How Much Is TSN Direct Price in Canada? [2023 Updated]


Do you want to know how much is TSN Direct price outside Canada? Costs of TSN direct CA$ 7.99 per day, CA$ 19.99 each month, and CA$ 99.95 for six months.

TSN has two different membership plans. Having to sign up for the premium subscription entitles you to more TSN networks such as TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5. Premium customers can also watch TSN on two devices at the same time.

TSN is Canada’s best sports network provided by Bell Media, with premium content available on five national tv streams, such as, TSN Radio broadcasting, the TSN mobile application with 5G features, as well as other company services.

Sadly, TSN will be only available in Canada; attempting to watch it somewhere else will result in TSN error code 241404. To safeguard your privacy while watching TSN outside of Canada, you’ll need to have a VPN.

Moreover, you may watch other streaming sites such as CBC channel, and funimation outside Canada, while using the similar best VPNs.

Continue reading to discover TSN Direct membership fees and forms of payment.

What Are TSN Direct Price And Subscription Packages?


TSN has 3 packages to which you can subscribe by paying TSN’s Direct price. Is TSN Direct Free? TSN is not offering a free trial to check out the streaming platform, you should sign up and accept to pay until you desire to watch.

Since you can cancel your membership with TSN at any moment, it will not happen immediately unless your paid membership has expired.

How does TSN direct work? There is no refund policy if you don’t want to pursue this streaming after a specific time. TSN offers three options plans on TSN direct login: TSN direct 24-hour subscription, monthly transfer, and 6-month transfer. Moreover, you may also enjoy Pureflix outside Canada by subscribing to its bundle.

Here is the cost of TSN Direct:

Daily Subscription Monthly subscription 6 Month Subscription
CA$17.99 CA$19.99 CA$59.99
Detailed info Detailed info Detailed info
No Returned policy No Returned policy No Returned policy
Pre-paid and invoiced for one cash payment. Pre-paid and invoiced for one cash payment. Pre-paid and invoiced for one cash payment.
It is available for 24hrs It is available for one month and pays after one month This service is accessible for 6 months and pay cash after a 6-month period.

Which Payment Method Does TSN Accept?


You should input payment details, including your credit card information and billing information, throughout the user registration. Furthermore, the following payment options are available for paying TSN direct price or MHZ Choice outside Canada:

Roku Pays Paypal
iTunes Credit Card (Discover, Visa, Diners Card, American Express, and Express)
Amazon in-app pay Google Play Billing

FAQ – TSN Direct Price

No! It doesn’t offer any free trial

You follow the instruction below to access TSN Direct.

1- Tap on the ‘Live’ Tab on the TSN website.
2- On the video feed, select the play icon.
3- Choose a TV supplier.
4- Login with your TV supplier’s details.
5- Take in live TSN broadcast.

Yes! You can pay per-day charges for this service. Then you will be allowed to access 24hrs streaming service.

Broadcasting live TSN online offers the exact content as TSN with a cable TV membership. TSN’s five streams, in addition to unique extra streams as well as high-demand content, will be accessible to you.

TSN’s coverage favors sporting events. This includes both live and recorded coverage of numerous sports. Additionally, there are webinars, TSN reality shows, and sports debate shows. TSN covers a variety of sports, including the following:

  • Tennis
  • MLB
  • Hockey
  • NHL
  • UFC


TSN is a Canadian-based best sports site, offering paid content on five national television channels. Premium users can also stream TSN on two devices at the same time.

There are different TSN Direct price plans. You may choose TSN Direct subscription cost that suit you best.

However, TSN can only be available in Canada; efforts to watch it elsewhere will lead to a TSN error code. You’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN to safeguard your personal information. Similarly, you can watch Canadian TV and OLN outside of Canada with the help of a VPN.

We hope this blog will be enough to clear all your queries. If you have any more questions regarding TSN Direct price just let us know by commenting below.

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