How to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy [October 2020 Updated]

How to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy [October 2020 Updated]

If you’re familiar with some well-known Italian TV shows like Ballaro, Inspector Rex, and Don Matteo, then I’m counting on you to know which TV channel all these programs air on; yes, these famous TV shows air on, none other than, Rai TV.

Rai TV, or otherwise commonly known as, RaiPlay is an online Italian entertainment streaming service that is widely available, nationwide, to those residing in Italy.

However, with the passage of time, the popularity of its broadcasted content has, but only increased, largely among binge lovers; and now just about every binge lover out there is looking for a way to watch Rai TV from outside Italy.

How to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy with a VPN

Follow these 4 easy steps to watch Rai TV anywhere outside Italy using a VPN:

  1. Download, Install and Subscribe to a VPN.
  2. Open the VPN app and sign-up (or sign-in) with your credentials.
  3. Connect to any one of the Italian ServerIPs from the list.
  4. Once connected, visit and enjoy streaming Rai TV outside Italy for FREE.

Why Will You Need a VPN to Unblock Rai TV Abroad?

Rai TV is local online Italian entertainment streaming service, and unfortunately, it is only available in Italy. Hence, people who want to watch Rai Italia online must be located within the boundaries of Italy.

Whether you’re in the USA, UK or Australia, and infact, anywhere in the world, a VPN enables you to watch Rai TV outside Italy, from anywhere abroad.

To break it down for you, it does so, by interchanging your local IP address with an Italian IP address, which means it will spoof your location, and trick Rai TV servers into believing you are residing in Italy. Several tools were tested in order to watch a variety of geo-restricted channels and programs, including Rai TV, from anywhere abroad.

After spending tons of hours on searching, identifying and last but not least, testing, I found that the VPN providers featured below are the most highly recommended and reliable solution to access these channels.

Best VPN to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy in 2020

Surfshark – Best VPN to Access Rai TV Outside Italy

They have two servers in Italy and over 800 servers in more than 50 countries. Surfshark has successfully unblocked all major streaming services from anywhere including SonyLIV, PBS, CWTV, HBO, Oxygen TV, US Netflix, HBO Now and many more.

Get Surfshark Now!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy

It’s got 2 Italian servers and more than 3000 servers in over 90 locations. This VPN unblocks all the major online channels that are geo-restricted.

Get ExpressVPN Now!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

PureVPN– Cheapest VPN to Unblock Rai TV Outside Italy

Considered the Best VPN to access Rai TV from anywhere: PureVPN has an astounding, 24 servers in Italy with more than 2000 servers in a whopping, over 140 countries. You can access channels like,  Crackle, American Netflix, LifeTime, CNBC, etc.

Get PureVPN Now!31 Days Money Back Guarantee

Can I Watch RaiPlay Outside Italy Using a Free VPN?

There are dozens of free VPN service providers that prevail in the market and entice you to use their services since it costs you nothing.

So if you’re thrifty and don’t want to spend a single penny, okay with serious buffering issues, and sometimes not loading at all, then by all means, feel free to use these free VPN services to watch geo-restricted channels.

However, I never have, and would certainly NEVER recommend using ANY free VPN services at all to watch Rai TV anywhere outside Italy because of the following reasons:

  • True, these free VPN service providers do not charge you any fee; still too, they generate massive revenue solely by selling your digital footprint to third parties and online advertisers.
  • With free VPN services you are sure to face serious buffering issues because of the limited servers and a large number of other free users, making streaming videos virtually impossible.
  • Most of these free VPNs servers are blacklisted by TV channel providers and that won’t allow you to access geo-restricted content.

In short, using a free VPN like Windscribe to watch Rai TV or any other geo-blocked service is a bad idea.

Rai TV Live Channel List

For your ease, below are listed all the channels that Rai TV streams, live.

  • Rai (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Ladinia
  • Rai Gulp
  • Rai Movie
  • News24
  • Rai Premium
  • Rai Scuol
  • Südtirol (TV channel)
  • Rai Sport
  • Rai Storia
  • UniNettuno University TV
  • Rai YoYo

There’s no doubt, all these channels make the Italian TV Network one of the best apps for Italian TV in 2020.

Device Compatibility Rai Italia

Rai Italian TV Network supports its availability across all major platforms, and all Apple TV, IOS and Andriod users can download the official Rai TV App from the respective app stores.

How to get Rai TV on Kodi?

You can stream Rai TV outside Italy on Kodi with one of our recommended VPN services. Most importantly, you can bypass geo-restrictions from anywhere by interchanging your local IP address with an Italian IP address.

We’ll help you choose the best add-ons for Kodi to stream Rai TV outside Italy from anywhere.

Best Kodi Add-ons for Streaming Rai Italia

The good news for all Italian-show fans is, now y’all can watch Rai TV on Kodi’s official repository. However, we received some emails from users that the official add-on did not work for them.

This happens because they are trying to access Rai TV using an older version of the add-on. Therefore, to get the latest version of it, it is recommended you download it from GitHub.


I hope you found this guide helpful, and are enabled to watch Rai TV from anywhere outside Italy, with a VPN. By simply following the steps mentioned above, you can stream any Italian content or service even when you are traveling outside Italy.

Feel free to share your views and queries in the comments below and Happy Binging!

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