The Red-Headed Joey King Is a Force to be Reckoned – “The Princess” Airs July 1 on Hulu

The Red-Headed Joey King Is a Force to be Reckoned – “The Princess” Airs July 1 on Hulu

Hulu debuted the trailer for its upcoming original movie The Princess this afternoon. You’d expect it’s the typical damsel in distress and gives off classic fairytale vibes… until they pull off a SIKE on you.

Watch the trailer to see what we mean: 

The Princess streams on Hulu starting from July 1st. It takes a unique take on a classic fairytale into a quite bloody action-thriller. Joey King stars as The Princess who is taking the reins of her life into her own hands.

The trailer for Hulu’s The Princess features Joey King as the warrior princess rather than your damsel in distress. She’s a modern princess whose strong-willed and really good at martial arts. Also, she can beat up big burly guys in armor. Lady-like behavior is the least of her concerns and she certainly needs no saving, specifically by a man. She is the ultimate girl boss princess! 

The Princess is directed by Vietnamese filmmaker Le-Van Kiet. It is a medieval action movie that stars Joey King. She’s betrothed to a sociopath suitor, played by the eye-candy from Mamma Mia! Dominic Cooper, courtesy of her father. King’s character refuses to go through with the wedding because “I’m not a piece of property to be traded!”

As a result, she’s shackled and locked in her father’s tower.  

However, her imprisonment only lasts for a short while, according to the trailer at least. She narrates, “These guys ****** with the wrong princess,” as two henchmen walk into her chamber threateningly. She whacks one of them across the face with the metal chains she’s shackled with and ties up the other and sending the other guard flying out the window with a roundhouse kick. 

With each blow blood smears the screen and is followed by an impactful ‘squelch.’ The trailer also features Joan Jett and The Blackhearts ‘Bad Reputation,’ as King goes around being her own superhero and beating up the bad guys.

After King refused to marry Cooper’s cruel and controlling prince, it turns out he launches a scheme to overtake her father’s throne. Now, it’s up to her to escape the clutches of her adversaries and defend her family’s honour. Naturally, she has to punch her way through a bunch of people and swung a sword or two while she’s at it. 

As the trailer progresses, the redhead’s hair becomes increasingly wild and messy, signifying her priorities are quite straightforward and she certainly gives zero attention to vain princess things like being elegant and such. Her wedding gown is in absolute tatters and caked with the blood of anyone who gets in her way.

Apart from the trailer, there’s barely any information regarding the characters or their names for instance. Let’s hope they manage to execute it while balancing irony and humor given the damsel-not-in-distress trope is pretty overused in This Year of Our Lord (2022). 

This badass redhead defies typical gender norms and is compared to Shrek which came out 21 years ago for following a similar storyline. 

@20thCentury shared the poster for the film which features Joey King in all her warrior princess glory:

Stream The Princess on Hulu starting July 1st. In case you are located elsewhere or traveling, here’s how you can stream Hulu from anywhere.

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