How to Install Sky Go on Firestick in US? [Complete Guide]


Most of you wondered Can you get Sky Go on Firestick in US? No, you can not get Sky Go on Firestick. For Amazon Firestick devices, the Sky Go app is not yet available. You’ll need to use third-party installers like the Downloader to sideload the app onto your Firestick.

One of the most popular streaming platforms is Sky Go. You can view all of the Sky Network’s series, movies TV shows, and live TV with the Sky Go app on your Firestick. You can also watch Sky Go on PC and Sky Go on Chromecast.

To access Sky Go’s vast content library, you’ll need a VPN service like ExpressVPN, which will allow you to easily connect to Sky Go in US.

A subscription is required to access Sky Go. The Sky Go app includes 70 live channels such as news, documentaries, children’s programming, athletics, and more. You may save recordings for offline viewing using this service.

The installation method of the Sky Go app on Firestick is very simple, but many people are unaware of it, so if you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

Let’s find out how you can download Sky Go on Firestick in US.

How to Install Sky Go On Firestick in US? [All Methods]

Sky Go on Firestick in US can be installed in one of two ways. The first is to download it directly from the Amazon Store just like getting the Channel 4, TSN, Disney+ or ESPN app on Firestick.

The other way is to use Downloader, an app that allows you to sideload third-party apps onto your FireTV Stick.

Follow these steps to direct download Sky Go on Firestick in US:

  1. Launch Firestick on TV, then go to the upper menu and pick the Search or Magnifying glass icon from the Home Screen.
  2. Using the virtual keyboard, type Sky Go and then press the Search button.
  3. Various results will display, click Sky Go.
  4. Then, under the application icon, click the Get button.
  5. When you click on it, the app will begin to download; once the download is complete, simply click on the Open button.
  6. Enter your credentials and enjoy Sky Go on Firestick!

Method 1: How to Install Sky Go On Firestick Via Downloader?

If the Sky Go app is not compatible with your device, you will need to get it from a third-party source. Downloader is the tool that we use to sideload Sky Go or other apps like Hulu, Eurosport, Pluto TV and BBC iplayer on Firestick.

Downloader is the most well-known downloading app that allows you to quickly install third-party apps.

Follow these steps to install Sky Go on Firestick in US via downloader:

  1. Hover over the top menu on the FireTV Stick Home Screen and select Search.
  2. Type Downloader and press Enter.
  3. Select the Download button.
  4. Click open to launch Downloader on your Firestick.
  5. When you first run the app, you’ll be asked to grant permission to access Files, Storage, and other features; simply click the Allow option.
  6. You should now see a simple Home Screen with a little box with the HTTP:// attribute; go to that box and remove HTTP://. After that, type into the box and press the Go button.
  7. Now the Sky Go app will start downloading.
  8. Once the app is downloaded click install and then Done.

Method 2: How to Install Sky Go On Firestick Via ES File Explorer?

To use this method, the Firestick device must have the Es File Explorer app installed.

Follow these steps to install Sky Go on Firestick via ES File Explorer:

  1. To begin, launch the File Explorer app on your Firestick.
  2. Select the downloader icon.
  3. Select the “+” option placed at the bottom.
  4. A box will pop up, prompting you to enter your Path and the Name of the app you want to download.
  5. Now, in the Path field, type, and in the Name field, type the Sky Go.
  6. After you’ve input all of your information, click the download option.
  7. ES File Explorer will start downloading the Sky Go APK on Firestick.
  8. Click the Open Folder button when APK has been downloaded.
  9. Then select Install from the drop-down menu.
  10. Users will be directed to an installation page.
  11. Select Install from the drop-down menu and then click done. 
  12. Enter your credentials and enjoy watching Sky Go on Firestick UK! 

Method 3: How to Install Sky Go On Firestick Via Aptoide TV?

Downloader supports Aptoide TV, and the Downloader software can be installed on a Firestick.

Follow these steps to install Sky Go on Firestick via Aptoide TV:

  1. Install Aptoide TV from the Downloader app.
  2. Now get Aptoide TV on Firestick
  3. Type Sky Go on the Search bar of Aptoide TV.
  4. Now select Sky Go.
  5. To get the Sky Go app on your Firestick, go to Aptoide TV, and select the Install option.
  6. Then, on your Firestick, open the Sky Go app and login into your account. Enjoy watching Sky Go on Firestick UK! 

Method 4: How to Install Sky Go On Firestick Via Kodi?

You can install Kodi on Firestick using the Downloader app so that you can enjoy all the Formula 1 races on Sky Go on your big screen.

