48 Best Harry Potter Spells Ranked List in Australia

48 Best Harry Potter Spells Ranked List in Australia

A long while ago, Harry Potter received his owl as well as his admission letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ever since thousands of young fans of his narrative have wished to get their own Hogwarts admission letter. Aspiring wizards learn Harry Potter spells in Australia and go on journeys in this wonderful realm.

Sadly, we muggle will never encounter Harry Potter movies in order, to acquire spells from Professor Flitwick, or discover and get it over with which residence we will be placed into.

Which ones are the Most Magical Harry Potter Spells in Australia?

We include some things to attend to in honor of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” First and foremost, we require that all Muggles leave the room.

Now that it’s just us magical types, it’s time to evaluate the famous “Harry Potter” movie spells, from simple to extremely powerful. Furthermore, if Netflix is your favorite streaming platform you may know Harry Potter is available on Netflix in Australia.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find out the top Harry Potter Spells.

48 Best Harry Potter Spells in Australia

Here is the 48 best Harry Potter spells list in Australia:

1. Accio

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: AK-see-oh, AK-ee-oh, AS-see-oh (US), and AT-chee-oh are all possible pronunciations

Description: This really is the ideal spell for any space warriors among us. That is, your lose sight of all of it you possess, even if you swear you were only holding it. As long as you say, “Accio [Add the description of the object],” this summons spell will miraculously deliver you anything you require in a flash. This spell rescued Harry from being dragon meal during the Triwizard Tournament which is an excellent technique to obtain a snack without getting up off the couch. One of the best Spells from Harry Potter.

2. Aguamenti

Type: Conjuration, Charm

Pronunciation: AH-gwah-MEN-tee

Description: This very underappreciated charm genuinely creates fluid out of pure nothingness. Why wouldn’t wizards utilize this to aid the one thousand individuals who have not had access to safe drinking water? Why hasn’t this technology been made available to our finest firefighters? It’s probably better not to think about it too much. Drink a glass of charming water and leave it to Melinda Gate and Bill to figure it out!

3. Alohomora

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: ah-LOH-ho-MOR-ah

Description: The spell is ideal for the robbers among us. We’re joking! However, if you frequently lock yourselves out of your car or house, this charm that opens doors might be really useful. It originally appeared in first film, when Hermione was using the spell to help Harry, Ron, and Hermione escape from Hogwarts administrator Argus Filch’s cat. One of the really Helpful Harry Potter Spells.

4. Anapneo

Type: Vanishment, Healing Spell

Pronunciation: ah-NAP-nee-oh

Description: Anapneo is the ideal spell for saving a life. It is a therapeutic spell that helps clear a human’s airway. It gets rid of whatever the individual is suffocating on. This spell appeared for the first time in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Slughorn performed it on Marcus Belby as he began to choke from eating too quickly. Anapneo is a Greek term that means “I breathe” in addition to just being a real spell.

5. Anteoculatia

Type: Dark charm

Pronunciation: an-tee-oh-kyoo-LAY-chee-ah

Description: Anteoculatia was a spell for a dark charm that sprouted horns on the enemy’s head. While it sounds too fancy or unbelievable, it was indeed one of the most popular spell famous among Harry Potter fans.

6. Avada Kedavra

Type: Curse

Pronunciation: ah-VAH-dah keh-DAV-rah

Description: The “Killing Curse” is another name for the Avada Kedavra evil spirit. The Avada Kedrava curse, which is accompanied by a green signal and a loud roaring noise, results in immediate death. None of us can escape this spell, but Harry did, owing to his mother’s selfless sacrifice, but this is the concept for the whole Harry Potter magic words. This is the Harry Potter death spell. You can also watch Harry Potter Reunion on HBO Max in Australia.

