How to Watch Top Gear Season 32 in USA

How to Watch Top Gear Season 32 in USA

For car enthusiasts worldwide, nothing beats geeking out on information about classic and modern vehicles on Top Gear in its 32nd season that premiered on the 5th of June on BBC iPlayer. However, BBC iPlayer works in the UK only so no wonder you would want to know how to watch Top Gear Season 32 in USA without any interruption.

But even though the in USA is full of people crazy about cars who’d love to watch Top Gear, BBC iPlayer has legal obligations based on licensing contracts to limit its viewers strictly in USA. 

To bypass geo-restriction policies, as a viewer in USA, you would require a VPN-backed connection, and there is one unique VPN service that we’ll soon review and recommend to handle your streaming needs entirely. 

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But for starters, we’ll share some easy-to-execute steps to get the show running on your screen quickly. 

Easy Steps – Watch Top Gear in USA

Follow these easy steps below to watch Top Gear Season 32 in USA:

  1. Subscribe to a top-level, highly reliable VPN client (we highly recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Install the easy-to-configure ExpressVPN on your preferred streaming gadget and log in.
  3. Connect to a UK server & push the circular  Connect button.
  4. Run the BBC iPlayer app and watch Top Gear Season 32, and enjoy!

What is the synopsis of Top Gear?

The synopsis of Top Gear is that it is a chat show and a long-running British television show with its episodes displaying, testing, and reviewing motor vehicles of various kinds, including vintage models and contemporary makes. 

The show also involves challenges, with invited celebrities driving their favorite cars and setting a time record on the show’s racing track. 

What is the Release Date of Top Gear season 32?

The release date for Top Gear Season 32 was the 5th of June when the show’s first episode premiered on BBC One and BBC One HD in the United Kingdom. The latest season of the famous and critically acclaimed series became available for streaming soon afterward on BBC iPlayer.

Where to Watch Top Gear season 32?

You can watch Top Gear Season 32 on BBC iPlayer, the free streaming service the British Broadcasting Company offers in the United Kingdom. Remember, in USA boundaries, you’ll require connectivity via a top-quality premium VPN to avoid geo-restriction errors.

A reliable VPN like ExpressVPN will connect you through a server present somewhere in the UK, and your IP address will automatically change to one acceptable to the platform.

What is the Genre of the Talk Show Top Gear?

The talk show Top Gear falls into multiple genres, including Automotive Entertainment, Sport, and Comedy

The series deals with factual information about various models of automobiles, discussing their features in a lighthearted environment, and also features racing competitions within the show.

How many Seasons are there in Top Gear?

As of 2022, there are 32 seasons of Top Gear, the outstandingly popular and commercially successful British automotive entertainment show. During its run, the show has aired 235 episodes, including 13 specials. The show will also have its 33rd season next year, with production shifting to Bristol. 

How many episodes are there in Top Gear season 32?

Top Gear Season 32 features five episodes, the first broadcast on the 5th of June, 2022, in the United Kingdom on BBC. All the episodes in the show’s latest season gathered at least 3 million views in the UK, with car reviews including Lotus Emira, Maserati MC20, Rivian R1T, and Ford Puma ST.

Who is the Host of the Talk Show Top Gear?

There are currently three hosts of Top Gear: Andrew Flintoff, Paddy McGuinness, and Chris Harris. Flintoff and McGuinness joined the show in 2019, while Harris has been featuring as hots since 2016. Previously, the show was hosted by Jeremy Clarkson for 17 years till his dismissal in 2015.

Who will be the Guest of Top Gear season 32?

While some of Top Gear’s episodes in previous seasons featured celebrity guests, Season 32 doesn’t have any guests. Instead, the show’s three presenters drive the entire viewing experience for the audience, testing various top-end cars in several beautiful locations within the UK and the US.

Is there a Trailer of Top Gear season 32?

Yes, the trailer for Top Gear Season 32 is available for viewing on the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel. The 44-second clip features shots of the show’s three presenters going on adrenaline-pumping car rides. You can watch the trailer here: 

Is Top Gear won any award?

Yes, Top Gear has won several awards since the show’s beginning in 1977, claiming them through various award platforms, including the International Emmys, National Television Awards, TRIC Awards, Astra Awards, and the Television and Radio Industries Club Awards, among others.

When Top Gear season 32 Filmed?

While the exact timeline of when Top Gear Season 32 was filmed isn’t available, the production most likely occurred sometime during the first quarter of 2022, as the show premiered in early June of this year. The show’s broadcast on television was run by BBC One, with streaming possible via BBC iPlayer.

How does Top Gear makes money?

Top Gear makes money via the profits earned by the British Broadcasting Company, the network which runs the show. BBC’s revenues depend on viewership through subscriptions, and since Top Gear is one of the most popular shows in the network’s history, it draws large audiences regularly.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Top Gear Season 32 in 2022?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Top Gear Season 32 in USA because it helps in bypassing the geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming platform. The provider’s description is shared here:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Top Gear Season 32 in USA


The industry-leading VPN client operates its 3000+ servers 94+ countries, including three UK locations. ExpressVPN offers widespread device compatibility working with numerous operating systems, including iOS, ChromeOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

You can use it on multiple gaming consoles like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Furthermore, you can connect it to various Wi-Fi routers such as Linksys, Netgear, and Asus. 

And ExpressVPN’s in-built smart DNS (called MediaStreamer) helps connect the VPN to devices that do not allow VPNs to function. Subscribers can spread VPN connectivity on up to five separate streaming gadgets at once with only one subscription enabling easy sharing. And any devices within your Wi-Fi range can run via the VPN when you connect it through your router.

ExpressVPN’s minimalistic app has a consistent interface across devices and is perfect for beginners to navigate through. And the always available live chat team is there to resolve issues promptly.

The service’s security-boosting and identity-hiding features are impeccable, with its password manager generating encryption that hackers can’t overcome in years and its Threat Manager blocklisting a massive list of threatening third parties and websites.

Aside from BBC iPlayer, the service will unlock a collection of UK-based platforms, including Sky Go and ITV Hub. It also unblocks most streaming platforms, including Disney Plus, Hulu, NetflixParamount+, etc.

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Its showrunners didn’t cancel Top Gear UK. Instead, producers postponed some episodes due to Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension with allegations of physical and verbal abuse against him.

Jason Dawe was removed from Top Gear because things weren’t working out with him in the cast.

According to many fans, a lot of Top Gear is staged, including several stunts.

Yes, according to a former Top Gear employee, most of Top Gear is scripted and staged. The ex-worker suggested that the show is more for entertainment purposes, not informational.


Top Gear is back once more, with the show’s 32nd Season promising more adrenaline-pumping automobiles with its engaging presenters, and it’s one show you shouldn’t miss as a car lover. So grab ExpressVPN’s unmatched speed, privacy, and convenience features today to watch Top Gear Season 32 in USA.

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