YouTube TV 4K in France: Everything you should know in 2024

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As the era of ultra-high-definition entertainment unfolds, the quest to enjoy YouTube TV 4K in France has never been more pertinent. You’re not alone in seeking the next level of clarity for your favorite live events and on-demand content.

Leveraging a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can bypass geographical constraints and indulge in YouTube TV in France. Stay tuned as in this guide, we’ll share our thoughts while also answering questions like Does YouTube TV stream in 4k in France in detail.

Is YouTube TV 4k in France Worth it? What You Should Know About the Add-on Package

Deciding on the YouTube TV 4K Plus add-on depends on your viewing preferences. While it offers a sharper, more detailed viewing experience, not all content is in native 4K, with much being upscaled from 1080p.

The add-on’s cost, an additional $19.99 per month on top of the base subscription, is significant, but a free trial for new users or those curious about the service provides a no-commitment opportunity to evaluate its value.

Here are 4k programming advantages:

  • Most of the content is on 4K resolution.
  • The freedom to view as many streams as you like over your home network.
  • The capacity for offline viewing of downloaded movies and television shows.

So the YouTube TV 4K Plus package is worthwhile if your preferred content is available in 4K and you own a compatible 4K TV. Otherwise, the standard plan may be a more cost-effective choice.

Is YouTube TV’s 4K Genuine 4K?

You may have heard that YouTube TV 4K content is available, but is it truly 4K, or is it simply upscaled from a lower resolution? This is a crucial distinction for purists and tech enthusiasts alike.

Upscaling vs. Native 4K

Upon closer inspection, some of the 4k channels on YouTube TV offer content that’s upscaled from 1080p to 4K rather than being native 4K. While upscaled content might look impressive, it’s important to note that it may not match the quality of true 4K media.

Testing the Picture Quality

Viewers have reported minimal differences when switching between 4K and 1080p broadcasts on YouTube TV, with some even preferring the look of the 1080p version. This suggests that the additional detail promised by 4K may not always be evident, depending on the source material and your display device.

How much extra do you need to pay for 4K on YouTube TV in France?


The monthly base cost for YouTube TV in France  is $64.99. You will need to pay an extra $19.99 to add Youtube TV to option 4k streams. Keep an eye out for the YouTube TV in 4k promo. We had the option of signing up for a 30-day YouTube TV in 4k plus a free trial.

Subscribers are eligible for YouTube TV free trials in France of the 4K Plus add-on. In addition to accessing YouTube TV’s selection of 4K content, a 4K Plus add-on includes:

  • At home you get, limitless concurrent streaming
  • The ability to view DVR downloads offline on mobile devices

Note: As you know, YouTube TV adds a monthly upgrade of 4k so you must first know what can you get with YouTube TV option 4k unlimited then you should take the decision of whether to get it or not.

What Else Will You Get With YouTube TV 4K in France ?

Subscribing to YouTube TV 4K Plus enhances your viewing with more than just better resolution. It includes:

  • Offline downloads: Watch shows like Snowfall or What We Do in the Shadows on your mobile without a data connection by using the download feature, limited to one device.
  • Unlimited home streams: Enjoy endless streaming on your home network, perfect for families or roommates, with a cap of three streams outside your home network.
  • Device Compatibility: The 4K Plus add-on also allows you to stream content to as many devices as you like at once, assuming you’re connected to your home network. Additionally, family members using the same account can use YouTube TV on Apple TV in France and more similar devices.

These features, part of the YouTube TV 4K Plus cost, offer convenience and flexibility for both travelers and large households, catering to a range of viewing needs.

Note: You can only use three streams at once if you’re connected to the internet outside of your home.

What Content Does YouTube TV have in 4k in France?

YouTube TV 4k streams have created new hype among people, some of its content is live and some of which is on-demand were among the aspects of YouTube TV 4k in France experience that I appreciated the best.

Your viewing options will only show 4K alternatives when you choose the 4K tag from the home screen, which are divided up by content category just like YouTube TV 4k in France sports.

The 4K content available on YouTube TV is broken down into the following categories:

  • Documentary
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Nature
  • Reality
  • Soccer

What Channels Does YouTube TV have in 4k?

YouTube TV provides a select array of 4K channels that cater to a variety of interests, particularly sports and documentaries. The current YouTube TV in 4K channels list includes:

  • Discovery
  • ESPN
  • FOX Sports
  • FX
  • Nat Geo
  • NBC Sports
  • Tastemade
  • MLB Network

The YouTube TV 4k channel list offer a mix of entertainment and informational content, with sports broadcasting being a prominent feature. Sports fans will appreciate the detailed YouTube TV 4K sports schedule, allowing them to watch major events in high definition.

What Devices Does 4k Plus Support?


To fully enjoy YouTube TV 4K Plus, it’s critical to have a compatible device. The service supports a variety of 4K-capable hardware, ensuring subscribers can enjoy high-quality streams across different platforms. The list of compatible devices includes

  • Smart TVs running Android TV with 4K capabilities
  • Apple TV 4K (2021 model)
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Roku streaming players that support 4K resolution
  • Select models of Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Hisense smart TVs
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Nvidia Shield

While these devices are capable of streaming 4K content, it’s important to note that 4K streaming is not currently supported through web browsers—they are limited to 1080p resolution even with a 4K monitor.

