How to Watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada


All ways lead to Doncaster as France plays Greece. The Men’s rugby world cup 2022 battle will occur on October 17th, 2022, at the Eco-Power Stadium. Suppose you are in Canada and wondering how to watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada, don’t worry.

The event is available free to air on UK TVs, which is an advantage for those in the UK to watch the live action. However, due to geo-restrictions, fans catching the action in Canada may find it challenging to watch the match on most streaming sites like BT Sport and ITV.

The good news is that with a VPN, you are good at streaming all these sites and following the game. For speedy action and smooth streaming, we recommend Express VPN.

Continue reading to find out how to get stream BT Sport and ITV in Canada using a VPN:

Watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada – [Quick Steps]

Below are the simple steps to watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN ( I highly recommend ExpressVPN)
  • Proceed to download the VPN
  • Add your real credentials as directed
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Open BT Sport or ITV and watch Men’s Rugby.

Where to Watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada?

You can watch the Men’s Rugby World Cup, including France vs. Greece, on several reliable platforms, even in Canada.  Several platforms include BBC Two and BBC 2, BBC iPlayer, BT Sport, Red Button, and ITV.

Most of these streaming platforms are not available in Canada. To watch the games, you will need a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

How to Watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 with Free Trials and Subscriptions?

Many channels stream crucial sports events like the World Men’s Rugby World Cup. Moreover, when you subscribe to these platforms, most offer you a free trial to watch and see if you like them.

You can watch the Rugby World Cup with these offers and trials starting on October 5th. These platforms include BBC Two, BBC iPlayer, BT Sport, Red Button, and ITV. For other channels, such as Peacock TV, ITV, Zattoo, and YouTube, there is no need to create an account or sign up for a free trial. You only need to subscribe.

What is the Schedule of France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022?

The men’s team from France will rub shoulders with the men’s team from Greece on October 17th, 2022, at exactly 19:30 BST. The game will take place at the Eco-Power Stadium in Doncaster. You will have a reserved seat if you purchase your ticket early enough. Furthermore, you can place a wager on the game if you are feeling confident on the day.

Where France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 is Going to be Held?

France vs. Greece rugby game will take place at the Eco-Power Stadium in Doncaster on October 17th from 7:30. The most convenient way to get to the Eco-Power Stadium is via train. Alternatively, you may ride a taxi, an Uber, or a bus. It will only take you a short walk to reach the stadium if you arrive early.

The Eco Power Stadium has a seating capacity of 15,231. The stadium is used for various events but primarily by Doncaster Rovers and the Doncaster Rugby League.

What Are the Player squads of France in Men’s Rugby league 2022?

The 24 players who made the France rugby world cup team are as follows:

Cyril Baille
Dany Priso
Demba Bamba
Jean Baptiste Gros
Mohamed Haouas
Sipili Falatea
Uini Atonio
Gaetan Barlot
Julien Marchand
Peato Mauvaka
Pierre Bourgarit
Cameron Woki
Paul Willemse
Thibaud Flament
Thomas Jolmes
Thomas Lavault
Anthony Jelonch
Charles Ollivon
Dylan Cretin
François Cros
Greg Alldritt
Ibrahim Diallo
Sekou Macalou
Selavasio Tolofua
Yoan Tanga Mangene
Antoine Dupont
Baptiste Couilloud
Maxime Lucu
Antoine Hastoy
Matthieu Jalibert
Romain Ntamack
Gael Fickou
Jonathan Danty
Virimi Vakatawa
Yoram Moefana
Damian Penaud
Damian Villiere
Matthis Lebel
Max Spring
Melvyn Jaminet
Thomas Ramos

What Are the Player Squads of Greece in Men’s Rugby league 2022?

In preparation for the Rugby World Cup in 2022, the Greece coach has selected the following 24 players:

Jordan Meads (Captain)
Lachlan Ilias
 Stefanos Bastas
Nikolaos Bosmos
Terry Constantinou
 Jake Kambos
John Mitsias
Nick Mougios
 Robert Tuliatu
Sebastian Sell
Chaise Robinson
 Kosta Katsidonis
Mitchell Zampetides
Greg Koutsimporgiorgos
Theodoros Nianiakas
Billy Tsikrikas
Adam Vrahnos
Aris Dardamanis
Peter Mamouzelos
 Liam Sui Tin
 Nick Flocas
 Ioannis Rousoglu
Ioannis Nake
Billy Magoulias

How Much the Tickets for France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 Cost?

Tickets for France vs Greece’s group stage game are as follows: The premium seat costs $25. The cost of a special seat for adults is £20.21, while concessions will pay £2.21. Concessions in wheelchairs will be charged £2.21, while adults in wheelchairs will be charged £20.21. England will host the game at the Eco-Stadium, Doncaster. These are all category B ticks.

Which Devices Are Suitable to watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 with a VPN?

A smart TV, a tablet, a laptop, a computer, a gaming console, or a smartphone are the common devices compatible. We recommend installing ExpressVPN on these devices over other VPN services because it is reliable and versatile.

With ExpressVPN, you can use any device to stream the France vs. Greece match. Simply head over to the Play Store or App Store to download ExpressVPN.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada. We recommend ExpressVPN over other VPNs because it is versatile and reliable. It will also not leak your IP address suddenly during the game. This is a known characteristic of some VPNs, and they will lock you out of the game before you are aware of it.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada

Express VPN is also available in over 94 countries with over 3000+ servers 94+ countries. With ExpressVPN, you can stream rugby matches from any country worldwide. You can also use it to stream any geo-restricted channel you wish, whether it is BBC iPlayer or BT Sport. With ExpressVPN, you will get a first-hand experience without any lags. You will be able to watch the games live without missing a beat.

BT sport unblocks expressvpn

ExpressVPN offered a buffer-free streaming experience on BT sports when connected to the UK Dockland server. ExpressVPN can unblock beIN Sports and other streaming services like NBC, and Kayo Sports in Canada. It also works on iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android.

Additionally, the VPN delivers amazing speeds, with download speeds of 89.42 Mbps. It also comes with a military-grade-encryption and security protocols to keep your identity anonymous.Pricing is also friendly, with a CA$ 8.96 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan.


No, unfortunately, France has never won the Rugby World Cup. Despite working so hard, they have reached the Rugby World Cup final three times but have lost on each occasion. Hopefully, they will turn things around this time around.

You will be surprised to learn that New France has never faced Greece in a rugby match. It will be the first time the two teams will face each other at the Rugby World Cup in 2022. Let’s hope they get off to a good start.

Yes, there is a slight difference between the Men’s Rugby World Cup and the Men’s League World Cup. The Rugby World Cup is an international rugby league tournament for top national rugby union teams. The Men’s Rugby League Cup is also an international tournament for men’s national rugby teams. There are, however, fewer teams participating in the tournament than in the Rugby World Cup.


Now that you know how to watch France vs Greece: Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 in Canada, you can sit, relax and wait for the action. You must log on to a streaming channel through a VPN to watch the match in Canada. Such channels and platforms include BBC 1, BBC 2, BT Sport, etc.

We recommend ExpressVPN if you wish to watch these games without any problems. There is no reason to miss the men’s rugby world cup: New Zealand vs Lebanon match.

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