15 Best Horror Movies to Send Chills Down Your Spine [Updated April 2022]


Do you love spooky and spine-chilling movies that would keep an average person awake all night? If you do, then you have landed in the right place, as these are the most terrifying and frightening movies you will ever come across.

Horror films are real artworks that bring out the pestilence of one’s mind that walketh in the darkness to reality. Many people crave to dive into such tales of horror that may leave them breathless and if you are one of them then you will surely love these movies.

1. The Conjuring

This movie is based on the real-life events of the couple that investigates paranormal activities; the Warrens. In this movie, their most horrific experience has been shown where they take on a mission to save a family, living in the haunted house. The events that take place when the warrens try to protect the family will surely leave you terrified.

2. Candyman

Say his name 5 times looking in the mirror and he’ll appear in the shadow to kill you! This is the urban legend of the Candyman. A very well directed movie with a really amazing story and screenplay, it is indeed a treat for the horror genre fans.

3. Shutter

Some things want to be around us and those things are well picturized in the Shutter. This movie is a top modern horror classic for all the people who love to be startled in a blink. It is a Japanese movie and that alone should give you an idea how great it would be. Japanese really are the true pioneers of creating scary movies.

4. Insidious 4

Who hasn’t heard of Insidious, it is indeed one of the most remarkable horror film conceptions ever. However, its 4th part which is its latest one, is an absolute masterpiece. In this part of Insidious, the story revolves around Elise as her past haunts her and this time she has to find the demons from her own childhood. The direction and sound effects in this movie are damn too good and the art direction is exquisite. It is indeed a great psychological horror that has pure frightening horror sequences.

5. The Final Wish

Don’t you dare make a wish because if you do then your soul is bound. This is an excellent thriller for all the people who love spooky recurrences and such stories where the dead comes to life.

6. The Invisible Man

This thriller is about a scientist who goes invisible to take revenge from his ex-girlfriend. The man is a psychotic scientist that at first organizes his own suicide and then goes after the woman to stalk and harm her. You will definitely love this movie as it shows the horror of being chased by a person you cannot see.

7. The Descent

The Descent is a story about a group of friends that enter a doomed cave and are trapped in it. As they move ahead in the cave, they come across carcasses and bones and are attacked by crawlers. As their undesired adventure unfolds, their experiences turn bloody and horrific. This is surely a treat for all the people who love mild gore.

8. Mandy

This horror-thriller starring Nicolas Cage a serial killer is an absolute masterpiece in terms of art direction and story conception. Two people in love are stormed at night by a frightening cult and poor Mandy is burnt to ashes in front of her husband. Then begins the tale of rage and revenge as Nicolas Cage goes after the Black Skulls, the cult who killed Mandy. You can call it another regular day in life on Nicolas Cage and when you say it, you know it will be damn too good to watch and is like nightmare on elm street

9. Ready or Not

This movie is surreal and its concept is literally out of the box. Every new bride would wish for a romantic and erotic first night after marriage. However, Grace lands in an unfortunate place as she marries the man of her dreams but on her first night, she is being hunt down by her in-laws. She has to survive the night until dawn from her hostile in-laws. The movie is an eye candy and the twists in it are quite amazing.

This film is a must watch. Also check out our list of best horror movies on Netflix.

10. The Cabin in the Woods

Sci-fi slasher movie is beautifully shot with strong performances. It is not a common thing and even in this genre films, only a few movies are worth watching. The film is an amazing sci-fi greatest horror film in terms of its storyline and direction.

The story revolves around a group of 5 friends that visit an old cabin in the jungle for adventure. Little are they aware of the horrors that surround them and the eyes that are watching them. The story intensifies when zombies, which are controlled by two scientists, attack them. Amazing plot twists right?This is the scariest movies of all the time.

11. Last Shift

Last Shift is a story about an amateur cop who has been assigned the last shift in a closing police station. As she is on duty alone, wandering around the police station, terrible things start to happen around her and her survival becomes hard. Unaware of the dark secrets that this police station hold, Loren; the rookie cop, gets to experience the things that would shake a usual persons soul. As they say, the night is dark and full of terrors!

12. IT (2017)

Coulrophobia is real and many people are a victim of this kind of Phobia, including me. Clowns are meant to make you laugh, not to scare you but IT is a movie that will surely raise your coulrophobia, if you have one.

It’s a story about a sadistic clown living in the sewer, abducting and killing children. A group of kids form a gang to face this clown; Pennywise and stop him. The story is quite emotional and has great comedy horror sequences as well. This scary movie is surely a treat for the true horror lovers.

13. Get Out

Get out is a 90-minute horror-thriller with a psychological thriller made in cinema history having not only the scary sequences but also some of the most relentlessly ugly truths of an American society. One of the best movie in horror history. The story is about a young photographer that visits the suburbs of New York to meet his girlfriend’s parents. However, the meeting starts to become a little unsettling due to the awkward occurrences that start to arise. You will surely love this movie as it has a taste of reality as well.It is one of the best scary movies of movie history

You can also watch the best horror movies on Hulu.

14. The Boy

Back in the day feature film, Chucky used to be our favorite slasher film having a doll come to live but in the end, we were aware of the fact that it was already evil. Now, the boy has somewhat the same concept but the twist is that the young Boy is not evil as such from the beginning. All the nanny had to do was to take good care of young son but when she fails to do so, that is where everything goes wrong for her.

The frightening or creepy thing is that the Boy is apparently a doll but he is alive and has mystical powers. Annabelle was the last movie we witnessed having a doll with creepy powers but for me, The Boy is different and amazing.This movie is best movies of all time

15. Apostle

Apostle is a great horror buffs with some hammer horror that at first seems to look like a psycho thriller but eventually takes horrific twists. It’s a story about a man who returns home in repent and finds out that his sister has been kidnapped for ransom. He then travels to the doomed island where his sister is kept captive by the weird cult and comes across disturbing things. This movie is a master piece for all the horror fans that love a good build-up in the story.

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