How to Watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France


Cursing, Massacre, and Cartoon; get ready for the animated spin-off of fan-favourite series ‘The Boys’ on Amazon Prime. If you are hooked on anime and want to watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France, this is the article for you!

Created by the genius behind “The Boys” himself, Garth Ennis, and co-produced by equally talented Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, The Boys Present: Diabolical is the Rated R, an animated offshoot of the famous TV series which features Karl Urban from Thor: Ragnarok and Jack Quaid from Scream 5.

The Boys Present: Diabolical is animated by Titmouse, the famous studio behind other mega-hit adult cartoons like The Venture Brothers of Adult Swim, The Midnight Gospel of Netflix, and more freshly, The Legend of Vox Machina of Amazon and Critical Role.

Each episode of the series will carry its unique animation style, and fans can expect something different each time.

Unfortunately, The Boys Present: Diabolical will be available on Amazon Prime in the USA, and for you to stream it somewhere else, a premium VPN is mandatory.

So, without further ado, let’s uncover everything you need to know about this, including plot, cast, release date, and most importantly; the best Amazon Prime VPNs to watch The Boys: Diabolical in France.

How to Watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France [Quick Steps]

Follow these quick steps to watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN app. We recommend ExpressVPN for its unmatched speed.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device and install it.
  3. Go to the VPN app, sign in, and connect to a secure server located in the USA.
  4. Head over to your Amazon Prime account, log in, and watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime.

Watch the Trailers of The Boys: Diabolical

Amazon Prime refined their super hit series ‘The Boys’ from the show’s main essence; gore and lots of vulgarity and then mixed it with the foolishness and logic-defying irrationality of cartoons.

The trailer for The Boys Present: Diabolical was uploaded on the official Prime Video YouTube channel on January 19, 2022.

Watch the trailer here:

Schedule of The Boys: Diabolical

Mark your calendars: All eight episodes of the series will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on March 4, 2022. Good news for ‘The Boys’ fan as this show will optimistically lessen their cravings for the third season of The Boys, which is set to come back later this year.

Best VPNs to Watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France

To watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France you will need a high-end VPN. As not all VPNs are capable of bypassing the geo-restrictions of Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms. To make it easier for you to choose from, we are presenting the best VPNs to watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime.

Although ExpressVPN is our top choice, to make it a bit more competitive, we will also discuss a couple of other top players in the VPN market.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France

ExpressVPN remains the top-choice out there due to its overall incredible performance. It is our recommended VPN to watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France.


It offers an extensive range of 3000+ servers in 94+ countries including 25+ ultra-fast servers in the USA. You can use these servers to watch I Want You Back on Amazon Prime from in France.

These servers, on a 100 Mbps connection, can go up to 88.78 Mbps in download speed and 54.22 Mbps in upload speed.


ExpressVPN offers surreal VPN features of security and speed. You can use this app on almost all operating systems and streaming devices as well as routers. It allows simultaneous connection of up to 5 devices.

SmartPlay Technology, ISP throttling, VPN Tunneling, AES-256-bit encryption, a network lock Kill Switch, and Private DNS Encryption are among the technological features.

It also features Lightway, a security system that offers data protection and customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can use this VPN on Android devices, iPhones, MAC, and Windows.

You can get ExpressVPN for EUR 6.33 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, including a one-month money-back guarantee. You can use the VPN subscription to watch Book of Love on Amazon Prime from in France.

Surfshark: Budget-Friendly VPN to Watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France

Looking for premium VPN features while staying on budget, Surfshark is the best option for you. You can get this app for as low as EUR 6.33 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, including a 30-day refund offer. It allows you to connect unlimited devices per subscription, which makes it the most


Surfshark comes with sterling features and provides flawless performance. This VPN offers dedicated apps for all major OS, streaming devices, and routers. With this VPN you can also watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 outside in France.

This app operates with 600+ American servers and overall 3200+ servers globally. Tested on a 100 Mbps connection, these servers clicked 86.51 Mbps download speed and 51.86 Mbps upload speed.


CleanWeb Technology, SmartPlay Technology, AES-256-GCM Encryption, IKEv2, GPS Spoofing, and No Logs Policy are some of the technological features.

CleanWeb Technology secures your computer by removing all advertisements and malicious sites. Surfshark notifications keep your data safe from cyberattacks and phishing attempts. You can also use this VPN to watch Lov3 on Amazon Prime from in France.

NordVPN: Largest Server Network VPN to Watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France

NordVPN is known for its user-friendliness and a huge network of servers. Preferred by power-users and beginners alike, it is the most user-friendly VPN to watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France.


This VPN offers dedicated apps for all operating systems and offers seamless compatibility with streaming devices and routers. You can use NordVPN on 6 devices at a time.

