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NBC Channel is stirring up hype and excitement this season by introducing a brand new drama, “Found”, – Centered on the issue of missing persons! The premiere was set to be launched on February 19, 2023; however, it is now delayed by NBC till Fall-2023.

NBC is geo-restricted in the USA, so if you are living in Canada, you might be thinking about how to watch Found in Canada on NBC.

Look no further! we will tell you all you need to know! a premium, strong VPN service such as ExpressVPN is all it takes to break the barrier of geo-restriction and access NBC in Canada.

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Watch Found in Canada on NBC – Quick Guide

These are the most straightforward and effective steps one needs to take to watch Found in Canada on NBC:

  1. Gain access to a VPN service (ExpressVPN is Recommended)
  2. Install the VPN app/software.
  3. Login to the VPN and connect to any of its US servers.
  4. Sign in to your NBC account.
  5. Browse Found and enjoy streaming.

Where Can I Watch Found?

If you are a USA ex-pat living abroad, you can watch Found in Canada and other Best NBC shows to watch in Canada. You can access NBC in Canada with the help of a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

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What is the release date of Found?

The NBC network recently announced a delay in releasing the new drama series “Found”. Originally slated to premiere on February 19, 2023, the new missing person drama will now be released in the fall of 2023. This announcement was made in mid-January 2023.

Found is now expected to get released in fall 2023.

What is the plot of Found?

The plot of Found focuses on the frightening highlight of the statistic that each year, over 600,000 people go missing in the United States. Out of these reports, a disproportionate number of the missing are individuals from ethnic minorities who are often overlooked by the system.

The storyline revolves around Chelsea Barnum, a recently divorced and jobless individual seeking a fresh start. Her initial career change turns into a life-changing experience as she teams up with other women to revolutionize the approach to crime and punishment, bringing hope, community, and empathy back to their town in dire need. Follow this intriguing story no matter if you live in Canada.

Who is in the cast of Found?

The Found NBC cast features Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely, and also includes:

Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Kelli Williams
Brett Dalton
Gabrielle Walsh
 Arlen Escarpeta
Karan Oberoi

Is there a trailer of Found?

As Found’s release has been delayed, the NBC channel has held back news regarding its trailer or when it will get released.

Why ExpressVPN is Recommended VPN to Watch Found in Canada on NBC?

After evaluating over 50 VPN providers, we have established that ExpressVPN stands out as the best in terms of service quality, practical features, network coverage, and customer satisfaction.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Found in Canada on NBC


Get connected to the New York server to watch the content on NBC in Canada.

ExpressVPN is the suggested VPN to watch “Found” in Canada on NBC, providing seamless connections and uninterrupted streaming, making it the top choice among the best VPNs for NBC streaming. The service is compatible with various devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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With its extensive network of 3000+ servers in 105 countries,, ExpressVPN ensures reliable access with a server nearby. It also boasts cutting-edge features such as split tunneling, TrustedServer technology, a kill switch, private DNS, and more. MediaStreamer DNS is another advantage, making ExpressVPN the ideal solution for households. The service can also unblock popular streaming content like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 24, Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 and Chicago Fire Season 11.

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DeMane Davis directed the new drama.

Warner Bros. Television and Universal Television.

Netflix currently does not show Found.

Wrap Up

If you’re a fan of real-life dramas and documentaries, Found on NBC is a must-watch. Even if you’re located in Canada, you can still enjoy the show by following the simple steps outlined in this article.

As you know how to watch Found in Canada on NBC, don’t wait any longer; get access to Found on NBC by subscribing to ExpressVPN today!

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