HBO Max vs Netflix – Comparing The Best Streaming Services of 2023


Are you having trouble deciding between HBO Max vs Netflix? Like Snyder’s Cut Justice League, Vampire Diaries, BeetlejuiceSouth Park, and Godzilla vs. King Kong on HBO Max and The Irishman and House of Cards on Netflix, both platforms offer their unique original content that is not accessible outside USA.

Moreover, HBO Max and Discovery Plus are merging together to form Max, a rebranded and unified streaming platform that will offer an extensive range of entertainment options.

Your preferred service may be one of these options, but which one is the best? We contrast their catalogs, features, and other things.

However, investing in both Max and ‘Flix might go too far. How should you make your decision? If you want a comparative evaluation of Netflix, go on even though we go into great detail about Max itself in our complete review.

HBO Max vs Netflix – Quick Comparison


Here’s a quick comparison between HBO Max vs Netflix;

Netflix HBO Max
Top titles Bridgerton, Ozark, Seinfields, Stranger Things, Squid game Sesame street, Our Flag Means Death, Euphoria, Game of Thrones
Monthly price US$ 10 for basic US$ 10 with adds
US$ 15 for ads-free
Number of streams 1 for basic
2 for standard
4 for premium
Mobile downloads Yes Yes (for US$ 15)
Users and profiles of kids Yes Yes
4K HDR available Yes (on 20 US$ plan) Yes for few titles
Devices All main platforms All main platforms

HBO Max vs Netflix – [Detailed Analysis]

The Max vs Netflix subscribers argument is becoming more heated than ever. It’s understandable why given that Netflix last quarter announced a net subscriber decrease for the first time ever.

But there was another amazing aspect of the movie as well: it debuted on HBO Max the same day it opened in theatres! That’s absurd, and it’s yet another factor fueling the HBO Max vs Netflix controversy.


In 2023, every culture saw a transformation, yet there is still a lot to be happy about. Soon after their theatrical debuts, a large number of Warner movies will air on HBO Max. As a result, HBO Max customers will get access to them far earlier than everyone else.

In addition to all of that, the HBO Max 2023 production schedule so far is amazing. And here, we’ll discuss all the most interesting ones.

Since its debut, HBO Max has been regarded as the main Netflix rival, attracting viewers’ interest with some fantastic studio agreements and timeless releases.

In the streaming competition, HBO Max has established itself as a top location to view over 13,000-hour shifts of TV shows and films. With its library of Warner Bros. content, exclusive movie releases, and Max Originals like Our Flag Means Death, the platform is increasing its rankings.

Along with Cartoon Network and DC selections, this streaming service is home to well-known favorites, including Euphoria, The Sopranos, and Elmo. Not to mention the eagerly awaited House of the Dragon prequel series, which is broadcasting on HBO Max.

The largest Netflix rival to debut since Disney Plus is HBO Max. It features all of the “normal” HBO programming, as well as a large back library of popular shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and South Park. It also has its exclusives and originals, including Our Flag Means Death and The Flight Attendant.

The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Dune, Lego, DC films like The Batman and Joker, and even adored Studio Ghibli anime films are among its library of Warner films. It also offers various streaming kids’ material, similar to Netflix. And to top it all off, using it is simple and elegant.

If you live outside USA, do not worry! you can watch all these shows on HBO Max outside USA with the help of a VPN.

Although we’ve only observed this anecdotally, there is evidence to support the idea that HBO Max typically has a greater selection of the shows I wish to watch at any particular moment.

For instance, I saw 33 titles from HBO Max on JustWatch’s list of the most popular movies and TV series, compared to just 15 titles from Netflix. Additionally, HBO Max outperforms other services like Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Moreover, an annual subscription to HBO Max is 40% cheaper thanks to a unique, limited-time offer! For more information, read this article through to the end.

On the other hand, HBO Max has a reputation for having excellent content. The best of the best, according to some, is what HBO’s new streaming service has to offer. And that’s particularly the case if you want to see the newest, biggest blockbusters.

