How To Cancel HBO Max Subscription In Canada [September 2023]

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Have you subscribed to another streaming platform, or does the HBO Max cost not fit your budget? Or is there any other reason you do not want to continue with your current HBO Max plan? Then you have come to the right place to know how to cancel HBO Max subscription in Canada.

Undoubtedly, it is the best streaming service with a huge content library of shows, best anime, blockbuster movies, entertainment documentaries, and much more.

Canceling the HBO Max subscription can be a bit tricky, depending on how you subscribed to the streaming service. Our quick guide will help you understand how to cancel HBO Max Subscription in Canada or free trial in Canada on different platforms.

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Let’s begin without any further wait!

How To Cancel HBO Max Subscription in Canada [Easy Guide]

Here is an easy guide on how to cancel your HBO Max subscription:

    • Sign in to your HBO Max account. Go to your profile.

      Go to your profile on HBO Max.

    • Select Subscription and then choose Manage subscription.

      Choose Manage subscription

    • A new page will open. Select Cancel subscription.

      Select Cancel subscription.

    • Select continue to cancel.

      Select Continue to cancel

    • Enter a reason for subscription cancellation and then confirm your choice by selecting Yes, cancel the subscription.

      Confirm to cancel your subscription.

Other Methods To Cancel HBO Max Subscription in Canada

The method to cancel HBO Max subscription in Canada depends on your subscription to the service. By following these steps, you can easily cancel the free trial on HBO Max.

We have shared the quick steps to cancel the subscription on:

Do you have a YouTube TV subscription? Would you continue watching the content on it after cancelling HBO Max? If yes, then check our guide on the best shows on YouTube TV. If you want to cancel your Youtube TV subscription as well, check here.

Cancel HBO Max on Website

Using the website to cancel HBO subscription in Canada is one of the easiest methods.

Here are the quick steps to cancel HBO Max on the website:

  • Visit the HBO Max website.

    Visit HBO Max Website

  • Sign in using your HBO Max account credentials. Select your profile in the top corner.

    Sign in on HBO Max

  • A list of options will appear. Click subscription.
  • Choose Manage Subscription.
  • A new page will open. Select Cancel Subscription.
  • Choose a reason for cancellation and then select Yes Cancel subscription.
  • You will receive a confirmation on when your subscription will expire. If needed, you may resume your subscription.

Cancel HBO Max on Mobile App

To cancel HBO Max subscription in Canada on the mobile application, follow these quick steps:

  • Navigate to the HBO Max application on your smartphone. Sign in to your account (if needed).

    Go to the HBO Max app and sign in.

  • Tap on your profile in the bottom right.

    Select the Profile icon on the app

  • Select the settings option in the top left corner.

    Tap the settings option

  • Choose Subscription from the options.

    Choose subscription

  • Select Manage subscription.

Select Manage subscription

  • Then choose Cancel subscription.

    Tap Cancel Subscription

  • Confirm your choice by choosing Yes, Cancel Subscription.

    Enter the reason to cancel the subscription

  • You will get the confirmation of the expiry date. If you change your decision, you can resume the subscription.

Cancel HBO Max through Cable Provider

Your HBO Max subscription is tied to your HBO account when you get it through a cable provider. So if you cancel your HBO Max account, it will also cancel HBO subscription.

  • Go to HBO Max official website. Log in using your account credentials.
  • Click on your profile account in the top corner.
  • Select subscription. Check the name of the subscription provider.
  • Call the provider or sign in to their website and cancel the HBO Max subscription.

Cancel HBO Max with Hulu

Here are the simple steps on how to cancel HBO Max subscription in Canada with Hulu:

  • Visit the Hulu official website. Log in to your Hulu Plus Live TV account.

    Log in to your Hulu account.

  • Go to the Subscription menu.
  • From the Add-ons options, navigate to Manage Add-ons.
  • Then, choose HBO Max from the list of subscriptions and switch the checkmark on it to X.
  • Choose review changes and confirm to cancel your subscription.

Cancel HBO Max with YouTube Tv

Follow these easy steps to cancel HBO Max with YouTube TV:

  • On the browser, visit the YouTube TV website.

    Visit the YouTube TV website.

  • Login to your YouTube TV account.
  • Select your profile and then go to the settings menu.
  • Select Memberships. Click checkmark on HBO Max.

    Select membership and then put a checkmark on HBO Max.

  • Then select confirm to cancel.


Yes, you can cancel HBO Max after a free trial. Ensure to cancel it timely to avoid any charges. Even if you cancel it before your free trial ends, you can access its content for the remaining free days.

Yes, you can cancel your HBO Max subscription at any time. You can cancel it on the website, mobile app, YouTube TV, cable provider or Hulu Live TV, depending on how you subscribe to the service.

Check the Manage Subscription option if you can’t cancel your HBO Max account. If HBO Max does not appear, you may have subscribed to it from another platform. You can cancel your subscription only through the platform you subscribed to it. 


Even though we have shared how to cancel HBO Max subscription in Canada in our guide, we still vouch for the fantastic movies and shows on the streaming platform.

If HBO Max is not available in your region, don’t worry! Use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to binge-watch your favorite shows and popular movies on HBO Max. We always suggest ExpressVPN as the best VPN for streaming because it offers excellent speed and is secure.

We hope our quick guide has answered all your questions. Please feel free to ask us in the comments section below if we have missed any.

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