How to Watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada

How to Watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada

If you’re a hockey fan, then you deserve to know the best channel to watch world’s biggest hockey league NHL. And what better streaming service than ESPN+. But, isn’t ESPN+ only available in the US? Well Yes, but actually no, there’s another way. For years people used to ask How to watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada? But now, VPN has solved this issue. A good VPN makes it so you can unblock ESPN+ in Canada and watch all restricted and blocked content. Once you subscribe to a quality VPN, you’ll be able to watch the upcoming season of NHL in October.

Watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada – [Easy Steps]

Follow the step-by-step process listed below to avoid being geo-restricted when you watch the National Hockey League 2022 in Canada.

  1. Subscribe to an ExpressVPN. (The most reliable VPN for streaming.)
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Open ESPN+, and watch the National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada comfortably.

Where to watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada?

ESPN+ is undoubtedly the cheapest and most reliable way to watch NHL. But, that doesn’t mean there are no alternatives for that. To name a few, Sling TV, Fubo TV, AT&TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV are all streaming platforms that broadcast the NHL live in the US. If you’re not from the US, then you can get access to these channels by using a VPN.

Top streaming services to watch the NHL online:

Streaming service            Broadcast Area Watch NHL in your Region
Hulu +  Live TV USA Stream NHL on Hulu
YouTube TV USA Stream NHL on YouTube TV
Star+ Latin America Stream NHL on Star+
Sling TV USA Stream NHL on Sling TV
Fubo TV US, Spain, Canada Stream NHL on Fubo TV
Premier Sports UK Stream NHL on Premier Sports
Viaplay Denmark Stream on Viaplay

Which devices are Compatible to Watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada?

The National Hockey League is available for streaming on different devices, but if you are watching NHL on ESPN+ then you have a wider choice of devices to watch NHL. Some of them are:
Watch ESPN+on Ruko, iPhone, iPad, Chromecast, etc., as long as you have the ESPN app and a connection to a VPN. Aside from ESPN, you can also stream your favorite National Ice Hockey League game on and the NHL app.

Why do we need a VPN to watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada?

Before actually committing to a VPN service it’s essential to know why you even need it. In this case, why do you need it to watch NHL? Since NHL is a US and Canadian sport with teams from US and Canada, it’s easy to tell why it’s only broadcasted in US and Canada (for the most part).

Here, a VPN for streaming comes into play. VPN masks your IP Address and enables you to stream anything, everything, at any time or any place. On top of that, if you opt for a good VPN, all your data remains safe and you’re free to watch anything you like.

Despite being a US league, the NHL has made waves across the world and many people from around the globe have become fans of the league. If you’re one of those who are not from the US or Canada, then there is a chance that you’re unable to watch all the matches live.

Besides VPN you also need ESPN subscription to watch NHL in Canada. Moreover, you can cancel ESPN+ subscription and ExpressVPN at any time.

What is NHL and how it’s work?

NHL is a hockey league that comprises 32 teams. 7 teams are from Canada, while the remaining 25 are from the US. The number of teams grew from 31 to 32 in 2021. Each team plays 82 games, 41 games at home, and 41 matches on the road. A normal NHL game is 60 minutes and it is divided into 3 parts. A win gives you 2 points, while a loss doesn’t give you anything. If a team loses in overtime or shootout, then the losing team still gets 1 point. After all the fixtures are played, the top 3 teams from each division qualify for the playoffs.

How many seasons or series are there in National Hockey League (NHL)?

Firstly, all teams participate in the pre-season to get themselves equipped for the season ahead. Here all teams experiment, try new things, work on their weaknesses, and harness their strengths. After that, the regular season begins.

During the season many other events are held that are part of the regular season. Stanley Cup, NHL Thanksgiving Showdown, NHL Winter Classic, NHL Global Series, and NHL All-Star Game are all events that take place during the regular season.

What is National Hockey League (NHL) Schedule for 2022/2023?

The National Hockey League (NHL) is scheduled to start on 8 October 2022. The conclusion of this season will be on 13 April 2023. The games are stacked as always, so make sure to keep up with the games.

What is the NHL Stanley Cup schedule?

The Stanley Cup Schedule has not been announced yet, but it is expected that it will be announced very soon. The Stanley Cup makes a lot of dream matches so there is high anticipation for the schedule to be released.