In terms of network, NordVPN provides 1950+ servers in the USA with an overall coverage of 5543+ servers. When tested on a 100 Mbps connection, this app recorded impressive downloading and uploading speeds of 85.48 Mbps and 48.42 Mbps respectively.


To eradicate malware and advertisements, NordVPN uses a custom-designed security protocol called NordLynx, which is based on Wireguard technology. It also has a feature called Thread Protection which is great for security purposes.

Apps for iOS, Linux, Smart TVs, macOS,  Android, Windows, Gaming Consoles, Streaming Devices, and Wi-Fi Routers are all compatible with NordVPN. You can also use this VPN to watch Phat Tuesdays on Amazon Prime from in France.

NordVPN’s notable features include DNS Leak Protection, Multi-factor Authentication, Obfuscated Servers, Onion Over VPN Automated Kill Switch, Zero Connection Logs, and Round-the-clock Customer Support.

NordVPN equips users with state-of-the-art VPN features to ensure powerful performance. This VPN is available at EUR 3.31 /mo (US$ 3.49 /mo ) - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal with a long-term subscription plan. This VPN lets you watch Homestay on Amazon Prime from in France without any interruptions.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Amazon Prime in France?

Amazon Prime is available in selected regions and even in those regions where it operates, the content library varies due to licensing agreements and streaming rights.

The most expansive and complete library of Prime Video is only accessible within the USA and that’s the platform where you can catch all the monster hit films, TV shows, and documentaries.

The geo-restrictions enforced by the streaming platform is the reason you get the following error message on your screen if you try to access it from outside the coverage area:

“This video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions.”


In that case, a VPN acts as your saviour. Virtual Private Networks are designed to spoof your location by allowing you to change your real IP address.

For instance, you can change your IP address to any other disguised IP address virtually located in the USA, and that will make Amazon Prime think that you are located in America. That way you will be able to watch Amazon Prime from literally in France.

What is The Boys: Diabolical About?

Although the trailer and first-look teaser didn’t reveal much about the overarching plot, it seems that The Boys: Diabolical will be a compilation of bizarre, sloppily linked short videos featuring existing random characters or new supporting characters from the original series. The latest trailers give hints that the plot of the series might feature origin stories for Homelander along with other characters.

Moreover, episode titles like “An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents” and “Laser Baby’s Day Out”, suggests that fans can expect some crazy antics in The Boys: Diabolical with the comic and comedy prodigies working on the plot.

How Many Episodes Will The Boys: Diabolical Have?

The Boys: Diabolical will bring all the bizarre fun, absurd jokes, and a lot of violence through 8 episodes for the fans. Each episode will have a running time between 12 and 14 minutes. While ‘The Boys’ fans wait for season 3, they will have a total of 112 minutes of familiar but distilled fun.

Who is in the Cast of The Boys: Diabolical?

The Boys: Diabolical boasts an impressive and known cast. Some of the notable voice stars are as follows:

Artist Name


Grey Griffin CLF Woman – Sharon
Ben Schwartz Kingdom’s Dad
Antony Starr Homelander
Chris Diamantopoulos CLF Leader
Angela Marie Volpe Boombox’s Mom
Seth Rogen Dreg Dealer
Awkwafina Areola
John DiMaggio Groundhawk
Simon Pegg Hughie
Kumail Nanjiani Vik

Is Diabolical Connected to The Boys Season 3?

Diabolical is an anthology series and it’s highly unlikely that it will be predominantly connected to The Boys Season 3. Instead, a comeback of Billy Butcher (played by Karl Urban) and his crew is what the fans can look forward to.

When Does The Boys Season 3 Premiere?

After the premiere of The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in March, waiting for three more months is expected for the fans for Season 3 of The Boys to land on Amazon Prime. It will debut on June 3, 2022, with the first episode, titled ‘Payback’.


You can watch The Boys: Diabolical exclusively on Amazon Prime on March 4. If you live in France then you will need to subscribe to a VPN.

You can watch The Boys: Diabolical by following the above-mentioned steps to watch Amazon Prime in France using a premium VPN.

The Boys: Diabolical will be available on Amazon Prime Video on March 4. You can watch it by subscribing to a VPN in France.


After keeping fans in a lot of suspense for nearly a couple of years, Eric Kripke, the showrunner and executive producer is bringing something extra for the fans of Amazon Prime’s violence-filled, anti-superhero TV series; The Boys.

The animated spin-off, The Boys: Diabolical will inflate the crazy and vehement universe of The Boys.

However, this anthology series will be exclusively available on Amazon Prime and if you are anxiously waiting for this show to drop on your screens and don’t want to miss out, then get the subscription of ExpressVPN beforehand to watch The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime in France.

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