Therefore, to maximize the YouTube TV 4k channels 2024 experience, ensure that your device not only supports 4K but is also compatible with the YouTube TV app and that the device firmware is updated to the latest version.

Can I share 4K Plus with Family Members in France?

Yes, As a subscriber to YouTube TV 4K Plus, you have the advantage of sharing your subscription with your family members. With YouTube TV’s family sharing feature, you can extend these benefits to up to five additional family members, each with their own unique login and DVR library.

The entire family can access 4K Plus if you are streaming as part of a Family Group, which allows the subscriber and up to 5 relatives or friends members to enjoy YouTube TV.

You may stream YouTube TV programs and movies like Savage Kingdom, Killing Eve, and Train to Busan easily on YouTube TV channels in France with your family.

If you get YouTube TV playback errors in France, you can use ExpressVPN to get rid of these errors!

Family Group Benefits of YouTube TV 4K Plus

  • Sharing YouTube TV 4K Plus with Family: Extend subscription benefits to up to five additional family members, each with their own unique login and DVR library, allowing for personalized 4K content viewing on individual devices.
  • Concurrent Streaming on Home Wi-Fi: Unlimited simultaneous streams on your home Wi-Fi with YouTube TV 4K Plus, a significant upgrade from the standard three streams, enabling multiple family members to watch different 4K channels simultaneously.
  • Personalized Viewing Experiences: Individual recommendations and personal DVR for each family member, allowing for the recording of YouTube TV 4K sports schedule and other 4K programs, ensuring ultra-high definition viewing for everyone’s favorite content.

As a subscriber to YouTube TV 4K Plus in France, you have the advantage of sharing your subscription with your family members. With YouTube TV’s family sharing feature, you can extend these benefits to up to five additional family members, each with their own unique login and DVR library.

How to Set Up a Family Group for YouTube TV 4K Plus

To share the YouTube TV 4K Plus with your family, simply:

  1. Go to your YouTube TV settings and select ‘Family sharing.’
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your family group by inviting up to 5 family members via email.
  3. Once they accept the invitation, they can start streaming 4K content if they have a compatible device.

If you’re considering YouTube TV 4K Plus, don’t miss out on the opportunity for a YouTube TV free trial in France. It’s an opportunity for you and your family to experience the service before committing to the monthly YouTube TV 4K cost.

What to Watch On YouTube TV 4k in France?

Not everything on YouTube TV is automatically enhanced to a higher resolution when the 4K Plus add-on is added. It just doesn’t work that way. To properly use that portion of the add-on, the content must still be accessible in 4K quality.

The content that is offered in 4K resolution can be divided into two groups: on-demand and live. Many shows from FX, Discovery, Tastemade, and Nat Geo are available on demand. Even though there aren’t many sports in 4K right now, we’ll take what we can get.

What’s New on YouTube TV in February 2024?

Following are all the movies and shows you can catch up on YouTube TV this February 2024:

Capital One’s The Match New York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers NHL 2024 NHL 2024 Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs Training Game
The Daily Show O Gran Camino 2024 Puppy Bowl 2024 Tracker Season 1
Super Bowl LVIII Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Next Level Chef Season 3 NBA All-Star Game 2024
Royals vs Rangers MLB Super Bowl 2024 halftime show NFL Sunday Ticket We Are Family
The Vince Staples Show Season 1 66th Annual Grammy Awards Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 2024 Tournament of Champions Season 5

What Sports Does YouTube TV have in 4k in France?

One of the most popular live TV streaming services is YouTube TV. Since we distributed it around our staff and tried it, My team has access to unlimited DVR storage and 4K Plus by setting up a Family Group.

Aside from this discussion, I watched college and Big Ten football in 4K, but 4K Plus customers will also be able to watch NBA, NHL, and NFL action in 4K. To prevent paying any further cost for the following month, you can watch best movies in France on YouTube TV before Cancellation.

The process to cancel your subscription in France is quite simple and you can do it by following some simple steps!

Additional Note: NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube TV in 4K may not offer all games in 4K resolution. The 4K Plus add-on improves quality but NFL games may stream at 720p at 60 frames per second, crucial for live sports.

4K NFL games aren’t standard on YouTube TV yet, but streaming quality is improving. Keep an eye on YouTube TV 4K content and the channel list for updates on NFL game resolutions

Explore More YouTube TV Streaming Guides on StreamingRant

FAQs – YouTube TV 4K in France

When searching for programs on YouTube TV in France, keep an eye out for the icon to locate those that are available in 4K quality. To browse every 4K channel available, you can also perform a search for “4K.”

With the popular 4K Plus add-on for the platform, you can watch some live and on-demand programs in 4K Ultra High Definition, which improves your watching experience in France.

You can enable 4K Ultra High Definition playback for some live and on-demand shows on YouTube TV with 4K Plus. Additionally, you can enjoy limitless simultaneous streams at home and use our mobile app to see your recordings on a phone or tablet while offline.


YouTube TV 4K in France, while offering high-resolution content, is not purely a 4K service until the YouTube TV 4K Plus add-on is applied, elevating the standard package with access to a comprehensive 4K channel list and live events in exceptional clarity.

To maximize the 4K viewing experience, ensure compatibility with your device and internet speed. While not all content on YouTube TV is 4K, a rich variety including YouTube TV shows in France, documentaries, reality shows, and live sports is available.

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