CBC Gem Cost in US: How Much CBC Gem Subscription Plan?

CBC Gem Cost in US: How Much CBC Gem Subscription Plan?

Most of us wonder what is the cost of CBC Gem in USA? The CBC Gem cost in the US is only 3.85 USD (4.99 CAD) per month. The Premium plan of this streaming platform allows exclusive access to CBC News Network. The plan is ad-free and can be cancelled at any time.

The CBC’s online streaming video service is called CBC Gem. With a subscription to this streaming platform, you can stream the best TV series such as Heartland Season 16, films, news, documentaries, and more for free.

CBC Gem Premium cost allows you to access CBC News Network, early access to Gem-exclusive programming, and ad-free video on demand (live streaming is excluded).

The content of CBC Gem can only be accessed in Canada because of geo-restrictions. You can use a VPN service like ExpressVPN to watch CBC in USA  and enjoy the whole content library without any interruptions.

Let’s find out what is the CBC Gem subscription cost and what steps you need to follow for CBC Gem login!

CBC Gem Cost in the US- Your Quick Guide

The CBC Gem Premium cost is 3.85 USD (4.99 CAD) per month. You can purchase the subscription via the CBC app for iOS and Android or via the CBC website.

A free trial of one month is offered to new subscribers just like other streaming platforms like Paramount+.

So, if you are wondering is CBC Gem free? Yes, you can enjoy CBC Gem for 30 days without any cost. After the free trial, you can still enjoy your favourite shows on-demand from current and previous seasons (ad-free) for just 3.85 USD (4.99 CAD).

Plan Cost per month Ad-Free Live Stream Access Video Quality
Premium 3.85 USD (4.99 CAD) yes yes 1080p

With a CBC Gem subscription, you can watch a whole range of exclusive CBC Gem shows and movies like Son of a Critch (2022), The Porter and more. You can also watch award events like Juno Awards to support your favourite actor or actress.

Highlights and video features of major sports events like swimming, figure skating, curling, golf, sliding, skiing, soccer, speed skating,  tennis, and Spruce Meadows. You can create your own alerts and news feeds to ensure that you always receive the latest NHL, NBA, MLB, CFL, and NFL scores and news.

How Do I Pay For CBC Gem in US?

To pay for the CBC Gem cost in the US, you can use the CBC app or website. Your subscription will be processed by Google (Google Play) or Apple (Apple iTunes) if you subscribe to Premium through the CBC Gem app for  Apple TV, Android, or iOS.

Any additional subscription payments will be made through Apple iTunes or Google Play.

CBC will manage your subscription if you used have used the official website to pay for the CBC Gem cost in the US.

The following payment methods are accepted on the CBC Gem website:

  • Visa
  • Debit Visa
  • MasterCard debit
  • MasterCard

Note: CBC Gem only accepts cards with Canadian billing addresses.

On the CBC Gem Website, you can not use American Express, pre-paid credit card gift cards, Interac Online, PayPal, or other payment methods.

You can subscribe to Premium through the Gem app for Apple TV, Android, and iOS if you have PayPal, American Express, or a debit card listed as a payment method on your App Store or Google Play accounts.

So, stop thinking about is CBC Gem Premium worth it because the subscription to CBC Gem is worth your money and you can unexpected streaming experience.

How Do I Access CBC Gem in US?

You can access content on Gem in a number of ways. You can watch content on CBC Gem using your Android device’s web browser but we recommend downloading the CBC app for your Android or iOS device.

Here are different ways of accessing the content after paying for CBC Gem cost in the US:

1. Unauthenticated

Without CBC Gem login you can:

  • Watch the episodes of on-demand shows (ad-supported)
  • Enjoy live streaming on Ottawa (one of the CBC channels)
  • Enjoy Childen’s content without any ads

2. CBC Member

With CBC Gem free membership (registered yourself first on CBC) you can:

  • Watch favourite shows on-demand from current and previous seasons (ad-supported)
  • Watch CBC TV live and gain access to all 14 local channels across the nation
  • Resuming watching CBC shows on any compatible device
  • Enjoy Childen’s content without any ads

3. CBC Member – Premium

Canadians can improve their viewing experience by paying for CBC Gem subscription cost (with the first month free):

  • Watch favourite shows on-demand from current and previous seasons (ad-free)
  • 24/7 live streaming of CBC News Network
  • Early access to CBC Gem-only content


You can stream CBC for free for 30 days in US. After that, you have to pay 3.85 USD (4.99 CAD) per month. Simply download CBC Gem, create a CBC account, and launch your free trial to get started. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

You have to pay for a Premium membership that is available for 3.85 USD (4.99 CAD) per month allowing access to CBC News Network live stream, ad-free video on demand, and early access to CBC Gem-only programs in US. You can watch children’s programming without ads with a Premium membership.

The cost of CBC Gem per month is 3.85 USD (4.99 CAD) in US. The CBC Gem Premium plan is ad-free allowing exclusive access to CBC News Network.

Yes, CBC Gem Premium is worth it. With a CBC Gem Premium subscription, you can watch shows from all Canadian regions. Also, you get access to CBC News Network live stream and CBC Gem-only programs.


We hope that our guide on the CBC Gem cost in the US is helpful for you and now you have a clear idea regarding CBC Gem subscription cost.

With a subscription to this streaming platform, you can access a wide content library that you can enjoy with your friends and family. You can watch CBC shows and movies to enjoy your weekend nights to the fullest.

Remember to use the best VPN for streaming so that you can not face the geo-restriction of this streaming platform.

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