Hulu Not Working on Smart TV outside USA? – Let’s Fix It


Are you facing an issue with Hulu not working on a smart TV outside USA? Well, it happens sometimes due to some technical issues. Many users have also complained a couple of times about Hulu live tv not working outside USA.

However, Hulu is a US-based broadcasting service. When you are outside USA, you must utilize a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, which is our top recommendation to unblock geo-limitations to access Hulu Outside US.

Hulu is among the most popular online streaming platforms. It is renowned for live streaming its high-demand content, including movies, shows and matches like Asia Cup 2023, India vs Pakistan and much more. The price of Hulu is economical, with a basic plan offered at only $7.99 per month.

Thus, when the Hulu app is not working on a Smart TV outside USA, one of the factors for this is it operates on diverse streaming platforms. Therefore, it can become problematic for viewers at some point. Because sometimes it is not user-friendly.

Although, it is not a significant issue. You may resolve the issue if Hulu is not working on Smart TV outside USA in 2023 in a few minutes by using any of the simple techniques listed below.

Why Hulu is Not Working on Smart TV outside USA (Possible Reasons)

Below are a few possible causes of why the Hulu app is not working on smart TV and failing to function correctly outside USA.

  • Hulu’s server is unavailable.
  • Slow internet connection.
  • Using a ban VPN server.
  • An old version of the Hulu Smart TV app.
  • Hulu app temp files.

These are a few of the most common Hulu tv broadcasting issues that lead to problems with Hulu sound not working on Smart TV outside USA.

How to Fix Hulu’s ‘Not Working’ Issue on Smart TV outside USA?

When Hulu is not working on smart TV Sony or other devices outside USA, the following are some simple ways to resolve the trouble and continue watching your favorite Hulu movies.

1. Disconnect your Hulu Account from Other Devices

If you use a Hulu account on multiple devices at once, Hulu will immediately notify you and ask you to choose any specific device for streaming. It’s an attempt to reduce service outages for viewers and influences only those individuals who utilize several Hulu accounts to stream video on multiple screens simultaneously.

If the Hulu app is not working on a smart TV, it might be problematic, but you can resolve this problem with proper instructions. This tutorial initially discusses disconnecting your Hulu subscription from all other systems. Your Samsung smart TV application may malfunction when you do not unplug such devices.

Use the steps below to deactivate your account from other devices.

  • First, Browse the Manage Devices page.
  • Next, select the Remove from account option.
  • Then, reboot your smart TV to check whether the problem is resolved or not.

2. Clear Cookies from Hulu App

When the Hulu app isn’t working properly, the initial step you should attempt is removing your cache and cookies. Removing your cache eliminates unnecessary files and information, which may be generating performance issues.

However, the preferred technique is removing the cache to determine whether the problem is resolved. When you are streaming a film or series, the screen may stop for no apparent reason. When this happens, emptying the cache and rebooting the Hulu app can assist in resolving the issue.

Thus, to remove the cache follow the instructions below.

  • To access Smart Hub, hit the Home button on the TV remote.
  • Choose Apps from the Settings menu.
  • Click device Apps, and look for Hulu.
  • Pick OK after tapping Clear Cache.

Run the Hulu application on your Smart TV, log in and examine whether the issue still occurs. When it is still present, just delete your Hulu app, reinstall it again, log in back then test again.

 3. Check the List of Smart TV Compatibility with Hulu

If you can’t locate the Hulu app on the Smart TV or cannot Chromecast Hulu, it generally means your Smart TV is incompatible with Hulu.
The following Smart TVs and gadgets are compatible with Hulu for bigger displays:

  • LG TV
  • Vizio smart casts TV
  • Android TV
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Samsung smart Tv
  • Play stations (4 or 5)
  • Xfinity streaming TV box
  • Apple TV (4th generation or above)

4. Restart/Reinstall Hulu App

One efficient technique to address the difficulties of Hulu not working on older Vizio smart tv is to reboot Smart TV and install the Hulu app. If the Hulu app is not functioning right, I strongly advise reinstalling it. Here’s how to remove and install the Hulu app on your Smart TV again:

  • Launch Smart TV and use the remote to press the menu/home option.
  • Navigate to the applications menu and select Hulu from the selection list.
  • Remove the Hulu application.

Once the removal is finished, reboot your Smart TV and download the Hulu app using the steps below:

  • Navigate to the play store on the Smart TV.
  • Hulu may be found by searching for it and tapping the ‘install’ button.
  • After installation, sign in to Hulu with personal details.
  • Now it’s operating on your Smart TV.

5. Update to Latest Hulu Smart TV App

Once the new iteration of the Hulu app is released, it instantly upgrades on portable devices. Several Samsung Smart TVs offer auto-update functions, while many others do not.

