How To Watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain On Paramount Plus


Hey there, TV buffs! Get set to dive into the intrigue of NCIS TV Series Season 21, premiering this February 12th, 2024. It’s a bittersweet season, marking the first without Dr. Donald. You’ll need ExpressVPN to watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain.

NCIS TV Series Season 21 brings a fresh narrative, with Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker at the helm of the team. Their mission? Tackling high-stakes criminal cases involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. With ExpressVPN, you can watch Paramount Plus in Spain and catch up with this thrilling series.

How to Watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus? [Quick Steps]

By following these simple steps, you can watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus:

  • Get a high-end VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Install the VPN on your device.
  • Connect to a server located in the USA, preferably in New York.
  • Visit Paramount Plus and sign in.
  • Watch NCIS season 21 and enjoy!

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Where to Watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain?

Paramount Plus is your exclusive destination to catch NCIS Season 21 in Spain. It’s the only place where you can follow every twist and turn of this captivating series.

Are you living or traveling in Spain? Accessing Paramount Plus can be challenging due to geo-restrictions. But, with ExpressVPN, you can unlock a world of the best Paramount Plus shows in Spain, including NCIS TV Series Season 21 Mark Harmon.

Paramount Plus is your go-to for NCIS! After enjoying your show, chill and plan what to watch on Paramount Plus in Spain.

What is the Release Date of NCIS TV Series Season 21 on Paramount Plus?

February 12, 2024, is the answer to when does NCIS TV Series Season 21 starts. It’s not just another release; it’s the day the new chapter of NCIS begins.

For fans who’ve been asking, will there be a season 21 of NCIS or has NCIS been renewed? It’s a resounding yes, and it’s going to be epic.

Tune in for the NCIS TV Series Season 21 episode 1 to witness the beginning of a new chapter in this acclaimed series. Remember, ExpressVPN is your gateway to this exciting premiere in Spain.

How to Watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus for Free?

Paramount Plus free trial in Spain is your golden ticket to catch NCIS Season 21 at no cost. Remember, you’ll need to connect through ExpressVPN as you’re streaming in Spain.

Just be sure to cancel Paramount Plus in Spain on time if you’re not planning to continue using the service post-trial.

What is the Storyline of NCIS TV Series Season 21?

NCIS Season 21, enters a new era without David McCallum’s beloved character, Dr. Donald Ducky Mallard. This season, the shortest in the series, follows the special agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, led by Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker.

They delve into complex cases in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, promising a season full of intense narratives and character development.

Wondering how many seasons of NCIS are there in total? Season 21 continues the legacy of this iconic series. Speculations abound, but who will be in season 21 of NCIS spoilers suggest a season filled with unexpected twists and new characters.

ExpressVPN is your key to enjoying NCIS Season 21 on Paramount Plus even if you are in Spain.

Who will be in Season 21 of NCIS?

NCIS TV Series Season 21 ushers in an exciting ensemble of cast members who promise to elevate the show’s legacy. As the team grapples with gripping naval crimes, the actors bring their A-game, ensuring that viewers are in for a treat.

Here is a quick look at the NCIS TV Series Season 21 cast:

Actor Name Character
Sean Murray Timothy McGee
Wilmer Valderrama Nick Torres
Brian Dietzen Jimmy Palmer
Diona Reasonover Kasie Hines
Katrina Law Jessica Knight
Rocky Carroll Leon Vance
Gary Cole Alden Parker

With ExpressVPN, you can watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus.

Now let’s see how many episodes in NCIS TV Series Season 21 are there.

How many Episodes does NCIS TV Series Season 21 have?

NCIS TV Series Season 21, the first without David McCallum, stands out with only 10 episodes – the shortest season yet. This concise format intensifies the drama, offering a unique viewing experience.

For fans, this season promises a riveting watch. And for those in Spain like you, ExpressVPN provides seamless access to every episode of this thrilling season on Paramount Plus.

So yes, if you were thinking about when does NCIS return in 2024, it is premiering on February 12th.

