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Australia’s hottest reality dating show Love Island is back with the fourth season. 13 flirty singles will be in a beach-side villa together and attempt to find their soulmate. You might wonder how to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA.

Love Island Australia Season 4 is coming to 9now on Monday, October 31, 2022. The Nine Networks video-on-demand service 9Now is geo-restricted in USA, and international viewers cannot access the platform from their location. You can access it 9now in the USA with the help of a VPN.

How to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA – [Quick Steps]

You can watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA on 9now using a VPN in four easy steps given below.

  1. Download and install the VPN app. ExpressVPN is recommended.
  2. Subscribe to the VPN and sign in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia.
  4. Now go to the 9Now Channel.
  5. Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA.

Where to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA?

Love Island Australia is back for a fourth season on the Nine Networks video-on-demand service 9Now. 

However, 9now is an Australian video-on-demand service and is only available to stream in Australia. Fans in the US cannot watch the new show from their location.

This is due to the geographic restrictions imposed by the platform. To break through these geo-restrictions, you will need a reliable and high-end VPN such as ExpressVPN. This will allow you to watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA.

Where can I watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in US Free?

You can watch Love Island Australia Season 4 for free by heading to the 9Now website and signing in with your credentials.

However, if you reside in the US, you will not be able to watch Love Island Australia season 4 online from your location due to the geo restrictions.

What is the Release Date of Love Island Australia?

Love Island Australia release date was Monday, October 31, 2022, coming with new drama, beautiful singles, and a lot of heat. Don’t miss out on the hottest dating reality show in Australia, and watch the brand-new season of Love Island on 9now.

When will the Last Episode of Love Island Australia 2022 Air?

9Now will air the Love Island Australia Season 4 Finale on Tuesday, December 20th. Get ExpressVPN now and don’t miss out on the exciting moments of the season.

Who will Win the Love Island Australia 2022?

It’s difficult to say right now, but we are hoping our favorite duo Austen and Claudia to win Love Island Australia Season 4.

Latest Updates of Love Island Australia Season 4:

Love Island Australia Season 4 – Full Weekly Breakdown
Breakdown Weekly Wrap Up
Week 7
(Episode 25-28)
  • Austen and Claudia’s relationship became stronger and Mitch and Tina make their thing official.
  • A teary exit of Jordan and on the next scene we have a romantic shoey between Jessica and Al.
  • Claudia received a heartfelt poem from Austen and we’re pretty much sure that they’re going to the finals.
  • A couple is dumped in the 26th of episode. Superfans decided 3 Islanders with the maximum votes and they’ll be announcing the today’s elimination.
  • Stella and Hugh will be leaving home tonight and the decision was made by Tina, Al, and Phoebe.
  • Then happened a fake baby sitting challenge which you must not miss.
Week 6
(Episode 21-24)
  • Al and Jessica done their deed in their hideaway chance.
  • Other Islanders must be worried after Jess and Al’s confession as one member is soon to be on the dump line.
  • Stella decided to end with Tak, so, is she going home?
  • Jordan said things about Phoebe H and she was in utter disappointment.
  • Sophie Monk is on the set and another elimination is about to announce.
  • Tak is going home and guess what, two new Bombshells are in the villa. Hugh and Madeline.
  • The new Islanders are siblings and they’ve to hide this truth from the villa members at least for a day.
  • Re-union between Mitch and Tina, yes, as we all wanted this to happen.
  • Jordan said goodbye to Phoebe H. Mitchell gave love notes to Phoebe in a very unique way.
Week 5
(Episode 17-20)
  • Jessica received a text asking “Let’s go on a date”.
  • Claudia didn’t know that Jess went on a date with her ex-boyfriend Jason.
  • Callum harshly talked with Claudia about her past relationship with Jason and what was he doing in the villa.
  • Tension had been created and couples discussed what they would done if their ex-es would be here.
  • Mitch from season 3 arrived and developed a chaos. Meanwhile another entry happened “Tina Provis”.
  • Girls are making their moves on Mitch but Tina & Mitch (Ex-couple) had something on their mind.
Week 4

(Episode 13-16)

