Disney Plus Free Trial: Can I Watch For Free in Australia In 2024 (Brief Guide)


Does Disney Plus have a free trial in Australia? Unfortunately no. Are you trying to get a Disney Plus free trial in Australia? You are at the right place, as we have covered all the details of the Disney+ free trial in this guide.

Disney Plus library contains over 7000 TV episodes and 500 movies. It is a fantastic streaming platform to stream all your favorite movies and TV Shows from Marvel, Pixar, Star, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Disney.

Do you want to stream all your favorite movies and reality TV shows, for free on this platform? Well, previously, you could do that using its free trial. However, now the original 7-day Disney Plus trial does not exist anymore.

Having said that, we have uncovered a way to get a Disney Plus free trial, which is not even restricted to 7-days. The only thing that comes as an obstacle with this trial is that it comes as a bonus via other services.

One important thing to remember here is if you are traveling or living in a geo-restricted region, you need a VPN to watch Disney Plus outside Australia.

Is there a Disney Plus free trial in Australia in 2024?

Is there a free trial for Disney Plus in Australia? No, Disney Plus free trial is not being offered anymore. Previously, Disney Plus offered a one-week free trial, but it has been discontinued since June 2023.

However, Disney Plus offers a free trial in some countries like Japan. You can use a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN to sign up for Disney Plus free trial in Japan. If you try to access Disney Plus Japan without a VPN, you’ll get Disney Plus error code 73 on your screen.

Why Did Disney+ End Its Free Trial

Disney+ ended its free trial in the middle of 2020. Disney Plus took this bold decision before putting up highly anticipated movies on the platform. Disney Plus made this decision so that people would subscribe to their service rather than binging the movies using the free trial.

This decision may have also been influenced by the pandemic, which shut down theatres worldwide, and the public switched to streaming services to watch their favorite content.


The public had no choice but to watch their favorite movies on the streaming platforms, and the platforms like Disney Plus took advantage of this and removed the free trial, and as a result, it experienced a surge in new subscriptions.

Disney Plus introduced its new Premier Access service in the mid of 2020, which gives users exclusive access to newly released movies that normal subscribers can not access.

It is quite evident that Walt Disney Studios has planned to grow its streaming platform, as all industries faced a negative business impact of COVID-19. If Disney+ had continued its free trial service, it’d have only lost the new subscribers being detrimental to the company.

Is Disney Plus a free trial return?

We are not expecting Disney Plus to offer a free trial again anytime soon, at least not in Australia. With more than 42 million customers, it does not need to offer a sample of its services. However, it may release exciting deals to attract new subscribers, as it does on Black Friday.

It is possible that it may offer a free trial in the new markets or countries with fewer subscribers, like UAE, Vietnam, etc., before the year ends.

There is no Disney Plus free trial code that new customers can use. Disney Plus free trial Amazon Prime has also been discontinued.

Can I get Disney Plus for free in Australia?

Although a free trial Disney Plus no longer exists, there are a few free options to watch Disney Plus, such as Verizon.

Wondering how long is the Disney Plus free trial on Verizon? It depends on the plan you are getting.

If you have Verizon Wireless, you may be lucky as you can get Disney Plus free trial for 6 months on it. For this, you must sign up for Do More Unlimited or Start Unlimited.

If you sign up for Get More Unlimited Plan or Play More Unlimited Plan, you also get ESPN Plus and Hulu (without ads) for an unlimited time along with Disney Plus.

The new customers of Verizon Fios Internet also get Disney Plus free for one year.

However, with these options, you cannot get Disney Plus premier access free trial.

Previously you could also get a free Disney Plus trial on Xbox Game Ultimate Pass. This service was expensive as the Game Pass costs AU$ 22.06 ($14.99 per month), whereas you can get the Disney Plus monthly subscription at AU$ 10.29 ($6.99 per month).

Well, using the free trial on Verizon, you can unlock access to all your favorite movies and TV shows on Disney Plus for free.

