How to Stream 9Now on Roku in Canada in 2022 [2 Possible Ways]


Are you wondering how to watch 9Now on Roku in Canada? Or How do I stream 9Now? As always, we are here to answer your query in the simplest terms. All we ask is that you read the article with the utmost attention.

The most-watched and largest TV network in Australia, Nine Network has a dedicated catch-up service called 9Now. Resident Alien, Love Island, and Manifest are some blockbuster shows on 9Now in Canada that are must-watch.

You may watch your favorite news, sports, drama, reality TV shows, and more on 9Now, as it is solely a catch-up TV service. It includes programs from Channel 9, 9Gem, 9Go!, 9Rush, and 9Life, as well as programs from the Nine Network.

9Now has a user-friendly UI that makes it simple to use on both the internet and the mobile app. Android and iOS devices can use 9Now’s specialized apps. Unfortunately, 9Now is not available in the Roku Channel Store. Therefore, to get 9Now on TV, you must continue with the Roku screen mirroring.

You must be wondering if Channel 9 is available on Roku. Unfortunately, the Roku Channel Store does not provide 9Now. On Roku, you can still watch 9Now Catch Up. Wondering how to accomplish that? Learn how to watch 9Now on Roku simply by reading further.

2 Ways to Watch 9Now on Roku in Canada

How can I stream 9Now on Roku in Canada? Users of Roku who want to stream channel 9Now on their devices frequently ask this question. As previously said, 9Now isn’t officially accessible on Roku. Therefore you’ll want a workaround, namely screen mirroring, to stream 9Now on Roku.

It’s vital to understand that because 9Now is geo-restricted, you must utilize ExpressVPN to stream it on Roku in Canada before we go over the 2 potential ways to stream 9Now Australia.

You must use the alternative ways listed below to stream 9Now’s titles until the service is officially launched on Roku TV.

1) To enable screen mirroring on Roku, click to unmute.

2) You must turn on the screen mirroring feature in order to continue with the approach.

3) To do this, verify that your Roku device is connected to the internet.

4) Access the home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote.

5) After that, pick the System option under Settings.

6) On Roku, click Settings now.


After selecting the setting, launch system.

7) Go to the Screen mirroring Mode option after selecting the Screen mirroring option.

8) Select the option for Prompt.

9) Change the Screen mirroring mode to Always allow or Prompt.


At last, change your screen mirroring to always Prompt!

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Method 1: Use Android Device to Screen Mirror 9Now on Roku in Canada

Use your Android device to screen mirror 9Now on Roku by following these simple steps:

1) Establish a direct internet connection between your Android phone and Roku device.

2) On your Android phone, visit the google play store and download the 9Now smart app.

3) Open the 9Now app and log in with your 9Now subscription information.

5) Next, drag down your smartphone’s notification panel and press the “Cast” icon.


Choose the Cast option.

6) Choose the Cast option from the Notifications panel on your Android device.

7) From the list of available devices, choose your Roku device.

8) Respond to the Roku device’s pop-up asking for your permission to project the screen of your Android phone.

9) Select “Allow” from the menu.

10) Choose the video you wish to stream and begin doing so on your Roku device.


Start watching your favorites!

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Method 2: Use PC to Screen Mirror 9Now on Roku in Canada

Follow these steps to use PC to screen mirror 9Now on Roku;

Your PC and Roku TV should be connected to the same WiFi network.

1) On your desktop, perform a right-click and choose Display settings.

2) Next, in the Display Settings window, select Connect to a Wireless Display.

3) To connect to a wireless display, click it.

5) To begin screen mirroring, choose your Roku device.

5) Choose the Allow option in the pop-up window.

6) Visit the 9Now Website from your browser once the connection has been made.

7) To watch the same video on your Roku TV, sign in to your 9Now account, choose a show to cast, and then do so.


Start watching your favorites!

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Unfortunately, Channel 9 cannot be added to a Roku device. 9Now doesn’t currently provide its official channel on Roku. Alternatively, you can stream 9Now on Roku by using the screen mirror feature on your phone or computer.

Get 9Now on TV by following the simple steps below:

  1. Visit the 9Now website and select “Connect my TV” from the menu.
  2. Open your 9Now account and log in.
  3. Now open the 9Now app on your Smart TV.
  4. You can stream a video by choosing it.
  5. You’ll have to log in, obviously. (Type in your login information) .
  6. On your computer, enter the six-digit code that is displayed on your TV.
  7. Your TV’s 9Now app download will become active after a little delay.

The Roku Channel Store doesn’t have 9Now. However, you can screen mirror the channel through your Roku device using your PC or an Android tablet.

For 9Now, a smart TV is preferred. On the other hand, if your TV is an older model, you can broadcast Channel 9 on your big screen using a streaming gadget like Roku.

Wrapping it Up!

We hope that this article answers your queries and you’re no more wondering, ‘How can I add Channel 9 on Roku in Canada?’ Even though Channel 9’s 9Now app isn’t available in the Roku Channel Store, you may still stream your preferred Channel 9 programs on a big screen.

The great news is that you can watch 9now on Chromecast, too, including other various devices. Is 9Now free? So, the answer is it is not free, but you have to get access to a high-end VPN for it.

By turning on the screen mirroring feature on your Roku, you may simply get 9Now on the platform in Canada. However, geo-restrictions are undoubtedly to blame if you get a 9Now not working issue.

We advise utilizing ExpressVPN to stream all of your preferred Channel 9 content to get around this issue. Enjoy the streaming of 9Now on Roku in Canada!


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