How To Watch YouTube TV on Apple TV? (Brief Guide Of 2022)

How To Watch YouTube TV on Apple TV? (Brief Guide Of 2022)

In addition to more than hundreds of TV stations, along with the Big Three broadcast networks, FOX Network, and PBS in most locations, YouTube TV delivers live TV, on-demand content, and cloud-based DVR. It is the most-watched video streaming service.

But how to get YouTube TV on Apple TV? This question needs to be answered and is covered in this article.

The instructions described below only apply to Apple TVs operating tvOS 14 and later. YouTube TV is supported by earlier iterations of tvOS as well, but the specific instructions and menu titles may vary significantly and needs to be addressed attentively.

Before we look into the steps, remember to use ExpressVPN if you want to watch YouTube TV outside USA on your Apple TV. Yellow Stone, House of Dragon, and The Sinner are the most popular titles on this streaming site.

For those who are wondering, the price of YouTube TV is $64.99 per month, and YouTube TV’s free trial is for two weeks.

How to get Youtube TV on Apple TV? (Easy Steps)

Do you want to use YouTube TV on Apple TV? Installing the app is the first step. What you should do is:

  1. Open the App Store app on your Apple TV.

    app-store-on-apple-tv (1)

    Go to the App Store on Apple TV.

  2. Click on the search result after typing YouTube TV.

    search-youtube-tv-on-apple-tv (1) (1)

    Search YouTube TV on Apple TV.

  3. To download and install the YouTube TV app on your Apple TV, click Get (and then Get again). Click Open once the software is done with the process.
  4. Download the YouTube TV app by clicking the option signaling Install.
  5. Click YouTube TV Subscription, then Sign In by entering your credentials.
  6. Open a web browser on an Apple TV, computer, smartphone, or tablet, or in the streaming device you want, and log in to your YouTube TV account by following the given directions.
  7. Your account is connected to the Apple TV app once you’ve signed into it on a computer or other device.
  8. You may now start watching shows on YouTube TV on Apple TV 4k.

Note: Those who don’t have a YouTube TV account can sign up for the free trial. If needed, subscribers can cancel YouTube TV subscriptions without any additional charges. If you are wondering why Youtube not working on Apple TV 3rd generation, it is because the 3rd gen Apple TVs are not supported by tvOS.

How Can I Use YouTube TV on Apple TV?

It’s time to use the YouTube TV app once it has been installed and you have signed into your account. YouTube TV channels are worth subscribing to for all the on-demand and live content. Here is what to do.

How Can I Watch Live TV on YouTube TV?

Using YouTube TV to watch live TV is quick and simple. The app’s home screen provides a list of recommendations for live performances. Choose one, then click it to begin watching.

youtubetv-live (1)

Watch YouTube TV live.

To Search manually; on YouTube TV, select Live and then use the arrow keys to scroll up, down, and left and right to get a channel guide of what is currently airing on all of your channels. Click on the show you wish to watch on YouTube on Apple TV.

To search digitally; you may use the magnifying glass icon to search for movies and television shows by clicking on it and then typing your search term (you can also use Siri to search for the desired movie or show just by speaking while holding the microphone on the Apple TV remote).

How Can I Add TV Shows to My Library on YouTube TV?

A DVR is similar to adding movies and television shows to your library in that it records the content so you can watch it whenever you want and whatever you want. It keeps on adding new episodes as they are broadcast for more audience attraction and positive feedback.

What you should do to add YouTube TV movies to your library is just follow the instructions given below;

  1. Select which program to add to your collection.
  2. Click Add to Library in the panel from the right side of the screen.
  3. Click More info to view all available episodes, the live airdate, and suggestions for related series.
  4. The plus icon and the text “Added to library” will appear on the panel. You’ll immediately add upcoming episodes of the program to your library.

    add-to-your-library-option-on-youtube-tv (1)

    Choose the shows you want to add to your library.

Note: The YouTube TV app may occasionally ask for evidence of your location before letting you add a show to your library. If so, launch the YouTube TV app on your smartphone, hit the icon, and select Settings > Location > Update under the Current playback area.

How Can I Use My Library on YouTube TV?

You’ll need to access and manage your library once you’ve contributed some items to it.

  1. First, select Library. Some of the most popular choices on the Library screen will appear here.


    Choose Library.

  2. Schedule it down: This section lists every program episode that is planned to be recorded and added to your collection.
  3. Top Shows and movies: This section lists all of the shows you’ve added to your collection. Click on it to view additional information about the program. Click on the show and then select Added to Library to toggle it off to stop recording new episodes and delete it from your library.
  4. Purchased and subscribed: Videos you have purchased or rented from YouTube will appear here.

How Can I Record Live Shows on YouTube TV?

The instructions below should be followed if you wish to record YouTube TV while viewing live TV.

    1. The playback controls on the Apple Remote controller can be accessed by tapping the remote’s trackpad.
    2. Scroll down and select the “+” on the screen.

      record-live-show-on-youtube-tv (1) (1)

      Record live show on YouTube TV.

    3. You can add This event only or This event and related events in the right panel of your screen.

When adding a contest, for instance, you can add all games featuring a particular team or all tournaments from the league or the tournament.


Yes, Youtube TV is now available on Apple TV. YouTube claims that when you run the YouTube app on a supported device, which now supports the Apple TV, devices that support 5.1 surround audio will stream in that format automatically.

Yes, YouTube TV is accessible on Apple TV 4K. You need to uninstall the program from your TV and reinstall it if it isn’t working on your streaming device. The problem will be fixed. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Restart your Apple TV
  2. Update it to the latest version till the present date.
  3. Update the youtube app on which you want to browse.
  4. Reset the Youtube app by setting it on your Apple TV.
  5. If the issue is not resolved, delete the Youtube app and reinstall it.

No, through the iOS app, YouTube TV may be viewed but not purchased. You can log in to YouTube TV on an Apple iPhone or iPad after buying a membership. Get in touch with YouTube TV help if you require additional assistance.

There could be several reasons for Youtube on Apple TV not working, for instance, outdated app or cache in Apple TV settings. Here are the quick fixes:
  1. Switch off and then turn on your Apple TV.
  2. Get the most recent version of Apple TV for your device.
  3. The YouTube app you wish to browse needs to be updated.
  4. Reset the YouTube app using the Apple TV’s settings.
  5. Reinstall the YouTube app if the problem of YouTube being down on Apple TV persists.

Wrapping Up

We hope our guide helped you understand all the essential details on how to get YouTube on Apple TV. Because Youtube TV supports up to 5.0 audio compatibility on Apple devices like iPhones, Macs, and Apple TVs in today’s modern civilization, this is the simplest and fastest way to view Youtube TV on Apple TV.

People often ask us, is YouTube on Apple TV? So yes, it is. You can enjoy streaming all your videos on the big screen. Remember to use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN if you want to watch YouTubeTV on Apple TV from any other country. With a VPN, you can also fix YouTube TV playback errors or licensing errors.

For any further questions on how to watch YouTube TV on Apple TV , feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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