per month!

Using Stan’s Features and Expanding Product Range

I always find it essential to discuss the ease of starting a streaming service subscription, and with Stan’s process, it can be done in just a few simple steps. Here’s how to get your Stan subscription up and running:

  1. Get ExpressVPN, the reliable VPN choice.
  2. Connect to the recommenced Melbourn server.
  3. Visit the Stan’s website and select “Start your free trial.”

    Use ExpressVPN to access Stan outside Australia

  4. Choose the plan that suits your needs.

    Choose a Stan plan of your choice

  5. Create an account by providing an email address and creating a password.
  6. Enter your payment information.
  7. Start streaming your favorite shows and sports instantly.

Note: Don’t skip out on ExpressVPN’s special offer - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free!

If you are reside within Australia then you won’t require a VPN. Enjoying Stan on various devices is straightforward. Stan ensures compatibility with a range of devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets.

For those who are always on the go, the service is designed to be user-friendly, with apps available for both iOS and Android and support for streaming devices like Chromecast and Apple TV.

Comparing Stan’s Value with Other Streaming Giants

Stan offers a competitive streaming option in Australia, with its Standard plan slightly undercutting Netflix’s price. The platform appeals to a broad audience by featuring a mix of international hits, Australian originals, and a robust selection of movies.

Key exclusives include Yellowstone, Wolf Like Me, and Better Call Saul. Additionally, Stan is popular for its extensive lineup of original Australian series like Bump and Wolf Creek and for being the go-to platform for RuPaul’s Drag Race fans.

The service enhances its appeal with high-quality streaming on multiple devices, offline viewing options, and up to four simultaneous streams, similar to Amazon Prime Video.

For sports enthusiasts, the Stan Sports add-on, although increasing the monthly cost, offers comprehensive coverage of major sports events like the Australian Open and the UEFA Champions League, ensuring it caters to a wide range of viewer preferences.

Tracing the Trend of Stan’s Pricing Evolution

I’ve watched the evolution of Stan streaming cost closely and have seen a gradual increase over time. Initially, the Basic plan remained unchanged at aud 10/mo since 2016, but it has seen a slight increase recently.

The Standard and Premium plans have also experienced modest hikes of aud 2/mo and aud 6/mo, respectively. This trend isn’t unique to Stan, as it’s common for streaming platforms to adjust prices as they expand their content libraries and enhance service quality.

Despite these changes, I continue to find Stan to be a platform that offers good value for the money. The service is committed to evolving and adapting to viewer preferences, regularly adding new titles and exclusive content to keep the platform engaging.

The streaming quality and user-friendly interface contribute to a positive overall experience.

How Much is Stan discussion on Reddit

The first Reddit threat around the topic How Much is Stan, is about a user who signed up for a Stan free trial in 2019, forgot to cancel, and got charged for years. They got some free months as compensation, but others felt Stan should have been clearer about the charges.

The second threat is a general discussion about whether Stan is a good streaming service. Some users love it, especially for shows not on Netflix, while others recommend checking the content library first or only subscribing for a month at a time. Overall, opinions on Stan are mixed.

How Much is Stan- FAQs

Yes, Stan Australia is worth it. Stan is now one of the top video streaming services available in Australia, especially considering the low Stan price of only 12 AUD (7.80 USD). The platform offers a diverse selection of Sports, TV Shows and Movies.

No, you don’t have to pay for movies separately on Stan its all included in the monthly subscription cost. You can upgrade or reduce your subscription plan anytime because it is month-to-month.

Yes, Stan offers an additional Sport package for live and on-demand sports coverage, including Rugby, the UEFA Champions League, and Grand Slam tennis events. This requires an extra fee on top of the standard subscription.

Yes, Stan allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. No lock-in contracts allow you to start and stop your service as needed.


Stan is unquestionably a must-have Australian TV for everyone, as it offers a diverse range of materials. Stan is the right choice for you whether you are a sports fanatic or a binge-watcher who seldom misses anything new hitting the screens!

I hope that my guide on how much is Stan is helpful for you and now you have a clear picture regarding the Stan price in Australia. Furthermore, the integration of a VPN service like ExpressVPN for those outside Australia is essential due to geo-blocks.

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