How to Watch Los Espookys Outside USA

How to Watch Los Espookys Outside USA

The out-of-the-box concept of Los Espookys will make it highly entertaining for viewers who enjoy comedies with a unique angle. The show will premiere its second season in September on HBO Max, available directly to US folks. However, people overseas may struggle to decode how to watch Los Espookys outside USA.

HBO Max always introduces highly innovative shows in various genres, and comedy isn’t an exception, especially with the release of the new laughter-filled season of Los Espookys on the 16th of September, 2022.

The only issue is that in most regions globally, the service doesn’t offer the rights to stream its content because its licensing obligations stand in the way. Below are some tiny yet essential steps that will quickly unlock your access to Los Espookys on HBO Max outside USA immediately after its imminent release.

Watch Los Espookys Outside USA – [Quick Steps]

Below, find a set of rapid steps to watch Los Espookys outside USA:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service (ExpressVPN is our strong #1 recommendation).
  2. Download plus install a VPN app & log in.
  3. Connect to any US-based server.
  4. Open the HBO Max app, look for Los Espookys, & enjoy streaming!
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Is there a trailer of Los Espookys?

Yes, a trailer for Los Espookys season 2 (released on the 24th of August, 2022) is now viewable on HBO’s official YouTube channel, attracting over 16K views. The 118-second promo reveals the gang’s return with new, hilarity-filled adventures fooling a new set of people with their horror props.

You can watch the trailer here:

Where can we watch  Los Espookys?

You can watch Los Espookys on HBO Max. HBO’s independent streaming service combines the network’s programming, including the most entertaining TV shows, mega movies, and original shows.

While direct viewing in the US will be straightforward, In case you’re living in an overseas region, you’d require a supreme-quality VPN to dodge the platform’s region-specific locks by connecting through a server with an IP originating in the US.

What is the Release date of  Los Espookys?

The release date of Los Espookys Season 2 on HBO Max is Friday, the 16th of September, 2022. The show’s first season launched in 2019. Unfortunately, the ensuing pandemic period delayed production for nearly three years, so the show’s followers will be relieved that it’ll finally be out again.

Who is in the cast of  Los Espookys?

Fred Armisen is at the head of the cast of Los Espookys. The comedian, famous for his appearances on Saturday Night Live, will join Ana Fabrega on-screen, who is also the showrunner and writer for the comedy series.

The third significant member of the acting crew will be Julio Torres, the Salvadorian comedian, actor, and writer, while rounding up the main cast will be Cassandra Ciangherotti and Bernardo Velasco.

What’s Los Espookys about?

Los Espookys is a comedy series about four friends who are avid fans of horror and work their way into creating a business based on their keen interest in the genre. Their goal with the company is to create artificial situations resembling those found in horror flicks, fooling people into believing they’re real.

Is Los Espookys Cancelled?

No, Los Espookys is not canceled, although its production took a nearly three-year hit due to the pandemic that followed its 2019 premiere. Instead, HBO officially renewed the show for its second season immediately after the opening season ended, which will now begin streaming on HBO Max in mid-September 2022.

Is Fred Armisen married?

No, Fred Armisen isn’t currently married, although he has had two wives in the past. His first wife, the British singer and songwriter Sally Timms remained with him from 1998 to 2004, while his second marriage was to actress Elisabeth Moss, with the couple stayed together from 2009 to 2011.

How many episodes of Los Espookys are there?

So far, there are six released episodes of Los Espookys appearing in the show’s opening season during the summer of 2019. The show’s second season, which will begin on the 16th of September, 2022, after a nearly three-year production hiatus, will also consist of six episodes of ultra-sarcastic humor.

Who created Los Espookys?

Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen combined to create Los Espookys. The three famous comedians are also responsible for being the show’s three leading cast members.

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producers include Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live, the legendary show which shot Armissen into the comedy limelight.

How many seasons of Los Espookys are there?

There are two seasons of Los Espookys. The first one premiered in 2019 on HBO well before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and postponed production for an extended period (almost three years). The second season is scheduled to appear on HBO starting the 16th of September, 2022.

Is there going to be a season 2 of Los Espookys?

Yes, there is going to be a season 2 of Los Espookys, much to the delight of the keenly awaiting followers of the show’s opening season. The second season of the HBO Original comedy series will launch on HBO at 11 p.m. Eastern Time on the 16th of September, 2022 (Friday). It will have Sebastian Silva and Ana Fabrega as its directors.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch Los Espookys Outside USA?

ExpressVPN is a much-recommended VPN to watch Los Espookys outside USA. This VPN client balances industry-topping streaming speeds with unbreakable privacy protection and a high degree of user-friendliness. Continue reading the next section to give you a better idea of its benefits and features.

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Its massive range of compatible devices includes several popular models of wireless routers and the top gaming consoles, plus rare gadgets (like specific Smart TV models) that are tough to configure (the super helpful MediaStreamer DNS solves this issue).

The service’s subscribers enjoy carefree VPN connectivity simultaneously on several (up to a limit of five) devices, facilitating sharing. And once ExpressVPN is active on your router, all limitations vanish, with router range remaining the only constraint.

Alongside HBO Max in the list of US streams unlocked by ExpressVPN are Disney PlusHulu, Netflix, Paramount+, DAZN, ESPN+, and others. Finally, ExpressVPN’s pricing is surprisingly affordable, with its full-year package available at US$ 6.67/mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan.

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No, Los Espookys is a fictional comedy show. However, some of the show’s characters (like the Latin news host in season) received their inspiration from real people.

Los Espookys is set in a wild South American country that isn’t explicitly named.

Yes, you can watch Espookys on HBO Max through a subscription to the platform if you reside in the States or by adding a VPN connection to the mix if you’re abroad.


If whacky, over-the-top comedies are your jam, the return of Los Espookys for its long-awaited second season must be exciting you a great deal. To sidestep those irritating regionally-oriented blockages by HBO Max, subscribe to the robust, industry-best features of ExpressVPN and watch Los Espookys outside USA.

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