How to Watch Trying Season 3 on Apple TV+ Outside Canada


Season 3 of the hit light-hearted series filled with comedy, drama, and love, Trying is returning on screens. Fans are excitedly searching how to watch Trying Season 3 on Apple TV+ outside Canada to ensure they don’t miss anything.

Geo-restrictions imposed by streaming devices, platforms, and services make it impossible to access content in every region. However, if you know the right procedure, aka VPN service, it is not difficult to get around the location restrictions.

This article covers all you need to know about Trying season 3 and watching it on Apple TV+ outside Canada using a VPN.

Quick steps: Watch Trying Season 3 on Apple TV+ Outside Canada

Follow the procedure below :

  • Install a VPN on your device (our recommendation is ExpressVPN).
  • Subscribe to Premium VPN and connect to the server in Canada.
  • Log in to your account on the Apple TV website or application.
  • Search for Trying Season 3 and Enjoy.
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Is there a trailer of Trying Seasons 3

Yes, the lovely family comedy series has an official trailer out on YouTube and would leave you with so many cliffhangers that’ll pique your interest in seeing the whole movie. The trailer video just showed us a glimpse of what it would be like, and you can also watch it here:

Where can I watch the Trying Series?

The series is an Apple original series; hence, watching the Trying season 3 without using Apple TV+ is impossible. You can log in to your account on Apple TV+, navigate to the Apple TV+ shows section, and search for the Trying season 3.

Will there be a third season of Trying?

Yes, the producers have good news for all the fans of the family comedy series. Another season of the series will be coming to our screen soon.

This season would carry more tension and drama because there is a high chance the relationship will be tested, with Nikki being particularly emotional.

But don’t let us give too many spoilers, anticipate and keep your eyes peeled for any news.

What channel is the Trying Season 3 on?

Trying season 3 would be on Apple TV+. So, be ready to see Nikki and Jason truly explore what parenting is with both children they adopted (Tyler and Princess).

Remember that Tyler was not legally adopted; he only stowed away in their car. You can watch all the dramas on Apple Tv+ drama.

What is the release date of Trying Season 3?

After finally getting their wish for adoption at the end of Season 2, Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) would officially start their journey to understanding and experiencing parenthood starting on July 22, 2022.

With the official Trying season 3 release date confirmed, new episodes of the series will be released every Friday till the end of the season by September 9, 2022.

Who is in the cast of Trying Season 3?

In the reports released by the creator of the series (Andy Wolton), most of the cast remains the same with few adjustments. The couple, Nikki and Jason, are played by Esther Smith and Rafe Spall, while the two children are played by Eden Togwell (Princess) and Mickey McAnulty (Tyler).

The series director is Jim O’Hanlon, an executive producer with Josh Cole. The last co-producer of the series is Tim Mannion. Other characters joining the couple are Oliver Chris, Sian Brooke, Robbyn Cara, and Darren Boyd.

What is Trying Season 3 about?

The entire series narrates the life of a couple actively trying to give birth after many failed attempts. With the couple’s success in adopting a child by the end of Season 2, most of season 3 would be about how they face the real rigors of parenthood.

From what we noticed in the trailers, Season 3 will see them attempting to get to know their new children while pleading to keep them, which proves far more difficult than they expected.

Their parenting abilities, as well as their relationships with each other and close friends and family, are immediately put to the test.

How many seasons and episodes are there of Trying?

The first and second seasons of the series have eight episodes each, so we expect the whole journey of the couple in the third season to span eight episodes also.

Where in Cornwall is Trying filmed?

The series was not exactly filmed in Cornwall, but it was filmed in five British locations, including:

  • Camden High street and market
  • Hampstead heath
  • Ealing Hospital and town hall
  • The London School of economics
  • Scala, Green park, and WAC arts

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Trying Season 3 on Apple TV+ Outside Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN because it helps with location blocking and copyright licensing issues. It makes it possible to bypass the restrictions and let you watch Trying Season 3 on Apple TV+ outside Canada. Further details of this VPN service provider are given here:

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There are two seasons and 16 episodes of the series already available for streaming on Apple TV+.

Yes, Trying is a good-natured comedy series that still touches on real people’s struggles in society.

To watch the series on Apple TV, you need to subscribe to Apple music and search for the series in the Apple TV+ shows section.


If you’ve read to this point, we assume that you’ve learned how to watch Trying season 3 on Apple TV+ outside Canada with ExpressVPN and have an idea of what to expect.

We know you are going to love this series. Get a VPN and enjoy interruption-free streaming!

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