  • Phoebe felt like she’s into Jordan a little more.
  • Vakoo and Phoebe had to steal a partner and thus another dumping happened.
  • A new bombshell (Ben) is now in the house and Tak is kind of worried about his position.
  • Two Islanders (AL and Jess) were to decide who’ll go home and they chose Ben and Stella.
  • Stella dumped Ben and he left the villa just after spending 24 hours in the home.
  • Maddie fell for Callum, Tak suggested to get to know him.
  • Phoebe and Jordan got a chance to fall deeper into each other.
  • Elimination happened, Vakoo had to leave to villa and Tak choses Stella over Vakoo.
  • Another recoupling is one its way.
Week 3
(Episode 9-12)
  • The week was started with lovely couple kissing; Conner & Holly, Maddy & Tak and Stella & Jordan.
  • Superfans voted for Stellan and Clausten to be girlfriend and boyfriend while Conner and Holly had to leave the villa.
  • Members had given a new game challenge. Claudia and Austen were enjoying in their hideaway.
  • Maddie dumped Tak.
Week 2
(Episode 5-8)
  • First recoupling happened.
  • Andre had to quit here, as he was the only one single left after the recoupling ceremony.
  • A new bombshell arrived, her name is Maddy.
  • Mitchell stated that he’s open to new bombshell and put Phoebe in tears.
  • Fight between Jess & Connor and ultimately ended things up between them in the 7th episode.
  • At the end of episode 8th, there was another recoupling ceremony.
Week 1

(Episode 1-4)

  • Guys started introducing themselves one by one to the group of 6 girls.
  • Jessica was left behind and others already chose their partners.
  • After getting dumped by Jordan, Austen and Claudia started to form a connection.
  • Jessica and Connor also showed interest in each other and already kissed in their first conversation.

What is Love Island Australia Season 4 About?

Episode 25 of Love Island Australia is a real rollercoaster of emotions as the apple of everyone’s eye, Jordan has to leave the villa.

We all have seen this coming, as Jordan was the only single left on the show after the departure of her partner Phoebe H in previous episode. He collected the least number of votes this time and called out.

Besides this teary situation, not one, but two new love confessions are on their way. Yes! It’s Claudia & Austen and Al and Jessica.

Austen’s confession was also a sweet bubble he bursted on Claudia, says, “People say when you’re in love, you will know. I never understood that until now. Claudia, I love you and I can’t wait to continue sharing every moment together.”

You shouldn’t miss these moments from this episode. Stream now on 9Now.

How Does Love Island Australia Work?

All 13 contestants in Love Island Australia must make a couple with other contestants. The elimination of the couples or contestants would be based on dumping. After eliminating any contestant, a new member will take their place.

In the finale, the Australian audience will have the right to vote for their favorite contestants or couples to make them the season’s winner.

How many Episodes Love Island Australia Season 4 Have?

From the stats of the previous three seasons, we can expect that Love Island Australia Season 4 will have around 25 to 30 episodes to air.

What will be the Prize Money for the Winner of Love Island Australia Season 4?

AUS $50,000 will be rewarded to the winner of Love Island Australia Season 4. Australian audience will vote for the finalists and the couple with the highest votes will win.

Who are the Love Island Australia Contestants 2022?

Thirteen new contestants are entering the villa hoping to find their one true love. The list of contestants participating in Love Island Australia season 4 is as follows.

A glance at Islanders – Love Island Australia

Name Age Hometown Occupation Entered Status
Al Perkins 26 Sydney, New South Wales Influencer Day 8 Game On
Austen Bugeja 22 Sydney, New South Wales Spray Painter Day 1 Game On
Ben Gleeson 25 Sydney, New South Wales Personal Trainer Day 14 Dumped
Callum Hole 24 Brisbane, Queensland Personal Trainer Day 2 Game On
Claudia Bonifazio 23 Adelaide, South Australia Medical Secretary Day 1 Game On
Jessica Losurdo 26 Sydney, New South Wales Risk Analyst Day 1 Game On
Jordan Dowsett 25 Gold Coast, Queensland FIFO Electrician Day 1 Game On
Maddy Banks 26 Perth, Western Australia HR advisor Day 6 Dumped
Mitchell Eliot 25 Sydney, New South Wales Personal Trainer Day 1 Game On
Phoebe Han 22 Brisbane, Queensland Deli Worker Day 12 Game On
Phoebe Spiller 22 Sydney, New South Wales Fashion Student Day 1 Game On
Stella Hutcheon 24 Brisbane, Queensland Radio Media Coordinator Day 1 Game On
Tak Chipangura 23 Brisbane, Queensland Security Guard Day 2 Dumped
Vakoo Kauapirua 27 Sydney, New South Wales Model Day 12 Dumped
Layla John 20 Melbourne, Victoria Student Day 1 Dumped
Conor Howard 26 Sydney, New South Wales Real Estate Agent Day 1 Dumped
Holly Oakes-Ferguson 25 Brisbane, Queensland Customer Service Representative Day 1 Dumped
Andre Coutinho 24 Perth, Western Australia Mental Health Support Worker Day 1 Dumped

Who is the Love Island Australia 2022 Host?