Netflix never has any new theatrical releases. A number of the biggest films of the year start broadcasting on HBO Max the same day they hit theatres, too!

That’s incredible, and it contributes to the recent fervor in the HBO Max vs Netflix discussion and makes it more interesting.


When it comes to number and variety, there is no doubt that Netflix is the best of the best. Just take a look at all the new Netflix movies and TV shows that are debuting this month. That is a very remarkable list.

Of course, it should go without saying that number and quality are not the same. Yes, there is a tonne of excellent entertainment on Netflix. However, there is a lot of filler as well, and subscribers have undoubtedly noticed this lately. You only need to glance at the most recent Netflix subscriber statistics to see what we’re talking about.

Despite this, Netflix continues to be the top streaming service because of its fantastic content selection. Therefore, let’s examine the aspects of both providers that are essential for a seamless streaming experience.

Additionally, even if Netflix offers a bigger overall selection of shows, you have to filter through more dross to locate the greatest shows.

For instance, Reelgood’s analysis from last month revealed that 25% of HBO‘s TV content and 20% of its films are “high-quality” based on IMDb ratings, as opposed to 17% and 11% for Netflix content, respectively.

Content Libraries

Compared to other streaming services, Netflix by far has the largest content inventory. Netflix has a varied content collection for each area, with the US having the largest selection of licensed content and original films.

The largest content library is on Netflix. In the US territories, Netflix has more than 4500 movies and 1100 TV episodes available.

In 2021, HBO Max provided 1300 films and about 50 HBO Max shows.

While Netflix has many more titles available, Max includes hundreds of blockbuster films from Warner Bros. and critically renowned films from Studio Ghibli and The Criterion Collection.

There is a good reason why, despite Warner Bros, Netflix serves as the most widely used paid streaming service worldwide. However, you’ll likely find something to stream on both services, and HBO Max is well worth a try. One of the biggest entertainment brands overall is Discovery.

The tremendous Max service, whose library is expanding, is the closest to matching the range and depth you get with a Netflix subscription of any other provider. If you feel the content has run dry or your wallet needs a rest, you can flip between the two.

Pricing and Plans

HBO Max is more affordable—at least when it comes to ad-free streaming. To watch 4K HDR content, you don’t need to purchase additional streams, and you get more concurrent streams than Netflix’s medium price tier.

Even before Netflix introduced its ad-supported option, HBO Max’s price structure was plain easier to grasp.

The HBO Max pricing schedule is as follows:

  • Ad-supported, $10/month for three streams of HD video (no downloads)
  • Ad-free: $15  monthly for downloads, three streams, and 4K HDR video

The price of Netflix is as follows:

  • $10 per month for one stream and SD video
  • $15.50 per month for two streams and HD video
  • $20 per month for four streams of 4K HDR video

This was the comparison between the HBO Max vs Netflix price; sadly, HBO Max free trial is not available, nor does Netflix offer a free trial. Now, let’s move forward to the user interface and other features.

User Interface

The greatest streaming services require user interfaces that are sleek and contemporary. Both HBO Max and Netflix are the best in this field. These platforms both offer excellent user experiences.

They both offer clear sections, straightforward menus, and useful search bars. Both of them also let you make your own watch lists and gather ideas based on your past viewing habits.

Simultaneous Streaming

HBO Max and Netflix allow customers to stream content simultaneously on many devices, but they take different techniques.

Netflix operates in a unique way.

  • With the Basic package, you can only stream on one device simultaneously. Two devices are included in the Standard package.
  • The Premium subscription must be purchased if you want the maximum number of concurrent streams, which is 4.

You can watch HBO Max on up to three devices at once. All subscribers are subject to this. So it makes no difference if you’re on the $15/month ad-free plan or the $10/month basic plan.