When your Smart TV does not instantly update the Hulu app, it will use an earlier version, which may cause issues like the Hulu app not working on Smart TV Samsung.

Erase and reinstall the Hulu app again to receive the most current updates and begin streaming it on any Smart TV.

6. Analyze Different Hulu Error Codes

You should first determine the source of the problem when identifying a remedy. Whenever Hulu encounters a difficulty while operating, it will display an error code explaining the problem. These are a few of the most frequent Hulu error codes that have happened when Hulu live is not working on Smart TV.

Hulu Error 5003 – Problem with Playback
Quick fix: set the date and time.
Hulu Error p-dev 320 – Hulu or internet connection issue
Quick fix: Reboot your modem or notify Hulu to support the assistance team.
Hulu Error Code RUNUNK13 – Buffering and playback difficulties
Quick fix: Clean the cache or restart the Hulu app.
Error 16 on Hulu – Unwarranted region (VPN error).
Quick fix: Remove the proxy server and utilize a paid Hulu VPN.

Sometimes, you can’t access your favorite stream due to a VPN error. There is nothing to worry about, as errors appear on other streaming platforms like Netflix errors or Amazon Prime stops working with a VPN

7. Check Your Wifi Connection

One of the most significant barriers to Hulu broadcasting is a lack of network speed. Use the designed speed test app to determine your wifi connection speed. Hulu requires 16 Mbps for 4K streaming, 8 Mbps for online broadcasts, and at least 3 Mbps to view the Hulu archive.

Whenever your connection speed is down, then Hulu doesn’t get the speed it requires for streaming. That’s why you probably get this issue of Hulu not working on Smart TV Vizio. Thus, you should consult your internet service provider for a high speed or get a new wifi connection.

8. Check if Hulu Server is Down

Hulu’s site is occasionally inaccessible to viewers. Thus, when you attempt each option and Hulu still fails to operate, it is most likely due to a Hulu blackout. Contact Hulu customer service to verify this issue or look at the most recent post-streaming sites about the Hulu blackout.

You may utilize these procedures when Hulu is not working on Apple TV or other broadcasting gadgets.

9. Reset Your Smart TV to Factory Settings:

If you have the Hulu app and the Smart TV still does not open or operate, simply resetting your smart TV to the factory settings can be beneficial. Note: All installed applications or manuals will delete while updating this setting.

To conduct a factory reset on the Samsung Smart TV when Hulu not working in 2023, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Select Settings by hitting the Home option on the remote.
  • Move down and choose the General option.
  • Move down on the screen again and click the Reset button.
  • To reset, enter your PIN.
  • Download the Hulu app once the factory reset is finished.

10. Contact Samsung Support

When none of those mentioned above techniques diagnose why Hulu live is not working on a smart TV, then you may contact Hulu for assistance.

The other possible issue can be related to the TV’s software failure. In any case, it’s better to consult Samsung or Hulu for customer assistance to help out in resolving the issue.

The same steps can be followed to resolve Hulu not working on Android TV issue.

What to Watch on Hulu on Smart TV outside USA using a VPN After it Starts Working?

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Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage, and Reckoning Pittsburgh Steelers Football 2023
Buffy the Vampire Slayer all 7 Seasons White Collar TV Series Season 6
Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens Week 14 Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys Week 14
The Riches TV Shows All Seasons San Francisco 49ers NFL 2023
Green Bay Packers NFL 2023 Panthers vs Maple Leafs NHL 2023
Sunday Night Football El Encargado Season 2
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It might happen due to some technical issues, as mentioned above. Thus, initially examine if any Hulu app and smart TV updates are available or not. Removing cache and temp files can also help to resolve this issue.

When Hulu is not working on one smart TV outside USA. You should try Hulu on different devices and examine whether it operating there or not. If Hulu is working there but not on your desired device, you may have a caching issue. As mentioned above, you may easily wipe the cache on any smart advice.

It’s effortless to update the Hulu app on your smart tv outside USA. For Hulu updates, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to apps and click play store.
  • Select my apps
  •  Verify Hulu updates from the home screen menu.

Freezing on smart tv might happen due to multiple reasons like account difficulty, system or web browser issues and troubles with your Wi-Fi or network service. Verifying this error can help you out in resolving this issue.

Hulu viewers can use streaming services on only two devices simultaneously.

Yes! You may broadcast from numerous locations. Make sure not to use more than two streams at once.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Hulu shows are worth watching, and any error while streaming becomes frustrating. There is no need to cancel your Hulu account because of this issue; simply follow the tips we have mentioned above.

If you are outside USA, then to access Hulu, use only premium VPNs, as other sub-standard VPNs are incapable of bypassing the strong geo-restrictions. Our top choice VPN is ExpressVPN.

We hope this guide helped you in overcoming the issue. However, if the issue persists, we advise you to contact Hulu customer service for effortless binge-watching.

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