How to Watch She Said in Canada

How to Watch She Said in Canada

Are you familiar with the #MeeToo movement? If yes, then you should know what helped it propel not just in the US but all around the globe. And you can do that by learning how to watch She Said in Canada. The biographical film premieres on November 18, 2022, on Peacock TV.

Unfortunately, Peacock TV limits those who can stream the movie to only US streamers. So whenever a non-US streamer tries to access Peacock TV in Canada, they will be blocked from doing so. This restriction is also because of the licensing policies that Peacock TV imposes.

The only way non-US streamers can access the movie She Said on Peacock TV is to change their IP address to a US IP address. And to do that, they need the assistance of a VPN.

Quick Steps: Watch She Said in Canada

To avoid the geo-restriction policy imposed by Peacock TV on non-US streamers, you must follow the steps below.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (The most trusted VPN provider.)
  2. Download the ExpressVPN app and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Open the Peacock TV app and watch She Said in Canada.
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Is there a She Said Trailer?

To further give viewers an insight into what the movie is about, the official Youtube channel of Universal Pictures uploaded the She Said trailer. The trailer showed glimpses of Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan as New York Times journalists investigating Hollywood’s long and dark history of abuse.

Where can I watch She Said?

You can watch the movie She Said on Peacock TV. For you to have access to its streaming library, you may subscribe to its subscription plan, which starts at $4.99/mo. But before doing so, make sure that you already have a VPN subscription.

What channel is She Said on?

As of writing, there are no released channels where the movie She Said will be broadcasted. The news is that it will be released in theaters in the US and the UK. In terms of streaming, Peacock TV will have the movie in its streaming library.

What is She Said release date?

The movie She Said release date is set to be on November 18, 2022, on Peacock TV. This is also the exact date for its theater release in the US and the UK. If you plan to stream in Canada, you might as well secure a VPN subscription to avoid any restrictions.

What time does She Said come out on Peacock TV?

There is no released time on when She Said will be available on Peacock TV. But based on the streaming platform’s past releases, it will be available starting on the first hours of the premiere day. With that, you can most likely stream the movie She Said starting in the first hours of November 18, 2022.

Who is in She Said cast?

The She Said cast includes the following actors and actresses.

Actor/Actress Character Portrayed
Carey Mulligan Megan Twohey
Zoe Kazan Jodi Kantor
Patricia Clarkson Rebecca Corbett
Andre Braugher Dean Baquet
Jennifer Ehle Laura Madden
Angela Yeoh Rowena Chiu
Samantha Morton Zelda Perkins
Ashley Judd Herself
Sean Cullen Lance Maerov
Anastasia Barzee Lisa Bloom
Tom Pelphrey Jim Rutman
Adam Shapiro Ron Lieber
Mike Houston Havey Weinstein
Kelly McQuail Rose McGowan (voice)
James Austin Johnson Donald Trump (voice)
Sarah Ann Masse Emily Steel

What is She Said series about?

The production of the movie She Said is based on the book of the same name by New York Times journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor. Just like what was said in the book, this film exposes Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual abuse and misconduct against women and describes the journey of journalists and editors involved in the relentless quest for the truth.

Who are the crew behind She Said?

She Said is directed by Maria Schrader with screenplay credits from Rebecca Lenkiewicz. This film is produced by Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner. It initially premiered at the 60th New York film Festival and is set to premiere in the US on November 18, 2022, with Universal Pictures distributing it.

Why ExpressVPN is a recommended VPN to watch She Said in Canada?

You cannot find any other all-around VPN aside from ExpressVPN. This VPN has long proven its worth. When it comes to streaming, this VPN lets you enjoy watching geo-restricted content with a stable connection and security.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch She Said in Canada


You can use the New York server to watch the content on Peacock TV in Canada.

ExpressVPN is the only VPN that promises a worthy VPN experience. With that, this VPN is the most suitable one to use when you watch She Said in Canada. On top of that, it being the best is not just a claim: it can be proven by millions of its users.

Bypassing Peacock TV’s geo-restriction policy can effortlessly be done by just connecting to an ExpressVPN server. It has 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. These servers can be used 24/7 to let you enjoy geo-restricted content such as Heartland Season 16Hellraiser 2022, and I’m A Celebrity 2022 anytime you want.

Its features and services are also available whenever you need them. You can use its services to total capacity if you are subscribed to an ExpressVPN plan. ExpressVPN’s services that assist you in your VPN experience include Split Tunneling, Threat Manager, Unlimited Server Switches, ISP Throttling, etc.

Along with those mentioned services, MediaStreamer is also available. It is a Private DNS service that assists your device with no VPN support to connect to ExpressVPN.

You can have full access to ExpressVPN’s services if you subscribe to any of its three subscription plans: the one-month, six-month, and 12-month plans. Currently, the most recommended plan is the 12-month plan. It allows you to only pay CA$ 9.01/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan.

All of ExpressVPN’s plans are covered and assured of a money-back guarantee to ensure user satisfaction.

ExpressVPN unblocks all streaming sites, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Peacock TV, Paramount+, etc.

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Yes, it is. She Said is based on actual events that happened and written in a book by New York Times journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.

Maria Schrader is the director of the biographical film She Said.


It is essential to learn about what certain factors led to social movements, such as what ignited the #MeToo movement. And now that you know the right way to watch She Said in Canada, you can now witness how two journalists were able to expose Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of women.

The film also emphasizes the bravery of victims and witnesses who decided to come forward to stop a suspected serial predator from doing more harm. So, subscribe to ExpressVPN, and don’t let any other restriction hinder you from watching this film.

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