Watch ‘Quantum Leap’ (2022) in Canada on NBC

Watch ‘Quantum Leap’ (2022) in Canada on NBC

If you like shows involving time travel, then NBC’s about-to-release Quantum Leap will be lots of fun for you. Those in the US can access the show smoothly, but licensing concerns will cause errors in Canada, making the viewers keen to know how to watch Quantum Leap in Canada.

To get around the geo-restrictions of NBC in Canada, get some help with ExpressVPN and enjoy the time travel science-fiction while staying in any Canadian region. Here’s how can you watch Quantum Leap 2022 in Canada.

NBC offers a barrage of science fiction programs in its ever-expanding content library, including the older 1990s version of Quantum Leap. The show’s modern variant will surely be a hit for its viewers.

Sadly, the complicated licensing deals of the network don’t allow it to let just anyone direct streaming access, restricting viewership to only the USA. So for outsiders, the only method to get through is with VPN support.

To gain such access, however, you’ll need to execute some steps to remain undisturbed by restrictions while watching Quantum Leap, and we’ve shared them below.

How to Watch Quantum Leap in Canada – [Quick Steps]

As the Quantum Leap 2022 Canada is still pending, follow the four basic steps listed here and without wasting time, watch Quantum Leap in Canada using a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN (go with our #1 suggested ExpressVPN).
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app & install it.
  3. Establish a connection with one of the US servers available.
  4. Run NBC app, find the title & enjoy streaming Quantum Leap streaming in Canada!

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Is there a Promo for Quantum Leap?

Yes, there’s an official promo of Quantum Leap that you can watch on the NBC YouTube channel. The trailer launched on the 9th of September and has already accumulated over 8 million views.

The 149-second video opens with Ben Song, the show’s principal character staring into the mirror where his face appears as someone else’s. You can watch it here:

Where to Watch Quantum Leap in Canada?

The Quantum Leap 2022 Canada streaming is geo-restricted in the region. Till then, you can enjoy the show on NBC. The only difficulty is that NBC is geo-restricted in Canada, so you must need a VPN to bypass the platform and watch Quantum Leap 2022 in Canada.

What is the Quantum Leap Release Date in Canada?

The Quantum Leap Canada release date has yet to be decided. However, Quantum Leap will premiere on NBC on the 19th of September, 2022 (Monday).

Where can I Watch all Seasons of Quantum Leap Streaming for Free?

You can watch all five seasons of the old Quantum Leap show that was popular during the 1990s for free on the NBC-owned Peacock TV app.

The way to do that is to sign up for the Peacock free trial, which lasts for one week. However, unless you binge through it, it’d be hard to cover those numerous episodes in that time. Luckily, the affordable subscription to the streaming service costs under $5 per month.

What Channel is Quantum Leap on in Canada?

Since you cannot watch Quantum Leap 2022 Canada, the NBC app has all the rights to stream Quantum Leap 2022.

Now you know the way! Subscribe to ExpressVPN and watch the series straight away on NBC while staying in Canada.

Is Quantum Leap Coming Back in 2022?

Yes, Quantum Leap is coming back in 2022, including in the impressive fall collection of shows on NBC. However, it’s worth mentioning that according to its showrunners, the series is inspired by the original but won’t serve as a sequel or remake. Still, there will be some loose connections between the two.

When will Quantum Leap Streaming be on NBC?

Quantum Leap will premiere on NBC on the 19th of September, 2022 (Monday). The show’s opening episode will appear on cable television at 10 p.m. Pacific Time (9 p.m. Central) will release on Peacock the following day, with this airing pattern continuing until the show’s conclusion.

Who is in the Cast of Quantum Leap?

Raymond Lee is in the cast of Quantum Leap, playing the role of the main character of the new NBC show inspired by the popular 1990s television series of the same name. Lee plays the super-intelligent physicist Ben Long.

Meanwhile, Ernie Hudson plays Herbert Williams, the leader of the Quantum Leap team, who has to balance the expectations of his Pentagon superiors and the aspirations of his team members.

Quantum Leap will also feature Nanrisa Lee playing Jenn Choi as the security head of the QL team, Mason Alexander Park as the unit’s top programmer Ian Wright working with AI technology, and Caitlin Bassett playing Addison Augustine, a mysterious hologram guide helping Ben Long.

What is Quantum Leap about?

Quantum Leap is a sci-fi series about time travel in which physicist Ben Song and his freshly established team begin moving along a fascinating path through time. This upcoming new show finds its inspiration in the original Quantum Leap television program popular during the 1990s but isn’t a sequel or remake.

However, the story connects back as Ben Song’s team attempts to figure out how the machine worked and who the man behind it (the old show’s protagonist Sam Beckett) was.

What is the Best Episode of Quantum Leap?

The best episode of the 1990s favorite original version of Quantum Leap was season 1’s seventh episode titled “The Color of Truth – August 8, 1955”.

In the episode, the leading character Sam Beckett doesn’t determine whose body he’s occupying. Instead, he visits a diner where only whites are allowed and later realizes he’s in trouble because he’s in the body of a black chauffeur, leading to a tricky scenario.

How Many Episodes of Quantum Leap are there?

Information about the number of episodes for the upcoming brand new version of the Quantum Leap series isn’t officially available yet. The original show, famous during the 1990s, featured 97 episodes during its run from March 26, 1989, till May 5, 1993, and is one of the most popular sci-fi shows in history.

How Many Seasons of the Original Quantum Leap are there?

There are five seasons of the original, top-rated Quantum Leap series.

The opening season, which aired from March till May 1989, featured nine episodes, while the subsequent four seasons each contained 22 episodes, with the last season running from the 22nd of September 1992 till the 5th of May 1993.

Why is Quantum Leap Out of Order?

Quantum Leap episodes are out of order because when the DVD version of the show was made, at times, it didn’t take into account the sequencing followed by the show during the time it initially aired on television.

As a result, the show’s fans often find themselves confused when linking episodes. A simple fix is to follow the original airing dates and watch accordingly.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPNs to Watch Quantum Leap in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Quantum Leap in Canada due to its numerous outstanding features that guarantee top speed levels and unmatched privacy protection. Read on to know more about this provider here:

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Yes, you can watch the upcoming new Quantum Leap on NBC once it begins airing in September 2022.

No, the show Quantum Leap isn’t based on reality and is a strictly fictional story.

Yes, Jennifer Aniston was on Quantum Leap in the show’s 1992 episode Nowhere to Run, playing the role of Kiki Wilson.


If science fiction shows give you the type of buzz you need, NBC’s upcoming Quantum Leap will offer you a must-see viewing experience. Don’t allow the platform to restrict you with its blockages based on licensing problems.

Simply order the highly affordable and incredibly feature-rich ExpressVPN subscription today to watch Quantum Leap in Canada.

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