How to Watch FOX TV in Canada in 2022 [Updated in March]

How to Watch FOX TV in Canada in 2022 [Updated in March]

In this guide, we have given easy steps that will help you watch FOX TV in Canada with the help of a premium VPN  so that you can watch all FOX TV content like Family Guy, Empire, or Beat Shazam without any interruptions. 

FOX, FOX News, FOX Business, and FOX Sports are all American TV streaming services that provide a variety of programmings such as TV series, news, and live sports. However, due to streaming rights and geo-blocking laws, this fantastic television offering is only available in the United States.

Easy Steps: How to Watch FOX TV in Canada

Follow these steps to watch FOX TV in Canada: 

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN. (We recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Now go to your device’s app store and download the VPN app.
  3. Connect to the fastest server in the United States using the VPN app.
  4. You may now watch FOX TV in Canada without any interruption.

Why Will You Need a VPN to Watch FOX TV in Canada?

FOX TV is an American streaming platform that can only be accessed in the USA. If you try to access it in Canada you will receive the following error message on the screen : 

Geographic Restriction

“This content is not available in your location.”


This is where a virtual private network (VPN) comes in handy. VPN services such as ExpressVPN can mask your local IP address and replace it with an IP address in the United States.

When you connect to a US server via VPN, it fools FOX TV into thinking you’re in the US, allowing you to watch all its content without any interruptions. 

You can also use a premium VPN to watch NBC in Canada.

Best VPNs to Unblock FOX TV in Canada

We have listed the best 3 VPNs that will let you watch FOX TV in Canada 

1. ExpressVPN – Recommended VPN To Watch FOX in Canada

After testing 20+ VPNs, we recommend ExpressVPN to access FOX TV in Canada as it not only unblocks NBC but also proved to be the fastest in terms of speed.


In the speed tests we conducted, it managed to offer a download speed of 85.95 Mbps and upload speed of 46.94 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


It does not compromise on security, and all of its servers offer military-grade 256-bit encryption and ensure no DNS and IP leaks. You can unblock any service from anywhere with its desktop client, app, or even with its browser extension.

ExpressVPN charges CA$ 8.5/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan on its exclusive 12+3 months plan, but the charges are justified against the speed and security that it provides.

ExpressVPN can be used on your Android devices, iPhone, MAC, and Windows. In addition, you can download the NBC app, or you can watch your favourite NBC content online.

You can also use ExpressVPN to watch Sky Sports in Canada and CNBC in Canada.

2. Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN

Surfshark is a well-priced VPN provider to unblock FOX in Canada. It costs only CA$ 3.17/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - 81% Off on 2 Years Plan and offers unlimited multi-logins.

It has 3,200+ international servers and 500+ US servers.


Surfshark manages to offer a super-fast downloading speed of 86.56 Mbps and an upload speed of 44.07 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


Surfshark makes it easy for you to access FOX and other similar streaming sites due to the great number of specialized servers which utilize obfuscation technology to convert VPN Traffic into HTTPS regular traffic. The VPN also unlocks services like BBC iPlayer.

It offers great security features like AES-256-CBC and AES-256-GCM and guarantees a no-log policy. 

This VPN can be used to watch  ABC in Canada and ZEE5 in Canada.

3. NordVPN -Largest Server Network

NordVPN has an extensive network of 5200+ servers in 59 countries and has 1970+ US servers in 15+ US locations that will allow you to change your local IP address with US IP address so that you can stream FOX TV in Canada.


It manages to offer a super-fast downloading speed of 85.48 Mbps and an upload speed of 48.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


NordVPN offers excellent security protocols. The no-log policy of this VPN will never keep a record of your browsing history and will keep your private information secure. 

 It allows six simultaneous connections and will cost you CA$ 4.45/mo (US$ 3.49/mo) - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal on its 2-year plan. 

You can also use NordVPN to watch Telemundo in Canada and access Sky Go in Canada.

Can FOX TV be Accessed in Canada Through a Free VPN?

