How To Watch ITV On Roku [Updated Guide 2022]

How To Watch ITV On Roku [Updated Guide 2022]

ITV is a well-known streaming service in the UK. You can find the newest and most classic movies, shows, documentaries, live TV, and more. This service, which is accessible on multiple streaming and mobile devices, offers more than 750 channels.

 Even ITV allows for the free streaming of live TV. Additionally, you can obtain exclusive extras such as the best ITV TV programs, debuts, and first glimpses. ITV is also accessible via a variety of streaming devices. This post is for you if you wish to add ITV on Roku.

Several locally produced shows are also available to watch on ITVBe, ITV4, ITV, CITV, ITV3, and ITV2, among other channels. So that you and your loved ones can watch your favourite ITV movies together, get ITV on Roku TV. Let’s read the section below to learn more about ITV on Roku without further ado.

There is a tonne of great features on ITV. It offers various content in various genres, such as humour, children’s programming, drama, sports, news, and entertainment. Although ITV is a UK-based streaming platform, you can get ITV in USA by using the best streaming VPN.

How Can We Add ITV on Roku [Easy Ways]

ITV, in the official sense, is available on the Roku Channel Store. Therefore, by simply following the straightforward procedures below, you may install the ITV on Roku player.

1) Go to the home screen on your Roku device after turning it on.

2) From the main menu, select Streaming Channels.


Select the streaming channels.

3) Select the option for Search channels next.

4) Search ITV from the search channels.


Search for the ITV from the available channels.

5) Then, look for “iTV Hub” using the virtual keyboard.

6) Choose the ITV Hub from the list of suggestions below.

7) Then, on the channel description page, click the Add channel button, the next.

8) Once the adding procedure is complete, click OK.

9) Select the Go to channel option, then open the ITV Hub application.

Note: Sometimes, the program won’t install and gets stuck when you try to launch it, or it can just have the app icon.

In addition, if you’re confused about how to watch ITV hub on a Roku device, uninstall the program and reinstall it. If the problem persists, as a final step, double-check the main cable connection on the Roku device.

On the other hand, see if the ITV app is now down or closed. If you experience that, there is a server-side problem, and your problem will be resolved.

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Alternative Method to Add ITV on Roku

Every episode of any series or show you choose can be readily streamed. Thanks to the software, you may watch live TV and stream any on-demand entertainment.

It allows you to access ITV-only content, including premieres and first glances. Follow these steps for the alternative methods to add ITV on Roku;

1) Start by using a web browser to navigate to the Roku channel store’s official website.

2) Sign in to your Roku account after that.


Sign in to your account

3) Use your Roku account to log in.

4) Search for ITV Hub in the search field.

5) Search for ITV using the search bar.


From the channels list search for ITV

6) From the search result, that shows, select the Channel.

7) Under the channel description page, click the Add channel button.

The ITV Hub channel will be added within 24 hours of receiving the request.

Note: You may upgrade Roku to make the ITV Hub appear instantly in your list of available channels.

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How to Activate and Watch ITV on Roku

Now there is no problem turning on ITV and watching it on a Roku. To activate ITV on Roku and start enjoying its live stream, just follow these easy instructions. 

1) Launch the ITV Hub after adding it.

2) Click the Sign in option on the ITV Hub home page.

3) The activation code will then be created and displayed on your TV screen.

4) Visit the Registration for a new account activation page after making a record of the activation code.


Visit the Registration page

5) Log in or create an ITV account.

6) Click Continue after entering the activation code in the specified field.

7) The ITV Hub will then be turned on.

After enabling the ITV Hub, you may stream movies online for free on Roku.


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How much does ITV cost?

The ITV content is free to access on the Roku channel store. However, advertisements will appear while you are streaming. You can thus sign up for ITV Hub + for £3.99/month or £39.99/year to prevent the advertisements and watch ITV Hub live. Visit the ITV Hub Plus website to sign up for a subscription.

You can also cancel the ITV subscription after you’ve done watching your favourites on the ITV free trial before it ends else you will be entitled to pay the monthly payment.


The ITV content is free to access on Roku. However, advertisements will appear while you are streaming. Therefore, you can sign up for Roku ITV Hub Plus at the highest subscription rate to remove the advertisements.

If your Roku is connected to a VPN, you can disconnect your Roku to fix the ITV Hub issue. But if none of the above repairs work, it’s time to contact your VPN provider. Your VPN isn’t functioning. Using cheap VPN services may be the cause of this. Because of this, we consistently suggest using a premium VPN.

You can watch it on ITV’s official website in the UK. However, if you live outside of the UK, you must subscribe to a premium VPN service.

A free-to-air television network in Britain is called iTV. It provides various content in several genres, including news, sports, comedy, drama, and kids’ content. Even iTV allows for the free streaming of live TV.

ITV is broadcasted on channel number 35.


UK residents who reside in or go to the USA or any other country won’t be able to watch ITV there without a VPN. Geoblocks are to blame for this.

If you use a reliable VPN service, you may know how to stream ITV live without any problems. Use a VPN to unblock ITV and start watching your preferred British programming right away at ITV on Roku.

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