How to Watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada

If you enjoy watching the Wheelchair Rugby World Cup, you will be anticipating France vs. Scotland, which will begin on November 7, 2022. The BBC iPlayer channel will broadcast the event. Since there are regional constraints, let’s find out how to watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada.

You can watch this game live or even on BBC iPlayer if you’re in the UK. However, due to geo-restrictions, BBC iPlayer is inaccessible to users outside of the United Kingdom. This means that without a VPN provider, you cannot access BBC iPlayer outside of the UK. To unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada, a premium VPN like ExpressVPN is required.

Do not fret. We’ll demonstrate how to use a dependable VPN like ExpressVPN to watch France vs. Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby WorldCup from outside the UK.You need a strong VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and watch Wheelchair Rugby World Cup matches from in Canada.

Watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada [Quick Steps]

Follow these instructions to watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada:

  1. Get a trustworthy VPN. ExpressVPN is recommended for download because it is quick and dependable.
  2. Install the VPN app, then sign in with your login information.
  3. Select a UK server and connect to it.
  4. To watch the game, sign up for any streaming service, such as BBC iPlayer.

Where to Watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada

Entire France vs. Scotland match can be seen live on BBC iPlayer. All you need to do to start streaming the Wheelchair Rugby World Cup games outside of the UK is sign up for BBC iPlayer. But to watch Wheelchair Rugby World Cup on BBC iPlayer, fans who are currently outside the UK will require access to a high-quality streaming VPN.

When France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup is happening?

The France vs. Scotland game is scheduled for November 7, 2022. Fans of France and Scotland should put this game on their calendars since it is crucial for both teams.

What time is France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup match?

At 10:00 pm, a match between France and Scotland will take place in the UK. If you want to watch the match live on BBC iPlayer for fans outside of the UK, you must tune in.

What are Current record of France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup

There is no current Wheelchair Rugby World Cup record available for France vs. Scotland. But in order to win this game, both teams are practicing.

Where is France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup going to play?

The Wheelchair Rugby World Cup match between France and Scotland will take place at The EIS Sheffield in Sheffield, United Kingdom. The location was one of three chosen to hold matches at the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup in 2021.

Who is in France Squad?

Players competing in the France Wheelchair Rugby World Cup this year include:

Julien Penella Yarn Verdi
Lionel Alazard Nicolas Clausells
Arno Vargas Dany Denuwelaere
Jeremy Bourson Thomas Duhalde
Mostefa Abassi Florian Guttadora
Jonathan Hivernat Adrian Zittel
Guillaume Mautz Gilles Clausells

Who is in Scotland Squad?

Players competing in the Scotland Wheelchair Rugby World Cup this year include:

Dave Anderson Mike Mellon
John Willans Paul Hartley
Peter Lauder Gregor Anderson
Callum Young Cayden Thompson
Graeme Stewart Connor Blackmore
Dan Grant David Birtles

Where to buy tickets for France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup?

Online ticket sales are available for the France vs. Scotland game. The majority of the tickets will probably already be sold out by the time you see this. You can still get the tickets at the current cost by visiting the website

How much ticket cost for France vs Scotland Wheelchair Rugby World Cup?

Between October 15 and November 19, 2022, England will host the biggest and best Rugby League World Cup. Tickets for adults start at £10, and for children under 16 they are £2.21, but you must first register a ticket account before you can buy any.

What are the Rules and regulations for playing Wheelchair rugby matches?

Team sports for disabled athletes, both men, and women, include wheelchair rugby. A volleyball-like ball is used, and the game is played indoors on a basketball court that is the proper size. The objective is to cross the goal line of the opposing team while in possession of the ball in order to score goals. The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the contest.

Here are some fundamental guidelines you should be aware of when watching sports.

4 athletes per team
4 sessions of 8 minutes each, with a maximum of 8 points.
The ball can be moved in any direction by passing, throwing, batting, rolling, dribbling, or carrying.
Within 10 seconds, the players must move or pass the ball.
Within 12 seconds, the ball must pass the center line.
The center line must not be crossed with the ball.
A team forfeits the possession of the ball if they don’t adhere to these guidelines.
A team forfeits possession of the ball if they fail to score within 40 seconds.
No player contact, although you may make contact with the ball or the seats.
A player can’t stay in the opponent’s key area for further than 10 seconds if their team holds the ball.
A goal is scored when a player passes the ball across the goal line of the opposition.
A player gets 10 seconds to return the ball following a goal or any other pause in play.
When a player breaks the rules, they may be sent to the penalty area where they will remain for one minute or until the opposing team scores.

How long is a game of wheelchair rugby?

There are four eight-minute quarters in a wheelchair rugby match. The team that scores the most tries throughout a game is declared the champion. When a player passes the opposing team’s eight-meter try line with two of their wheels touching the ground, a try is scored.

Head to Head Record – Who won the most Wheelchair rugby World Cup Final in the Past?

In international wheelchair rugby, the US national wheelchair rugby squad is the country’s representative. The USA ranks as the most successful international team, taking home two gold medals from its participation in the four Paralympic competitions.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada?

ExpressVPN is a suggested VPN to watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada because it entirely respects your privacy and doesn’t record your personal details, data, or user behavior.

With ExpressVPN, you can watch the most popular posts from any location. For example, you can use ExpressVPN to stream Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022ICC T20 World Cup, and the Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022. from anywhere.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup  in Canada :

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup outside the UK. With over 3000+ servers spread over 94+ countries, ExpressVPN is a shining example of the constantly changing mindset.

ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol is a cutting-edge feature. You may unblock geo-restricted websites without compromising your internet security or speed. You can enjoy NBC, Paramount Plus, PeacockTV, beIN SportsKayo, Foxtel Sports, ESPN+, and more without being geo-restricted in addition to the BBC iPlayer and Hulu. By doing this, you never skip a beat.

With its cutting-edge security devices like Bandwidth control, Automatic Kill, Security Manager, Lightway Connection, Camouflage feature, AES crypto, and many more, ExpressVPN keeps its customers safe and secure. Due to its no-logs policy, its system never saves your browsing history or personal information.

Additionally, ExpressVPN allows you to watch this match on any device. It doesn’t matter if you want to watch the broadcast on your PC at work or on your phone at the bus terminal because it works on all gadgets.

Even though its rivals are raising their costs, ExpressVPN is still charging CA$ 9.02 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan – Save 49% and receive 3 more months FREE with 12-month subscription. By bypassing streaming websites like, beIN Sports, Hbo, Kayo Sports, and others, ExpressVPN keeps up its high quality.

France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup


France has won the wheelchair rugby World Cup twice. They are the only team to have won the wheelchair rugby World Cup twice. The wheelchair rugby World Cup started in 2008, with England winning it. France has since won the World cup twice in 2013 and 2017. In the wheelchair rugby league world rankings, France is the top team.

There are 4 quarters in wheelchair rugby. Each quarter lasts for 8 minutes and resting time in between the quarters. 

There are 4 rounds in a Rugby Wheelchair game. Each round runs for eight minutes.

Wrap Up

That’s all there is to watch France vs Scotland: Wheelchair Rugby World Cup in Canada. There will be more thrilling games between France and Scotland in the future. Avoid missing these games by joining ExpressVPN right away to be completely safe.

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