How to Watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer


If you’re thinking where to stream I May Destroy You? You can watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer by using a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

BBC iPlayer is on;y available in the UK due to geo-restrictions. A VPN helps you to hide your IP address, allowing you to access BBC iPlayer in USA. By utilizing our suggested VPN you can overcome geographical restrictions and freely enjoy BBC iPlayer content from anywhere.

I May Destroy You, a British black comedy-drama series, was created, written, co-directed, and executive produced by Michaela Coel for BBC One. The show, set in London, features a Black British cast and was released on June 8, 2020.

Continue reading our guide to learn how to watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer with a VPN:

How to Watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Steps]

Follow the steps below to watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer:

  • Begin by subscribing to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  • Download the VPN app on your device.
  • Connect to a UK-based server, recommended Docklands.
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer website.
  • Now, you can enjoy I May Destroy You streaming in USA.

Where to Watch I May Destroy You in USA for Free?

Curious to know what platform is I May Destroy You on? You can access BBC iPlayer to watch I May Destroy You from in USA on BBC iPlayer for free. It can also be watched on BBC One. The notable aspect is that obtaining a BBC iPlayer free trial is not necessary. All that’s required to access its content is a valid UK TV license.

Now, as you’re familiar with where to watch I May Destroy You in USA, let’s find out its release date.

What is the Release Date of I May Destroy You?

The drama I May Destroy You was released on Monday, June 2020. Directed by Sam Miller and Michaela Coel, it is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

If you’re curious about the BBC iPlayer cost, then don’t worry as it is a free streaming service. This means you can watch I May Destroy You on BBC iPlayer free online in USA.

What about I May Destroy You?

I May Destroy You is Michaela Coel’s insightful portrayal of trauma and its wide-ranging impacts. The story revolves around Arabella, a witty and imperfect writer in London.

Following a disoriented night when she is drugged and assaulted by a stranger, Arabella initially brushes off the blurred memory as a disturbing mental image.

In this section, I May Destroy You explained. Continue reading to discover who the featured cast of I May Destroy You is.

Who is the Featured Cast of I May Destroy You?

Here is the I May Destroy You cast:

Actor Character
Michaela Coel Arabella
Weruche Opia Terry
Paapa Essiedu Kwame
Marouane Zotti Biagio
Aml Ameen Simon
Lara Rossi Kat

How many Episodes of I May Destroy You are there?

I May Destroy has 1 season, consisting of 12 episodes. You can watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer. Here are the episode names along with their release date:

Episode No. Title Release Date
1 Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes Sun, Jun 8, 2020
2 Someone Is Lying Sun, Jun 14, 2020
3 Don’t Forget the Sea Mon, Jun 22, 2020
4 That Was Fun Mon, Jun 29, 2020
5 …It Just Came Up Mon, Jul 6, 2020
6 The Alliance Mon, Jul 13, 2020
7 Happy Animals Mon, Jul 20, 2020
8 Line Spectrum Border Mon, Jul 27, 2020
9 Social Media Is a Great Way Mon, Aug 3, 2020
10 The Cause the Cure Mon, Aug 10, 2020
11 Would You Like to Know…? Mon, Aug 17, 2020
12 Ego Death Mon, Aug 24, 2020

Is there any Trailer for I May Destroy You?

Yes, there is an I May Destroy You trailer available. It gives you a sneak peek of what the show is all about.

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I May Destroy You

What Else Can I Watch on BBC iPlayer?

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FAQs – Watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer

No. Bloys confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that there will be no season two, saying, “I don’t think there will be another I May Destroy You season”.

The majority of the series was shot in the London Borough of Hackney. However, some parts of the series were shot in Italy.

Michaela Coel is the creator, writer, co-director, and executive producer of the limited series I May Destroy You, a British black comedy-drama on BBC One. The show is set in London with a cast made up primarily of Black British people.

I May Destroy You is about Michaela Coel’s journey to process and navigate the aftermath of sexual assault, restoration, gender, and British blackness. The series delves into the profound impact of violence on an individual’s identity.

In the last scene of this sequence, Arabella hides the brutalized and bloody body beneath her bed, where in earlier episodes she had hidden the remains of other traumas she would rather not revisit the clothes from the night she was raped, the sonogram from her misplaced abortion, the clothing that Zain had left behind.

Wrap Up

Use ExpressVPN to watch I May Destroy You in USA on BBC iPlayer. It surpasses the geo-restrictions and allows you to watch captivating shows and movies without any limitations.

I May Destroy You is a dark comedy-drama that follows the story of Arabella’s life which changes drastically after being assaulted. The show was released on June 8, 2022. So, hurry up and subscribe to our recommended VPN to watch the show online on BBC iPlayer.

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