How to Watch Hulu on Xbox One [February 2022 Updated]

How to Watch Hulu on Xbox One [February 2022 Updated]

Did you know you can watch Hulu on Xbox One? If not then don’t worry, keep reading to know more about it. Our guide elaborates on how you can get Hulu on Xbox One.

Hulu is a famous streaming platform only available in the USA (as of now). It offers a wide range of original content that viewers enjoy watching.

Over the years, the subscription-based platform has become available on many devices which includes the Xbox One; a well-renowned gaming console. Viewers can now easily access the streaming platform on Xbox One, and we will show you how to do that in four easy steps.

However, if you’re outside USA, then that means you can’t access Hulu and you’re probably facing the following error:
“Hulu isn’t available to watch in your location.”

Hulu is not available in your region

You’re receiving the error because Hulu has imposed geo-restrictions on regions outside USA. However, you can bypass the barriers to getting Hulu on Xbox in geo-restricted countries by using a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Hulu on Xbox One? [Easy Steps 2022]

To watch Hulu on Xbox One you will need to download the latest Hulu app.

  1. Head to the Xbox One Store Section.
  2. Go to the Search Bar and type Hulu.
  3. Select the Hulu app in the search results.
  4. Follow the instructions as per the installation process.

How to Sign Up for Hulu on Xbox

Follow the quick steps below to sign up for Hulu on Xbox:

1. Visit Hulu from your browser.


2. Click Start Your Free Trial.


3. Choose your desired plan.


4. Enter your required information to create a new account.


5. Enter your billing details to complete the sign-up procedure.


  • Hulu won’t charge you until your trial is finished. You can cancel your subscription anytime before your trial ends.

How to Get Hulu on Xbox One in Geo-Restricted Countries

Xbox One has a built-in app for Hulu; however, Hulu is not available outside the US. You can access Hulu on Xbox in geo-restricted countries with the help of a SmartDNS. Follow the steps below to set up a SmartDNS on your device:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Launch the VPN and log in with your credentials.
  3. Click “My Account” and select MediaStreamer.
  4. Note the DNS Address as it will be used to set up a proxy on Xbox One.

Xbox One DNS Configuration

Follow the steps below to configure DNS on Xbox One:

  1. Launch Xbox One and go to Settings.
  2. Select Network, then go to the Network Settings.
  3. Select Advanced Settings, then click DNS settings.
  4. Select Manual to configure the DNS address.
  5. Write the DNS address that you noticed earlier.
  6. Go to the Language & Location settings and select US.
  7. Restart Xbox One.
  8. Open the Hulu app and log in to enjoy exclusive content.

Hulu Not Working on Xbox One? [Quick Fixes]

You may try the following solutions if Hulu is not working on Xbox One:

  1. Restart Xbox One.
  2. Check your internet connection.
  3. Check the Language and Location settings.
  4. Check your Hulu Subscription.
  5. Reinstall the Hulu App.
  6. Update the Xbox
  7. Send Hulu a Report

Hulu Device Compatibility

You can watch Hulu on the following devices:

  1. Apple TV (4th generation or later) (Watch Hulu on Apple TV)
  2. Samsung TV (select models) (Watch Hulu on Samsung Smart TV)
  3. LG TV (select models) (Watch Hulu on LG TV)
  4. Android devices
  5. iPhones and iPad
  6. Chromecast
  7. Fire TV and Fire TV Stick (Watch Hulu on Firestick)
  8. Nintendo Switch
  9. Mac and PC browsers/apps
  10. PlayStation (Watch Hulu on PS4)
  11. Roku (select models) (Watch Hulu on Roku)
  12. Xbox (Watch Hulu on Xbox)


Yes, Hulu is available on Xbox One. It is also available on other Xbox consoles, including Xbox 30, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. You can find the Hulu app on the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

The reason why Hulu is not working on Xbox One is that you need to restart your device after installing the Hulu app. If that doesn’t work, then make sure to check your internet connection.

1) Go to Xbox’s Home screen and select the Store option.
2) Download the Hulu app and install it on your device.
3) Launch the Hulu app and sign in with your credentials.
4) Note down the activation code.
5) Visit the Hulu Activation Page and enter the activation code to activate your account.

Yes, you need to be signed in to Xbox Live to use Hulu. However, you do not need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to watch Hulu on your device.


We have given the easy steps to watch Hulu on Xbox One. Even if Hulu is not available in your country, you can access it with the help of a VPN such as ExpressVPN, and enjoy all of your favorite shows and movies on Hulu on Xbox One.

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