How to Watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer


Do you want to know how can I watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer? Dog Squad may be safely and conveniently streamed on BBC iPlayer from in Canada by using a VPN, like ExpressVPN.

BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK due to geo-restrictions. Fortunately, you can stream BBC iPlayer in Canada with our suggested VPN, which helps you get around regional restrictions. This ensures that, no matter where you are, you can watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer.

Dog Squad series follows Join Kika, Diesel, Meagaidh, Sylvie, and Tinks, the incredibly gifted and kind assistance dogs, as they use their superpowers to carry out vital tasks for their owners.

Find out more about the series by reading below and also crack ways of how to watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer.

How to Watch Dog Squad in Canada On BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

To watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer with the aid of VPN, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Set up the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK, preferably Docklands.
  4. Visit the BBC iPlayer website to see more.
  5. You can now watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer for free.

Where can I watch Dog Squad?

Where is Dog Squad available to watch? Dog Squad is available to watch for free on BBC iPlayer. While there’s no need for a BBC iPlayer free trial, because it’s already free, it’s important to keep in mind that the only BBC iPlayer cost associated with using the service is obtaining a valid UK TV license.

This show may also be available to stream on other BBC channels such as CBeebies, but if you prefer a better Dog Squad on BBC iPlayer streaming, always opt for BBC iPlayer.

Additionally, after watching this series you can avail BBC iPlayer to stream other shows and watch Strictly Come Dancing Week 8 in Canada on BBC iPlayer.

What is the Release Date of Dog Squad?

Thinking of a Dog Squad release date? Dog Squad special episode 2023 was released on November 12, 2023. Moreover, the first episode of Dog Squad season was released on November 7, 2023. Fans of the show can stream it anytime as it is available on the platform all the time.

Make sure to get a subscription to ExpressVPN for uninterrupted streaming and watch the full series of Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer.

What is the Story Behind Dog Squad?

Dog Squad is a CBeebies television series that follows the adventures of five actual superhero working dogs: disability assistance dog Tinks; guide dog Kika; hearing dog Diesel; Meggy, the search and rescue dog; and Sylvie, the therapy dog.

The dogs use their superpowers to assist their owners in their daily lives.

Who are the Main Characters in Dog Squad?

A talented group of artists played roles in the series Dog Squad. Some of the main performers in Dog Squad main cast are listed below:

Actors Roles
Theo Fraser Child Voice
Ashley Jensen Meagaidh
Miriam Margolyes Sylvie
Georgia Tennant Kika
Joanna Page Tinks
Alex Brooker Diesel
Sanjeev Kohli Dr. Stevens
Sandy Nelson Harry The Baker
Michael MacKenzie Doug The Gardener
Andy Clark Joe

How Many episodes are there of Dog Squad?

There are a total of 15 episodes of the series Dog Squad available on BBC iPlayer. Following is the table with details of Dog Squad all episodes.

Episodes Title Details
01 Mission: Train Station To assist Dr. Amit in catching a train to the city, guide dog Kika must use her supersight.
02 Mission: Muddy Puddle Joe and Kate are lost at the top of a very steep hill, and Meagaidh and Tom need to find them.
03 Mission: Big Bear On the first day of school, therapy dog Sylvie uses her superhuman compassion to help the children.
04 Mission: Party Time Tinks, a disabled dog, is committed to giving Charli the self-assurance she needs to attend a party.
05 Mission: Wake Up Sylvie, the therapy dog, helps the kids on the first day of school by utilizing her superhuman compassion.
06 Mission: Bandage Team Ben, a young child, gains the confidence to visit the doctor thanks to Sylvie, his therapy dog.
07 Mission: New Sound While assisting his owner Rayane, Diesel, the hearing dog, hears a new sound. What might that be?
08 Mission: Birthday Cake Dr. Amit goes to the grocery store with his guide dog Kika to pick up a surprise birthday cake.
09 Mission: Sunflower Adventure Can Tinks, the disabled dog, locate Charli’s phone at the toy store using her super fetch abilities?
10 Mission: Cheese Sandwiches Meagaidh and Tom go to a school to demonstrate to the students the functions of a search and rescue dog.
11 Mission: Toy Shop Can Tinks, the disabled dog, locate Charli’s phone at the toy store using her super fetch abilities?
12 Mission: Magic Show At show and tell, Sylvie, a therapy dog, assists Leo, a young boy, with his magic trick.
13 Mission: Pet Shop Diesel, the hearing dog, is headed to the pet store to pick up some dog food and a new toy.
14 Mission: Postbox Dr. Amit and Kika, the guide dog, need to purchase a stamp and mail a crucial letter.
15 Mission: Missing Nap Annie is lost with her kayak, and Meagaidh the search and rescue dog needs to find her quickly!

Is there any trailer available for Dog Squad?

Yes, a trailer of Dog Squad is available to give new streamers an idea of what is about to hit their screens. Click the link below to watch Dog Squad trailer:

ExpressVPN: Best to Watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer

ExpressVPN is the most dependable way to watch Dog Squad online when you’re not in the UK. Enjoy uninterrupted high-quality entertainment at a download speed of 89.41 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.46 Mbps.

This speed is fast enough to watch Dog Days All Episodes in Canada on BBC iPlayer without any buffering.

One of ExpressVPN’s main advantages is its extensive network of more than 3000+ servers spread across 105 countries.


ExpressVPN Lets You Watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer

Recommended Server: Docklands

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Furthermore, you can watch BBC New Comedy Awards in Canada on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature, which is available for gadgets like game consoles and smart TVs that might not typically support VPN.

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If you use ExpressVPN on a variety of devices, such as Macs, Windows, iOS devices, iPhones, and Android, you can easily stream Dog Squad on BBC iPlayer.

Enjoying streaming Dog Squad in Canada without worrying about your online activities is made possible by the VPN’s robust military-grade encryption and strict no-logs policy.

Because of its reasonable pricing, which starts at CA$ 9.05 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan), ExpressVPN is a great choice for watching Dog Squad on BBC iPlayer cheaply.

Dog Squad

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Released on Sunday, November 12th, at 10.20 am, you can watch the episode on CBeebies. You can also watch the series as it is available on iPlayer.

Dog Squad is a family show and all age groups can enjoy this show. Make sure to get ExpressVPN for bufferless streaming.

Sylvie is a therapy dog who enjoys giving warm, fuzzy cuddles and being there for people in need. Every day, she and her owner Katrina pay visits to a variety of people.

The five real-life superhero working dogs are Kika, a guide dog; Diesel, a hearing dog; Meggy, a search & rescue dog; Sylvie, a therapy dog; and Tinks, a disability assistance dog.

Dog Squad is a reality TV show following working dogs and handlers as they go about their daily duties.

Wrap up

Use a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer. Enjoy the series of Dog Squad on BBC iPlayer without any trouble at all.

Dog Squad is an exciting TV series about 5 superheroes. Streamers can unblock Dog Squad in Canada on BBC iPlayer thanks to ExpressVPN’s ability to effectively circumvent geo-restrictions and guarantee a safe connection.

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