Sophie Monk will reprise her role as the host of Love Island Australia season 4. She will be seen guiding the new single contestants once again and helping them find their partners on the show while they go through drama and love problems.

What channel is Love Island on Australia Season 4?

You can watch Love Island Australia season 4 on the following channels and OTT Platforms:

  • 9Now
  • ESPN+
  • Hulu
  • Disney +
  • Nine Network
  • ITV

Where Love Island Australia Season 4 is filmed?

The entire Love Island Season 4 is filmed in Mallorca, Spain. Season 1 was also shot in Spain, while the shooting of the other two seasons took place in Fiji and Byron Bay.

Is there a Love Island Australia 2022 Trailer?

Yes, you can watch the trailer of Love Island Australia season 4 here. Love Island Australia season 4 trailer introduces all the new contestants who will embark on this journey to find true love in the villa.

Is anyone from Love Island Australia still together?

Yes! Josh & Amelia from Season 1, Zoe & Chris from Season 3 and Taku and Michela from Season 3 of Love Island Australia are still together and living happily as a couple.

How can I Watch the Previous Seasons of Love Island Australia?

Using the same method we’ve explained earlier, you can watch all the previous seasons of Love Island Australia;

  • Get ExpressVPN and connect to the available Australian server after downloading the app.
  • Now go to the website where the Love Island Australia seasons are available and start streaming.
  • Access Hulu in the US, ITV in the UK, and 9Now in Australia to watch every episode of the show.

When will Love Island Australia Season 4 be on Hulu?

Fans would be happy to hear that Love Island Australia Season 4 Hulu streaming will be available two weeks after it is released on 9Now.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA?

ExpressVPN is a recommended VPN to unblock 9now and watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA.

The VPN is currently the leading VPN network and possesses amazing unblocking abilities that will let you unblock any geo-restricted platform from any location by simply connecting to one of the servers.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA

Love island

Get ExpressVPN for streaming Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA.

ExpressVPN is the top recommended VPN as it offers a massive network of servers stretching to 3000+ servers located across 94+ countries. It can easily unblock any geo-restricted service and allow you to stream popular titles from your location without any restrictions.

Stream Love Island Australia season 4 on any device imaginable as ExpressVPN easily connects with all devices and operating systems due to its high compatibility, including the devices that do not offer built-in VPN support by using its MediaStreamer DNS feature.

You can log in to your single subscription account, stream interesting content on five devices simultaneously and enjoy the movies and shows such as Hellraiser 2022, Heartland Season 16, and Bigg Boss Season 16 without buffering, interruptions, or any other restrictions.

You have no reason to worry about threats or your IP address and personal information being exposed. ExpressVPN ensures your safety with its automatic Kill switch and Threat protection feature.

It is reliable and offers multiple such features that protect you from security threats and other malicious sites with the help of its security features like DNS/IP leak protection, lightway protocol, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

Subscribe to ExpressVPN now, and you can unblock Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, and Paramount+, Amazon Prime, Kayo Sports, and more.

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Love Island Australia is available on 9Now. The service is absolutely free, so start watching it every Monday to Thursday at 6 pm AEDT by using a reliable VPN.

On 9Now, watch Love Island Australia season 4 every Monday to Thursday at 6 pm AEDT. The only needed thing is a secure VPN service to access the platform in US.

Get ExpressVPN and access the geo-restricted 9Now in the US and start watching Love Island Season 4 in the US.

Love Island Australia contestants get paid approximately $150 per day to cover their expenses. The winner of Love Island Australia season 4 will get paid AUD 70,000.

You can watch Love Island Australia season 4 online free on 9now by downloading the 9now app or accessing the 9now website. The platform is free to use for everyone. If you reside in USA, you must subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to access 9now in your location.

Yes, Love Island Australia Season 2 participant Anna McEvoy recently announced her engagement to beau Michael Staples. They plan to marry soon and embark on this new journey together.

The fourth season of Love Island Australia season 4 on Hulu will land at some point soon. However, Love Island Australia Season 4 Hulu release date is yet to be revealed.

Wrap Up

You can watch Love Island Australia Season 4 in USA on Nine Networks video-on-demand service 9Now from Monday, October 31, 2022.

9now is geo-restricted in USA due to the geo-restrictions imposed by the platform. You must subscribe to ExpressVPN to break through these geo-restrictions and watch the show.

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