7. Brackium Emendo

Type: Healing Spell, Charm

Pronunciation: mend the forearm

Description: A curing spell that, when performed correctly, heals shattered bones instantaneously. Unfortunately, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and all-around liar Gilderoy Lockhart messed it up and managed to make Harry’s broken ribs vanish completely.

8. Bombarda (Exploding Charm)

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: bom-BAR-da

Description: This spell was an allure that destroyed the victim in a minor explosion. This explosion might be used to burst through locked doors or knock bars off windows. Bombarda Maxima was a bolder, more potent variant of this power. One of the best Harry Potter charms.

9. Bubble-Head Charm

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: While swimming, this Potter spell creates a bubble of air around your lips. You essentially acquire gills. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Cedric Diggory has been using this charm for the second activity. If you miss the Harry Potter cast you can watch its “Return To Hogwarts” for 20th-Anniversary on HBO Max”.

10. Caterwauling Charm

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: The caterwauling magic is an excellent spell to use when you don’t want to hear anybody else’s nonsense for the rest of a day. Perform it, and the point of your wands will emit a high-pitched, incredibly loud screeching noise. Do you want to silence someone? It should be cast. Despite these, if you want to watch some amazing superhero movies you can watch Marvel movies in order in Australia .

11. Confundo

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: El encantamiento confundus

Description: Do you want to confuse someone for a short period of time? Look no farther than this ethically ambiguous but undeniably powerful appeal. It temporarily confuses individuals and non-living things, as well as anyone with a mentality in the Potter universe, which is incredibly beneficial for, say, beating a tournament opponent.

12. Cushioning Charm

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: Don’t worry, klutzes! This magic produces an imaginary cushion around you anytime you believe you might want a safe landing for individuals who tend to awkwardly and painfully stumble at every turn.

13. Diffindo

Type: Severing Charm

Pronunciation: deef-IN-doe

Description: Do you need to make a cut-off t-shirt in a hurry? Diffindo separates items by cutting or tearing them apart – thus if you need or want to patch anything quickly, chop apart a sheet of paper, or, Heaven forbid, split someone in two, Diffindo is your best choice.

14. Engorgio

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: en-GOR-gee-oh

Description: This enchantment forces its victim to increase in size rapidly. There’s also the Blooming Charm, which does the same effect.

15. Expecto Patronum

Type: Hard Spell

Pronunciation: El encantamiento Patronus

Description: A protection enchantment that harnesses a human’s happiest memories to prevent Dementors at away. The spell, which is some really sophisticated magic, had been a crucial storyline aspect in the third Potter chapter and throughout the series.

16. Expelliarmus

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: El encantamiento desarmador

Description: This protective spell, the Man Who Lived’s hallmark move, will take the wand off your enemy’s hand since fighting has never been the answer. (We advise avoiding carrying any signature spells since this caused Harry a lot of difficulty in the later novels when Dementors recognized anybody employing the spell may be harried in disguise.)

17. Finite Incantatem

Type: Counter-spell

Pronunciation: fi-NEE-tay

Description: A universal counter-spell that cancels any spells performed in the region where it has been cast. It’s excellent for assisting bodies that are under the influence of a Bat-Bogey Hex.

There are other choices for fans to binge-watch with its diverse cast of characters, including streaming shows like Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix. And, since we’re on the subject of Netflix, you might also be interested in watching Our Blues on Netflix globally.

18. Furnunculus

Type: Dark Charm

Pronunciation: fur-NUN-kyoo-lus

Description: Have you had a villain you want to hurt? Furnunculus, while not the most pleasant spell to cast, can suffice. Cast it on your victim and witness as they get wrapped in angry, painful boils.

19. Glacius Tria

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: GLAY-see-us TREE-ah

Description: Glacius Tria was an offensive curse used in sword fighting to frost a target adversary. This was the most extreme form of Glacius, outperforming Glacius Duo and  Glacius Uno.

20. Glisseo

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: glis-EH-oh

Description: Glisseo was an invocation for a spell that could turn a stairwell into a pleasant slide. It had been in since the Middle Ages and was exceedingly ancient.

