How to Cancel YouTube TV Subscription in Australia in 2024 [Easy Hacks]


In my experience with content streaming, I’ve witnessed numerous changes, including price surges in subscription services. If you are looking for ways to cancel YouTube TV Subscription in Australia read along!

I’ve navigated the cancellation process myself, finding it simpler than expected. For those needing to access YouTube TV in Australia, a VPN like ExpressVPN proves invaluable. Let’s explore how to manage your streaming subscriptions smoothly and effectively.

If you are done with the subscription to this streaming platform and want to quit, then there is a way out. With just a few simple steps and not paying any additional penny, you can easily cancel YouTube TV.

So, let’s get started!

How can I Cancel YouTube TV Subscription in Australia on PC?

Whether you’re within the United States or abroad, you can cancel YouTube TV subscription in Australia from your computer with ease by following these steps:

Steps to Cancel:

  • Visit the YouTube TV website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.

Choose your profile on the top right corner.

  • Select ‘Settings’ and navigate to ‘Membership’.
  • Find the option to ‘Manage’ and click on it.

Then select Manage.

  • Choose ‘Cancel’ or ‘Pause Membership’ depending on your preference.

Click the Cancel button or Pause button

  • Follow the additional prompts to confirm the cancellation.

Important Notes:

  • No cancellation fees are involved, you can cancel YouTube TV anytime.
  • Your access continues until the end of the billing cycle.
  • If you’re on a YouTube TV free trial in Australia, access stops immediately upon cancellation.

With just a few steps, you will be able to cancel YouTube TV subscription in Australia on a computer.

But before you cancel, you can also watch amazing sports content on YouTube TV, like PGA The Players Championship, on different devices like Apple TV, iPhone, and Macbook without any interruption in Australia.

How can I Cancel my YouTube TV Subscription in Australia on iPhone?

To cancel your YouTube TV subscription on an iPhone, regardless of your location, use a web browser since the app does not support cancellation. Follow these steps:

Steps to Cancel:

  1. Open Safari or any other web browser on your iPhone and go to YouTube TV website.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Tap your profile icon and select ‘Settings‘.
  4. Visit ‘Membership’ and then select ‘Manage‘.
  5. Tap ‘Cancel Membership’ and follow the prompts to confirm your decision.

Sometimes while watching YouTube TV, you may experience proxy errors. This is when you are watching it with a VPN. When you use a premium VPN with YouTube TV, you can easily bypass YouTube TV proxy errors in Australia.

How can I Cancel YouTube TV Subscription in Australia on Android?

Canceling your YouTube TV subscription on an Android device is simple and can be done within the app or via a web browser. Here are the steps:

Steps to Cancel:

  • Open the YouTube TV app or use a web browser to visit YouTube TV website.
  • Tap on your profile picture to open the settings.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Membership‘.
  • Confirm your cancellation by following the on-screen instructions.

You can also use your Android phones to cancel YouTube TV subscription in Australia.

You Don’t Want to Cancel Your Subscription? Here’s How You can Pause It.

If you’re not ready to cancel but need a break, pausing your YouTube TV subscription is a suitable alternative. Here’s how you can pause it:

Steps to Pause:

  • Navigate to YouTube TV website and log into your account.
  • Click on your profile icon and select ‘Settings’.
  • Find ‘Membership’ and choose the ‘Pause or Cancel Membership’ option.
  • Select ‘Pause’, choose the duration of the pause (up to 24 weeks), and confirm.

What Happens During a Pause:

  • You won’t have to pay YouTube TV price in Australia during the pause period.
  • Your access to YouTube TV is suspended, and no new content is recorded.
  • The subscription will automatically resume after the pause period, bringing back full access.

What Happens When You Pause YouTube TV?

Post-Cancellation: Understanding the Outcome

When you decide to cancel YouTube TV subscription in Australia, it’s important to know what follows after your subscription ends:

  • Your access to YouTube TV will continue until the end of the billing cycle.
  • Add-on networks will not be accessible once your subscription ends.
  • Recorded programs in your library expire after 21 days post-cancellation.
  • YouTube TV will save your library selections in case you decide to re-subscribe.
  • Rejoining YouTube TV may not guarantee previous special rates or access to past recordings.
  • For security reasons, Google may retain some information such as your home zip code.

Knowing these points ensures you are fully informed about the results of your cancellation decision. YouTube TV is a popular streaming platform with amazing content to watch. YouTube TV has added games and getTV in Australia to its services for all the Game enthusiasts out there!

What else can you watch on YouTube in Australia?

YouTube offers an array of entertainment choices, granting access to an extensive collection of the best YouTube shows and best comedy movies in Australia on YouTube TV. Let’s explore the latest titles available:

Atalanta vs Marseille Semi Final Leg 2 FA Cup 2023-24 OutDaughtered Season 10 Predator V Prey
Welcome to Wrexham Sesaon 3 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Jeopardy! Masters Season 2 Surviving a Serial Killer
Temptation Island Season 5 Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 6 Next Baking Master: Paris Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 7
Leverkusen vs Roma Europa League Semi Final Leg 2 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Maryland TV Series Marseille vs Atalanta Europa League Semi Final Leg 1
Knuckles TV Series The Never Ever Mets The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 Branching Out

Note: You can also stream the best family movies on YouTube TV, if the Genre is one to your liking.

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Your YouTube TV membership can be canceled or paused at any time in Australia. You’ll continue having access to YouTube TV until your payment cycle ends if you cancel or stop your membership. Unless you are on a free trial, canceling YouTube TV does not instantly remove your access to the service.

You can cancel your YouTube TV subscription at any time. However, the Android app allows users to cancel their subscription, the iOS app does not offer this feature. For iOS users, canceling the subscription must be done through the YouTube TV website in Australia.

The monthly cost of a YouTube TV Base Plan is $64.99 + tax. Your charge date is the day of your first payment, and you’ll be charged every month on the same day. If that date does not fall within a month (for example, the 31st), you will be charged on the month’s last day.

Yes, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription at any time without incurring any cancellation fees in Australia. This gives you the flexibility to end your membership when it suits your needs.


You can cancel YouTube TV Subscription in Australia at any time without incurring a cancellation fee. You maintain access to the service until the end of your billing cycle. If you change your mind later, you can restart your membership, though previous promotional rates or recordings may no longer be available.

We hope that our guide on How to cancel YouTube TV lets you cancel your subscription in Australia without facing any interruption. If you have any further questions, do let us know in the comment section below.

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