What Happened in the Season 20 Finale of NCIS?

NCIS Season 20 wrapped up with an electrifying finale, perfectly teeing up an intense Season 21. The climax was a rollercoaster of emotions, with the team frantically working to thwart a Russian terrorist plot against major US cities.

A high-stakes undercover operation in prison, featuring Agent Torres and a riveting face-off with a familiar face, sets the pulse racing. This nail-biting conclusion has left fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for the unfolding drama in the next season on Paramount Plus.

Why isn’t David McCallum in NCIS TV Series Season 21?

David McCallum’s absence in Season 21 marks a significant shift for NCIS. His passing in September 2023 left a void in the show.

Season 21 navigates this change, offering a fresh perspective while honoring his legacy. For fans like you in Spain, this season is a poignant reminder of his impact. This season is accessible in Spain with ExpressVPN.

What Seasons of NCIS are available on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus boasts the complete collection of NCIS, including the eagerly awaited Season 21, premiering on February 12th.

This platform is a treasure trove for NCIS enthusiasts, offering every heart-pounding season for binge-watching. Remember, if you are in Spain, ExpressVPN is your ticket to this extensive NCIS library.

Is there any Trailer for the NCIS TV Series Season 21?

Indeed, there is! NCIS TV Series Season 21 trailer teases an electrifying narrative, including scenes of characters being arrested on murder charges.


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If you liked the trailer, get ready to watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN.

Social Media Buzz of NCIS TV Series Season 21

The buzz around NCIS Season 21 is palpable, especially on social media platforms like Instagram. Fans worldwide are eagerly discussing and theorizing about the upcoming season. Join the conversation and watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN.


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ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus

When it comes to streaming NCIS TV Series Season 21, ExpressVPN is the best Paramount Plus VPN in Spain. Renowned for its supersonic download and upload speeds up to 90.63 Mpbs, ExpressVPN ensures a smooth, buffer-free viewing experience.

ExpressVPN boasts a vast network of over 3,000+ servers in 105 countries, including 25+ server locations in the USA, perfect for accessing Paramount Plus. For the optimal experience to watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain connect to the New York server.


ExpressVPN lets you watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain on Paramount Plus

Recommended Server: New York

Apart from its impressive speed and server count, ExpressVPN excels with features like Private DNS, No Log, and Lightway Protocol, enhancing your security and connection reliability.

It’s not just about Paramount Plus; ExpressVPN can also unblock other popular channels like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max, offering a diverse streaming experience to users in Spain.

ExpressVPN’s compatibility extends across a wide range of devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. With its MediaStreamer feature, you can even stream on devices that don’t support VPNs natively, such as Xbox or Chromecast.

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Binging all seasons of NCIS, including the 21st season, is quite the marathon. With each episode averaging about 40 minutes and over 400 episodes in total, it would take approximately 11 days of continuous viewing. For fans, it’s a thrilling journey through one of television’s most enduring series.

NCIS Seasons 16 through 21 are available on Paramount Plus. Other platforms offering this show are Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Microsoft Store. ExpressVPN is essential to bypass geo-restrictions and access this show as you are in Spain.

While there are no concrete confirmations about Gibbs’ return in Season 21 of NCIS, the series is known for its surprises. Fans are hopeful for a comeback that could rejuvenate the series and attract more viewers.

The original NCIS series, which premiered in 2003, is often considered the best among its spin-offs. It set a high standard with its unique storytelling and character development, making it a favorite among audiences.

Yes, you can watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spainon Paramount Plus with the help of ExpressVPN. It efficiently bypasses geo-blocks, ensuring you don’t miss out on this exciting series.

Wrapping Up

NCIS TV Series Season 21 release date is February 12, 2024, and it promises to be a season like no other. With its unique plot and dynamic cast, it’s a must-watch for crime and law enforcement thriller fans.

To ensure seamless streaming and overcome geo-blocks, ExpressVPN is an indispensable tool that you can use to watch NCIS TV Series Season 21 in Spain.

Sign up for it today and enjoy a hassle-free streaming experience.

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