21. Green Sparks

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: vur-duh-MILL-ee-us

Description: (Verdimillious) was an enchantment that caused the wands to produce green sparks. Those sparks might be utilized offensively in combat to disclose items obscured by Dark Arts.

22. Gripping Charm

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: This enchantment, even as the name suggests, aids the cast in easily grasping any object. The charm is about ease if you really need to grab a squirming newborn or grab something on the high rack at the local supermarket.

23. Muffliato

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: muff-LEE-ah-toe

Description: This charm is especially beneficial for parents who want to discuss sensitive matters with their children, or when devising strategies to demolish a false administration that was pushed up during a Death Eater coup. The Muffliato spell floods targets’ ears with a loud beeping, rendering them deafeningly.

24. Obliviate

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: oh-BLI-vee-ate

Description: Men in Black, or anybody? Obliviate is a contentious enchantment that lets you wipe targets’ memories.

The allure can be difficult to use because it ends up causing such severe loss of memory those who have been exposed to it ignore who they really are, as in the particular instance of Gilderoy Lockhart, who continues to suffer serious brain damage just after enchantment failed miserably on him while he was trying to take credit for killing the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets and destroy Ron’s and Harry’s memory. However, it may be extremely beneficial in times of severe need.

25. Homenum Revelio

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: hoh-MUN-num reh-VEH-lee-oh

Description: The human-presence-disclosing Charm (Homenum Revelio) was indeed a spell that disclosed the existence of other people in the vicinity. The spell identified a body with a marker, whom the target perceived as something “swooping” low above them. It was a Revelio Charm variant.

26. Horcrux-making Spell

Type: Dark Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: The precise technique of generating a Horcrux is unclear; as according to J.K. Rowling, it entails a charm and a “sequence of acts you must do” that really is “too dreadful” to mention aloud. We did, though, know how to break a soul – homicide. Killing, according to Horace Slughorn, is “the highest act of cruelty.”

27. Hot Air Charm

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: The Hot Air Charm was a spell that caused hot air to flow from the caster’s wand. That air, in return, may swiftly dry saturated clothing.

28. Hour-Reversal Charm

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: The Hour-Reversal Enchantment could be used to travel backward by one hour limited to a total of five hours. One of the most wanted and amazing Harry Potter Spells.

29. Hover Charm

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: This spell was a charm that caused the victim to hover in mid-air for a small period. This was one of the Levitation Charm’s numerous minor modifications, and it operated on both people and objects.

30. Hurling Hex

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: This Spell was a curse that can be placed to a broomstick, causing it to seek to fling its rider away.

31. Immobulus

Type: Freezing Charm

Pronunciation: ih-MOH-byoo-luhs

Description: This Charm was a spell that froze and halted the enemy’s actions. The application of this spell halted the motion of real or animated targets, as well as the operation of things such as Muggle burglar alarms.

32. Impedimenta

Type: Jinx, Hex

Pronunciation: im-PED-i-MEN-ta

Description: The Impediment Jinx, also referred to as the Impediment Hex, was a jinx that hampered the enemy’s movement, delaying or preventing it. It was a popular dueling spell.

33. Imperio (Imperius Curse)

Type: Curse

Pronunciation: im-PEER-ee-oh

Description: The Imperio Curse was one of the three Unforgivable Curses as well as a weapon of the Dark Arts. It’s one of Wizardkind’s most potent and terrible spells. Thus, depending on the player’s goals, it might be utilised for good and also for evil.

34. Imperturbable

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: This spell was an enchantment that formed an unseen mystical barrier around an item, such as a gate. Objects bounced against the barrier, which also muted noises. An object that had been charmed in this way was known for being “Imperturbed.”

35. Impervius

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: im-PUR-vee-us

Description: This Harry Potter spell was an enchantment that caused an object to resist mist and water. This might be used to help someone see better in poor weather by keeping rain from falling on their heads.