Is there any Disney Plus deals in Australia?

Yes, a few Disney Plus deals make the cost cheaper than the standard price.

To save some extra bucks, we recommend you sign up for the yearly plan of Disney Plus, which is AU$ 117.70 ($79.99), instead of the monthly one. When you get the yearly plan, you save almost AU$ 23.34 ($16 every year).

If you purchase the Disney bundle offer, which is AU$ 20.59 ($13.99), you also get ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney Plus. It is cheaper as compared to subscribing individually to each of these services.

How to Sign up for a Disney Plus Free Trial in Australia in 2024?

Disney Plus bundle free trial is only available in Japan. So, the people residing in Japan can get the advantage of this service. However, if you reside outside of Japan, you may use a VPN to mock your location and select its Japanese servers to get the Free Trial.

Follow the steps below for Disney Plus free trial sign-up:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN with servers in Japan. [Our Recommendation: ExpressVPN]
  2. Download and install its app on your device.
  3. Log in to the app using your credentials.
  4. Connect to a Japanese server. The Tokyo server is recommended.
  5. Visit Disney Plus’ official website.
  6. Click on ‘Start Free Trial.’
  7. Provide the necessary details.
  8. Enter your credit card details to start the free trial (your card won’t be charged for the first month).
  9. Go to Disney+ plus login to enjoy watching your Disney Plus Free Trial content.

Note: Make sure that the credit card you use has not been used before to get the Disney Plus free trial.

If your Disney Plus stops working with a VPN, try switching to another server located in Japan.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Free Trial in Australia

The easiest way to cancel the Disney Plus Free Trial is to cancel it using your browser. Follow the steps below to cancel the Disney+ free trial in Australia on a browser:

  1. Visit the Disney Plus official website on your browser.
  2. Log in to Disney Plus using your credentials.
  3. Click the Profile icon on the top right.
  4. Click Account from the drop-down menu.


5. Click your active subscription plan.


6. Click on the Cancel Subscription button to cancel your Disney Plus Free Trial in Australia.

7. Click ‘Complete Cancellation‘ to complete the cancellation process.

Note: If you’re traveling or residing in a region where Disney Plus is unavailable, then you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN that unblocks Disney Plus and similar streaming platforms so that you can proceed with the cancellation process.

What is Worth Watching on Disney Plus?

Here you can see the list of worth-watching titles on Disney Plus:

Disney Plus Device Compatibility in Australia

Following are the devices that can be used to log into Disney Plus in Australia.

  1. Android Smartphones/Tablets (Watch Disney+ on Android)
  2. Apple TV (Stream Disney Plus on Apple TV)
  3. Fire TV Stick (Get Disney+ on Firestick)
  4. PS4 (Watch Disney Plus on PS4)
  5. Chromecast (Access Disney+ on Chromecast)
  6. iPhone/iPad
  7. Roku (Watch Disney Plus on Roku)
  8. PC and Mac via Web Browser
  9. Samsung Smart TV (Get Disney Plus on Samsung TV)
  10. Xbox One (Watch Disney+ on Xbox One)


No, there is no 7-day free trial for Disney Plus in Australia. The free trial was offered when Disney Plus was newly launched.

No, Disney Plus does not have a free trial. Earlier, Disney Plus offered a free trial, and its duration varied in every country.

Disney Plus ended its free trial by saying that the price of the streaming service is quite compelling for the customers. The spokesperson also said they are offering a value proposition at an attractive price, so a free trial is no longer needed.


Does Disney Plus have a free trial in Australia? This is a question people usually ask. Although Disney Plus free trial is not available anymore, you can still get it as a bonus with other services like Verizon.

Another way to get the Disney Plus free trial is to use a VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to its servers in Japan and enjoy the Disney Plus free trial in Australia.

To save money, we recommend you sign up for the yearly plan instead of the monthly one, which helps you save AU$ 23.54 ($16) every year.

For further questions on the free Disney+ trial, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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