How to Watch New Adam Curtis in USA

How to Watch New Adam Curtis in USA

The New Adam Curtis documentary coming to BBC iPlayer on October 13, 2022, is based on the collapse of the Soviet Union in the years 1985 to 1999 and the effect it had on the lives of the people of Russia. Make sure you know how to watch New Adam Curtis in USA.

BBC iPlayer is a geographically restricted platform, making it difficult to be accessed from locations in USA. To unblock BBC iPlayer and watch the new heart-wrenching documentary made by compiling hours of raw footage from the news crews in Russia, viewers in USA will need to subscribe and connect to a good quality VPN service.

Keep reading this article to learn how.

Watch New Adam Curtis in USA – [Quick Steps]

You can now watch New Adam Curtis in USA on BBC iPlayer by following these four quick and easy steps given below.

  1.     Download the VPN app. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2.     Subscribe to the package of your choice and log in using your details.
  3.     Connect to a server located in the UK.
  4.     Now head to BBC iPlayer and watch New Adam Curtis in USA.
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Is there a trailer of New Adam Curtis?

Yes, you can watch the trailer of the new Adam Curtis documentary here. The trailer gives us a glimpse into the new documentary about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the everyday life of the people of Russia in a collapsing empire.

Where can I watch New Adam Curtis?

You can watch Adam Curtis’s new documentary, 2022, based on the collapse of the Soviet Union, on BBC iPlayer from October 13, 2022. BBC iPlayer is unavailable in USA due to its content licensing policies. These geographical restrictions ensure that users residing in USA won’t be able to access BBC iPlayer from their location.

To bypass these geographical restrictions and access BBC iPlayer to watch the new documentary in USA, users must download a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN and connect to a server in the UK. This will allow them to access the BBC iPlayer content library and watch New Adam Curtis in USA.

What is New Adam Curtis release date?

The new Adam Curtis documentary series, TraumaZone, is dropping on October 13, 2022, on BBC iPlayer. The docuseries shows Russia from the years 1985 to 1999 as Russia faces the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emotional turmoil it brought on the people.

What time is New Adam Curtis on?

The New Adam Curtis will be on BBC iPlayer on Thursday, October 13, 2022. So mark your calendars today and get an ExpressVPN subscription if you are in USA. The documentary is all set to entertainment for streamers.

What’s New Adam Curtis about?

The new Adam Curtis documentary shows Russia between the years 1985 to 1999 as they witnessed the collapse of the soviet union and how it affected the lives of the people living in Russia. It captures the emotional history of the time and what it felt like to live through this historic moment and a disaster for the people of Russia.

In the early 90s, the largest empire in the world, The Soviet Union, suddenly collapsed within a few months, causing a state of panic throughout Russia because of this disaster. This was not a slow and gradual collapse like the British Empire but a sudden implosion.

Blinded by the cold war victory, no one in the West paid any heed to Russia as it continued to suffer. This was not just a failure of the Soviet Union but also a failure of democracy. Millions of people who were left behind with profound pain, deep scars, and dangerous anger collectively stopped believing in any sort of politics, both Communism and democracy.

TraumaZone showcases what it felt like for the people of Russia to live through the profound disaster and the collapse of Democracy and Communism.

Who is in the cast of New Adam Curtis?

The seven-episode series by BAFTA Award-winning filmmaker Adam Curtis is a compilation of tens of thousands of hours of archive footage shot by BBC in the mid-80s and early 90s in Russia that was never televised.

The series has no confirmed cast members, as all the episodes are a compilation of archive footage taken from Union that disrupted the entire country. We will get to see footage from the Caucasus border wars, the remote mining cities, and the halls of the Kremlin.

What are Adam Curtis best documentaries?

Adam Curtis is a BAFTA Award Winning filmmaker with some of the best documentaries in today’s time and age. Adam Curtis’s HyperNormalisation got him the BAFTA Award which was a great recognition of his work.

Some of Adam Curtis’s best documentaries are as follows.

      The Trap
      Pandora’s box
      Bitter Lake
      The Power of Nightmares
      The Century of the Self
      The Living Dead

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch New Adam Curtis in USA?

ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN to watch New Adam Curtis in USA due to its unbeatable unblocking abilities that make it extremely easy for you to unblock BBC iPlayer to watch New Adam Curtis from the comfort of your couch.

Read the provider description below to learn more about ExpressVPN.

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BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted in USA, making it impossible to watch the new Adam Curtis without a VPN. Using a good quality VPN with fast speed and reliable servers is the only option to watch the documentary series and other content, such as Heartland Season 16Shark Tank Season 14, and Hellraiser 2022 ExpressVPN is the best option for you.

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All the servers located in the UK are compatible with every device, offer great speed, and unmatched unblocking abilities. We recommend using the London server to unblock BBC iPlayer from your location, as it works great against BBC geo-restrictions.

You can even use a VPN on devices that do not support VPN due to the MediaStreamer feature. The Automatic Kill Switch feature protects your IP address from the platforms you try to access if the VPN connection is lost.

Other features include Unlimited Bandwidth, Lightway protocol, Threats and Ads protection, military-grade encryption, and many more.

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New Adam Curtis


Adam Curtis is releasing a new documentary on October 13, 2022, on  BBC iPlayer Germany  based on the historical importance and the emotional turmoil of the collapse of the Soviet Union on the world and the people of Russia.

Yes, you can watch Adam Curtis documentaries on BBC iPlayer Germany.

Adam Curtis is a British filmmaker who started his career in documentaries. His first work in 1992, Pandora’s Box, was the start of his brilliant career as a documentary producer. The documentary got him excellent praise.


The New Adam Curtis documentary series is all set to hit our screens on October 13, 2022, on BBC iPlayer. Fans residing in USA must remember to download ExpressVPN as it will help them move around BBC iPlayer geo-restrictions and watch New Adam Curtis in USA.

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