Follow these steps to install Sky Go on Firestick via Kodi:

  1. Set up Kodi on the Firestick after it has been installed.
  2. Open Kodi on your Firestick and go to Settings.
  3. Next, go to File Manager and select Add Source.
  4. Select None and then paste into the URL field.
  5. Finally, give it a name, such as Sky, and save it.
  6. Select Add-ons, preferring the Install from Zip File option, and select Sky, the name you gave in the previous step.
  7. Go to and open it.
  8. After installation, select Install from repository from the drop-down menu.
  9. Navigate to the Video Add-ons section of the Sly Guy Repository.
  10. Scroll down to Sky Go and pick it when it appears.
  11. Select the Install option, and then select OK after the installation is completed.
  12.  Select Sky Go once more. Sign in to your account by launching and opening Sky Go on your Firestick.

Method 5: How to Install Sky Go On Firestick Via Apps2Fire?

Using Apps2Fire, you may install an application to your Firestick with an IP address wirelessly. As a result, in order to utilize the program, you’ll need access to the proper Firestick IP Address.

Follow these steps to install Sky Go on Firestick via Apps2Fire:

  1. Install Apps2fire on your Android device.
  2. Install the Sky Go app on your Android phone or tablet.
  3. Now launch the Apps2Fire app.
  4. Choose the Setup option.
  5. The IP address of your Firestick should be entered here.
  6. Select Save.
  7. Select Local Applications from the drop-down menu.
  8. The Now TV application is available for download. Simply press the Download button.
  9. It will begin with the wireless installation of an app on the Firestick.
  10. After it’s installed, the Sky Go app will be opened on your Firestick.

Method 6: How to Get Sky Go On Firestick Via Screen Mirroring?

If you can’t install Sky Go on your PC, the Sky Go app will use third-party installers. If the fix isn’t successful, you may utilize the Firestick’s screen mirroring feature to watch content from an Android or iOS smartphone and fully enjoy Premier League on Sky Go.

Follow these steps to get Sky Go on Firestick via screen mirroring:

  1. From the Settings menu, go to Display & Sound.
  2. Select Allow Display Mirroring from the drop-down menu and press Enter.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose Mirroring.
  4. Join the same WiFi networks as your Firestick.
  5. On your phone, tap the Cast icon.
  6. Your Firestick will be displayed. By clicking on it, you can select it. Your phone’s screen mirror will now appear.
  7. Start streaming any video content using the Sky Go app on your phone. It should now be shown on your Firestick.

Sky Go Not Working on Firestick in US?

If Sky Go is already downloaded on your Firestick but isn’t working, it could be due to a number of factors just like the case of Disney Plus not working.

For example, there is a pending update for the app that includes bug fixes and other enhancements. You could have obtained this software from a source that isn’t compatible with your Firestick.

Another cause is that you have a lot of caches on your device, which prevents the apps from starting.

Here are the solutions if your Sky Go app is not working on Firestick.

Solution 1: Check Updates for Sky Go

This is a common solution when an app isn’t working on Firestick due to a pending update. In order to check if there is an update available, press and hold the home button on the remote for 10 seconds.

It will then launch a new window on the Firestick with several options; simply select Applications from there. You’ll find a list of all the apps installed on your device here. Move to the Sky Go symbol then press the Menu button on the Remote.

Look for the Update option. If an update is available, click the Update button; it will prompt you for confirmation; select Yes, and the program will begin downloading the most recent version.

Solution 2: Clear the App cache

Cache data can sometimes cause an app to stop working. You can clean your app cache, which is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to the settings on your Firestick > Select Sky Go from the list of apps installed on your Firestick. Clear the data and cache by clicking the button.

Using applications like Clean master on the Firestick is another approach for removing the cache.

Restart your Firestick and check again; your issue would be resolved.


No, Sky Go is not available on Firestick in the US. You’ll need to use third-party installers like the Downloader to sideload the app onto your Firestick.

A faulty installation could be the cause of your Sky Go app on your Firestick crashing shortly after opening in the US. Uninstall the Sky Go app, then reinstall it with the most recent APK.

To mirror Sky Go to Firestick go to Settings. Choose Display and Sounds. Display Mirroring can be found by scrolling down and clicking it. The screen will then display a message informing guests that they can now pair with the TV.

The Sky Go URL for Firestick is required to download the Sky Go App in the US. The Downloader App can be used to download Sky Go on Firestick using the URL.


Sky Go is the finest app for people who already have a Sky subscription, but it isn’t compatible with certain devices. However, after reading this article on how to install Sky Go on Firestick in US, you would be able to install it without any difficulty.

The best VPN for streaming is needed if you want to watch your favorite sports or movies in US, since Sky Go may only be watched in the UK.

If you have any further questions regarding installing Sky Go app on Firestick do let us know in the comment section below.

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