Always use a paid VPN for streaming FOX TV in Canada. Free VPN can be very appealing, but it comes with many issues due to which their users have to suffer. We never recommend the users to use a free VPN for streaming because of the following reasons:

  • Free VPNs fail to access the geo-restricted content.
  • Buffering issues due to a large number of users.
  • Display irrelevant ads and sell your private information to third parties.

So, a reliable VPN (ExpressVPN) should be used while streaming your favourite content as these VPNs offer excellent security and privacy, and they never disappoint their users.

How to Watch Fox TV Shows in Canada

To view FOX TV programming in Canada, all you need is a VPN with American servers:


  1. Get a VPN and subscribe to it(ExpressVPN).
  2. Open the VPN app and log in with your username and password.
  3. Now select the US server from the drop-down menu.
  4. Go to FOX TV and have a good time watching it on Apple TV.

Alternative Ways to Watch Fox TV in Canada

If you want complete access to FOX broadcasting company in Canada but don’t have access to a US TV cable provider, you can use other streaming platforms like Sling, FuboTV, or YouTube TV to watch FOX TV.

I’ve discussed all three services for how to watch FOX TV online in Canada, so you can pick which television channel is the best for you.

1. Watch FOX TV with Sling TV

Sling offers three basic packages: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue, which is a combo of the two. You may watch Comedy Central on any of these devices.

Sling Orange and Blue are both $35 per month. The former gives you access to 50 channels, while the latter gives you access to 44. The combined bundle costs $50 per month.

These aren’t the only packages available, though. Sports channels (as part of the Sports Extra package) and movie bundles are among the many add-on packages available on Sling.

2. Watch FOX TV with fuboTV

FuboTV began as a streaming platform for sports-related networks and channels, but it has now expanded to include movie and television networks and channels.

FuboTV offers three service options, each of which includes access to numerous FOX channels, including the FOX News Channel. The Starter, Pro, and Elite programmes are available.

The Starter package is $64.99 per month and allows you to stream fuboTV on three devices at once. If you purchase a $9.99/month add-on package, you can increase this to 5.

3. Watch FOX TV with Youtube TV

YoutubeTV only has one bundle, which costs $64.99 per month. YouTube TV gives you access to 85+ channels, including FOX TV stations, if you subscribe.

This single subscription grants you access to six personalized accounts for your family, as well as three simultaneous streaming of Youtube TV across multiple devices.

One of YoutubeTV’s best features is its free unlimited DVR cloud storage, so you’ll never miss another episode of your favourite show.


FOX Television Stations, with 28 stations in 17 areas, is one of the country’s largest owned-and-operated network broadcasting groups.

FOX TV is a geo-restricted platform that can only be accessed in the US. But with the help of a premium VPN, you can access all the content of FOX TV in Canada

FOX is a commercial television network based in the United States that is only available in the United States. With the use of a premium VPN, you can watch FOX TV in Canada.

No, you can’t watch FOX TV on Amazon Prime but Hulu Live TV, Vidgo, Sling TV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV are among the streaming providers that offer FOX News Channel.

If you want complete access to Fox TV in Canada but don’t have access to a US TV cable provider, you can use other streaming platforms like Sling, FuboTV, or YouTube TV to watch Fox TV without cable.

The app is available for free download. However, you’ll need a premium TV provider subscription to watch shows and other stuff.

Yes, Fox News is available on cable in Canada. There is no such cable news channel in Canada. SUN News Network, which also had a broadcast licence in Toronto and was transmitted on basic cable across Canada.

Plan for 7.39 CAD per month. The annual package costs 80.20 CAD, while the two-year plan costs 122.17 CAD.

FOX Los Angeles is on Channel 11.


After reading this blog you must now be acquainted with the steps to watch FOX TV in Canada with the help of a premium VPN. You may choose from our list of the best VPNs to access FOX and enjoy watching your favourite shows like Family Guy and Masterchef etc.

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