How NHL Stanley Cup Works and how teams can participate in Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs consists of four rounds as 8 teams from each conference qualify for it. The top 3 teams from the 4 divisions automatically qualify for the playoffs. 2 teams are added as the wildcards. The first round of playoffs sees the 8 teams divided into two brackets. The team that performs the best in each bracket qualifies for the 2 conference finals and the winners of the conference final meet in the Stanley Cup Final.

How many NHL teams are there in each division?

There are four divisions in the NHL and each division has 8 teams in total. The four divisions are called Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central, and Pacific. The latest addition to the NHL is a team from the Pacific division called Seattle Kraken, which joined in 2021.

What are current National Hockey League (NHL) standings?

The regular season is yet to begin, so there are no standings for the teams. The season is expected to be similar to the previous one, so you can take a look at last year’s standings and get a basic idea.

Who are the top players in NHL?

Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Leon Draisaitl, Connor McDavid, David Pastrnak, Artemi Panarin, and Nathan MacKinnon are some of the best players in the NHL. Every year more talents rise up, who will it be this season?

Who are the NHL top rivals?

The top 10 NHL rivalries are:

Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens
New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers
New York Islanders vs New York Rangers
Colorado Avalanche vs Detroit Red Wings
Ottawa Senators vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers
Chicago Black Hawks vs Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Penguins vs Washington Capitals
Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning
Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins vs Buffalo Sabres
Florida Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

What are the Rules and Resolution for the NHL 2022?

There are 2 conferences (16 teams each), 4 divisions (8 teams each), and 32 teams in the National Hockey League (NHL). A game is of 60 minutes and is divided into three parts. One victory means 2 points, while a loss means zero points.

Where to Buy National Hockey League NHL Tickets?

You can buy tickets for the games from the official website of the NHL. Head onto their websites right now and find the best deals.

Which Team Won NHL Stanley Cup 2022?

The Colorado Avalanche are the NHL Stanley Cup winners as they cruised past Tampa Bay Lightning and beat them to become the champions.

How to get NHL live stream free Online?

As mentioned above, there are many streaming platforms that broadcast the NHL live. Although ESPN+ doesn’t have a free trial, you can check other services out and try their free trials, to see if they’re actually worth committing to.

How much does the average National Hockey League player make?

It is reported in the 2019-2020 season that an average player in an NHL team makes an estimated $2.69 million per year. Over two years from that report, an NHL player probably makes more than the reported salary.

Why Express VPN is the best VPN to watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada because it provides outstanding upload and download speed. After testing several VPNs, ExpressVPN stood out among others.

Here’s a detailed description of the provider’s features:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada:

espn-plus-unblocked-with-expressvpn (2)

You can watch German Football League and Kontinental Hockey League without any hassle with this VPN from all around the world because ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers servers in 94+ countries.

ExpressVPN also boasts its impressive user interface, which allows users to easily use its features such as split tunneling, five simultaneous connections, unlimited server switches, no activity logs, etc.

A DNS service called MediaStreamer is also available to accommodate device that does not support VPNs. With this service, that kind of device can connect to ExpressVPN’s services regardless.

ExpressVPN allows you to choose from three subscription plans that suit your preferences. The first plan is the one-month plan worth $12.95/mo. Next is the six-month plan, which costs $9.99/mo, billed every six months. And lat is the cheapest plan of 12 months for CA$ 8.89/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan.

These subscription plans have a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, which means that you can request a refund if unsatisfied with ExpressVPN services. Just make sure that you request it within 30 days after purchase. ExpressVPN can unblock NBC in Canada and all streaming platforms, including NBC, ESPN+, Foxtel Sports, etc.

National Hockey League (NHL) 2022
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The NHL draft happened on July 7, 2022, at 7 PM Eastern Time.

The Montreal Canadiens was the holder of the 2022 NHL draft’s first pick.

Yes, watching the NHL with a VPN is legal.

Wrap Up:

Preparing yourself to have a smooth streaming experience with a whole season of Ice Hockey actions coming up is essential. And now that you learned how to watch National Hockey League (NHL) in Canada, you won’t have to worry anymore.

Just remember that your only way to bypass ESPN’s geo-restriction policy is by using ExpressVPN – The most reliable VPN for streaming.

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