The most concurrent streams are available on Netflix’s premium package. However, HBO Max is perhaps a superior option in terms of value for money. For just $10 per month, customers get access to three streams.

Streaming Quality

One area where certain streaming services seem to develop more swiftly than others is video quality. A lot of 4K Ultra HD video is available on some providers but not on others.

The 4K programming available on HBO Max is currently relatively limited. The newest WB films, including The Batman and The Matrix Resurrections, are the only 4K titles available on the platform. Currently, most of HBO Max’s programming is only available in 1080p.

Contrarily, Netflix offers a ton of 4K content to persuade users to subscribe to the Premium Plan. The most recent and well-liked episodes of many of the show’s most well-known TV shows, including Selena + Chef season 4, Stranger Things, Mindhunter, and Money Heist, are all available in 4K.

Netflix may currently be slightly more enticing to you if you have a 4K display and want to view series and movies in the highest quality.

Best Shows and Movies to Watch Outside USA in 2023

The best shows and movies broadcasted on HBO Max and Netflix in 2023 are;

HBO Max Netflix
The Heat Stranger things
Braveheart Squid game
Jurassic Park Luckiest girl alive
The Sex Lives of College Girls Blackout
Tony Hawk Megamind

Why do People Choose HBO Max?


If you already have an HBO subscription, you can start streaming without deciding whether to purchase HBO Max. HBO Max doesn’t provide as many TV episodes and movies as its rivals, as we previously stated. Still, its extensive back catalog and new exclusives won’t be available to stream anywhere else.

Access to the full HBO library, which includes Game of Thrones, The Wire, Sex and the City, Veep, Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Sopranos, is included with an HBO Max subscription.

Finally, HBO Max is the only platform that offers anime movies produced by the venerable Japanese studio, Studio Ghibli. This is the first time these movies have ever been streamable on any device.

A subscription to HBO Max is really worth it. The monthly cost is less expensive than a cinema ticket to view the latest blockbusters in theatres, even at the highest $14.99 tier.

Additionally, an HBO Max subscription lets you view all the show’s latest episodes and HBO Max movies. You can enjoy the convenience and security of your own home, unlike a theatre where you must contend with long lines and COVID worries.

The best thing is that your HBO Max membership includes limitless viewing, allowing you to watch your preferred shows whenever you want.

Has HBO Max rebranded itself in 2023? HBO Max and Discovery Plus merger answered

Yes, the announcement has been made: Max is replacing HBO Max, signifying a transformative shift towards a more integrated and user-centric streaming experience.

HBO Max vs Netflix: FAQs

Netflix added roughly 200 TV shows in the previous two years, while Prime Video dropped about 700. Among the providers, Netflix offers the most “high-quality” shows, which Reelgood characterized as any television program with an IMDb rating of 8.0 or higher.
The maximum count of TV shows accessible on each streaming video service, including both licensed and original content (as well as the quantity of high-caliber shows), is listed below:

  • 2,142 TV series in total on Netflix (357 high-quality shows)
  • 787 TV series in total on HBO Max (199 high-quality shows)

The HBO Max service, whose library is expanding, is the closest to matching the breadth and depth you get from a Netflix subscription of any other provider. However, you’ll likely find plenty to watch on both services, and HBO Max is well worth a try.

Yes, HBO Max is worth getting if you enjoy a wide range of content from various genres. The best of the best, according to some, is what HBO’s newest streaming service has to offer. And that’s particularly the case if you want to see the newest, biggest blockbusters.

Netflix never has any new theatrical releases. Some of the year’s biggest films start streaming on HBO Max the same day they hit theatres, too!


Making a judgment about HBO Max vs Netflix is tricky since each streamer has a distinct choice of genres and titles. Therefore, every facet of Netflix and HBO Max, as well as every opportunity for expanding your content collection, is in front of you so that you can choose your streaming favorite easily.

The great thing about HBO Max is that you can also watch HBO Max on LG TV. So if you have one, enjoy streaming on it!

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