36. Jelly-Fingers Curse

Type: Curse

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: This curse caused the suspect’s fingertips to become shaky as if they were converted to jelly.

37. Knee-reversal hex

Type: Hex

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: This hex was a hex that forced the suspect’s knees to move around the front of the legs, where they’d be, to the rear.

38. Lacarnum Inflamari

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: la-KAR-num in-flah-MAR-ee

Description: Lacarnum Inflammari was an invocation of a spell used to light cloaks or even other pieces of clothing used by persons.

39. Langlock

Type: Jinx

Pronunciation: LANG-lock

Description: Langlock was a jinx spell that forced one’s tongues to stick to the ceiling of their mouth. It was found to be active on both people and ghosts. These were most likely developed to keep someone from speaking openly or to prevent magic from being cast.

40. Point Me

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Point Me

Description: This magic transforms your wand into a compass, naturally pointing north. It sounds simple, and it is!

41. Protego

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh

Description: A shielding charm that causes small jinxes or hexes to return to the individual who performed it without harming you. After all course, this can impact other unexpected victims, but it should be acceptable as long as it isn’t a Terrible Curse.

42. Reducio

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: ruh-DOO-see-oh

Description: This was an enchantment that shrunk an object. It was the antidote to the Engorgement Charm, forcing engorged items to shrink back to their former size. The Shrinking Charm was also designed to make the potions for the Shrinking Solution.

43. Rictusempra

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: ric-tuh-SEM-pra

Description: This is a fantastic charm that may be utilized in combat or in jest if necessary. After saying the charm, the spellcaster can expect their opponent to burst out laughing uncontrollably from being tickled. Fun!

44. Riddikulus

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: ri-di-KULL-lis

Description: This spell is designed to deal with a specific type of beast: a boggart. The boggart, which is simply a domestic bug, is a shapeshifter who will transform into the biggest dread of anybody it encounters, making it a difficult problem to eradicate. Fortunately, this magic changes your worst fear into something, well, ludicrous.

45. Scourgify

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: SKUR-ji-fy

Description: This was a cleaning charm that has been used to clean an item. It might also be used to get rid of tiny bundimun infestations. Miranda Goshawk’s third chapter of Book of Spells included this spell.

46. Stupefy

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: STEW-puh-fye

Description: The Stunning Spell, often known as the Stupefying Charm or Stunner for short, was a charm that stunned the victim, knocking them out. This enchantment was extremely effective in dueling since it could finish a duel swiftly without incurring permanent damage. The spell might also bring moving items to a standstill.

47. Teeth-straightening spell

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: This charm was used to fix crooked teeth. Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington attempted to cast this charm on Lady Grieve at her suggestion, but missed but instead presented her with a tusk. He was hanged the next morning. Nearly-Headless Nick wrote a ballad about the tragedy when he reappeared like a ghost.

48. Washing up

Type: Charm

Pronunciation: Unknown

Description: Dirty dishes were charmed to wash as a result of this spell.


Stupefy is a vital dueling spell for any witch or wizard to master, as it is frequently employed throughout the Harry Potter books.

The Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra), Imperius Curse (Imperio), and Cruciatus Curse (Crucio) are the three deadliest Harry Potter spells.

Here are the few coolest spells which are Lumos/Nox, Accio, Expelliarmus, Avada Kedavra, and Piertotum Locomotor.

Everyone who has read Harry Potter will recall fondly practising their wand twirling movement in front of the mirror, chanting “Expelliarmus” again and over in the expectation that something would happen and that magic is truly real.


Still, waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter? Same. After all, if we’ve learned anything from seeing Harry, Hermione, and Ron together, it’s that even the most powerful wizards depend on their pals in times of need.

We hope you enjoyed our ranking of famous Harry Potter Spells in Australia from greatest to worst. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section!

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