How to Watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada

This thrilling Rugby competition, the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup, is one you won’t want to miss. Sadly, due to BBC iPlayer’s geo-restrictions, you must be wondering how to watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada. The matches will air live on BBC iPlayer.

Unfortunately, copyright and licensing laws block the game streaming on BBC iPlayer outside the UK. You need a strong VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and watch Wheelchair Rugby World Cup matches from in Canada.

To ensure you don’t miss any of the events, it appears that if you don’t reside in the UK, you must download a trustworthy VPN. Your actual IP address will be hidden by a VPN, preserving your online privacy and you will be able to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada.

Read this article to find out how to use a VPN!

Watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada – [Quick Steps]

Here’s how to watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada:

  1. Install the software on your smartphone after subscribing to a VPN service. Given its security features, ExpressVPN is our best choice.
  2. Enter your login details after starting the VPN application.
  3. Make a connection to a UK server.
  4. You can register on BBC iPlayer by going there.
  5. Watch England vs. Spain on BBC iPlayer outside of the UK!

Where to Watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada?

Wheelchair Rugby World Cup live coverage is accessible in the UK only on BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport, the website, and the app. Unfortunately, you cannot watch it outside of the UK due to regional limitations and copyright difficulties.

Therefore, to get around geo-blocking, we suggest using a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

When England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup is happening?

England vs. Spain will play in the Wheelchair Rugby World Cup group stage on November 6, 2022. So, be sure to watch the game on the appointed date.

What time is the England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup match?

England vs. Spain game is scheduled to start at 5 pm in the UK. The supporters of both clubs must be especially loyal to them as this is the first game, Round 2 of the season.

What are Current record of England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup

There are no records currently available for England vs. Spain in the wheelchair rugby World Cup. Because this match is the 2nd round first match.

Where is England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup going to play?

The Copper Box Arena in London will host the Wheelchair Rugby World Cup match between England and Spain. Built for the 2012 Summer Olympics, the Copper Box Arena is a multi-sport stadium situated in London, England’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Who is in England Squad?

The England wheelchair rugby squad consists of the following athletes:

Adam Rigby Nathan Collins
Wayne Boardman James Simpson
Jack Brown Joe Coyd
Lewis King Declan Roberts
Tom Halliwell Rob Hawkins
Sebastien Bechara

Who is in Spain Squad?

The following players constitute Spain’s wheelchair rugby team:

David Berty St Toulousain
Jorge Gelade-Panzo  (Dragons Handi)
Theo Gonzalez (Handisport Roannais)
Joel lacombe (Dragons Handi)
Yannick Martin (Montauban)
Fabien Moisdon (Dragons Handi)
Raphaël Monedero (Dragons Handi)
David Raymond (Biganos)
Wilfrid Seron (St Toulousain

Where to buy tickets for England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup?

England will host the most important and excellent Rugby League World Cup from October 15 to November 19, 2022. To purchase tickets for such a wheelchair rugby match between England and Spain, go to

How much does a ticket cost for England vs Spain Wheelchair Rugby match?

The cost of entry for the wheelchair rugby match between Scotland and the USA is £10 for seniors and £2.21 for kids, but you must book your tickets in advance.

What are the Rules and regulations for playing Wheelchair rugby league?

Striking a player’s wheelchair is yet another unsportsmanlike act. It is dangerous somewhere behind the axle of the back wheel. A contact is not permitted to tilt the chair either horizontally or vertically.
Every time a player’s team receives the ball in the attacking half, they have up to 40 seconds to attempt to score. An exception would occur when the game’s timer was about to expire.
Every ten seconds or less, a person who holds the ball must move this or pass it to another player.
When defending its crucial region, the other side may have 0–3 players there.
Following a goal or other interruption in play, players have 10 seconds to bring the ball back.
A team has 12 seconds to get the ball past the midcourt line to their end after receiving an inbound pass.
When you have the ball, you may not stand in the crucial area of the opponent (the goal area) for more than 10 seconds.
A contact sport is wheelchair rugby. The connection between seats is acceptable and by the regulations. Participants may not, however, make physical contact with one another.

How long is a game of wheelchair rugby?

A wheelchair rugby match lasts for 80 min (2 halves of 40 min each). During competitions during a festival, players would have a wide range of quick games in one location.

Head to Head Record – Who won the most Wheelchair rugby World Cup Final in the Past?

The USA is the nation with the most victories in international competitions thanks to its two gold medals and medals from each of the four Paralympic events it attended. Australia has won two times, and Canada, and Japan won one time.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada. Because ExpressVPN has servers spread out over 94+ different countries. ExpressVPN’s 1-month money-back guarantee and round-the-clock customer support have shielded committed users. Here is a detail to the VPN service provider’s description:

ExpressVPN allows you to easily watch other geo-restricted sports, such as the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022ICC T20 World Cup, and the Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022. A further Threat Manager protects you against malicious sites and malware. You can stream online while keeping your data private.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada:

ExpressVPN Access is just one nearest to you from among its more than 3000+ servers spread over 94+ countries. In this nation, ExpressVPN has 24 servers. ExpressVPN also provides several servers spread out over four different US cities.

ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol is a cutting-edge feature. You may unblock beIN Sports and other geo-restricted websites without compromising your internet security or speed. You can watch PeacockTV, NBC, Paramount Plus, Foxtel Sports, ESPN+, and Kayo in Canada without being geo-restricted in addition to the BBC iPlayer and Hulu. By doing this, you never skip a beat.

You’ll be happy to learn that this VPN is functional and compatible with PCs, Android, iOS, mac, gaming systems, routers, and smart technology because it is powered by next-generation technology.

Without being concerned that someone is observing you, you can browse. The MediaStreamer DNS Service from ExpressVPN makes your life simpler. If VPN downloads are disabled on your mobile device, the MediaStreamer DNS service may be helpful.

You may bypass your device’s VPN restriction and access iPlayer with the super-smart MediaStreamer. ExpressVPN will price you CA$ 8.96 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan; however, if you sign up for a 12-month subscription, you’ll save 49% and receive three extra months at no additional cost.

England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup


England has won the wheelchair rugby World cup once. It was the first nation to win the wheelchair rugby World Cup when it was first held in 2008. England beat Australia in the finals.

Spain has never won a wheelchair rugby World cup. They made their first appearance at the wheelchair rugby World cup in 2017 and lost in the 5th-place playoffs 45-66 to Wales.

There are 4 rounds in a Rugby Wheelchair game. Each round runs for eight minutes.

Wrap Up

You need a UK IP address in order to watch England vs Spain: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada. To capture the desired IP address and get around geographical restrictions, utilize a VPN. Our top recommendation for quick and safe access to any geo-restricted content is ExpressVPN.

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