Max Price: Here’s How much is HBO Max in India in 2023 – [Detailed Guide]


Scrapping the web to know how much is HBO Max in India? Praise the broadcasting gods that HBO Max now offers two membership packages. The Ads plan costs $9.99/mo, while the Ads-free plan costs $15.99/mo, which executes Max price is reasonable for watching its awesome content with the ExpressVPN.

With an HBO Max membership, you’ll get access to a collection of widely praised, often brutal, TV series and films. In addition to classics like The Sopranos, you’ll be able to watch contemporary shows like Sex Life of College Girls Season 2, The Time Traveler’s Wife Harley Quinn, South Park and Euphoria.

HBO Max is a geo-restricted service available only to watch in the USA. However, if you want to watch HBO Max in India
 you will need the VPN like ExpressVPN. Moreover, the service has now merged with Discovery Plus into a one unified platform known as Max. The price comparison of HBO Max with Max is also not highly affected by the merge.

In this guide, we will provide you with the Max price plans in India and all the necessary information related to Discovery+ price and Max to subscribe to them so read it till the end.

Max Price and Plans in India in 2023 – 3 Subscriptions Plan


Max Pricing Plan

Compared to the previous version, Max’s service offers three plans: Ad-Lite, Ad-Free, and Ultimate. Here are the quick details of Max price list:

Ad-Lite: The starter package you can get with the ads. To start and try the service, this is a good option.

Ad-Free: If you have been into streaming and have familiarity with the platform content, then you can go with the Ad-Free plan to enjoy the content.

Ultimate: It is a top-tier package allowing viewers to watch HBO Max shows and movies in 4K.

For further Max prices streaming details, here is the breakdown chart:

Plan Type Monthly price No. of Screens 4K content
Ad-Lite $10 2 No
Ad-Free $16 2 No
Ultimate $20 4 Yes

HBO Max’s Current Plans

Get to know here how much is HBO Max currently:

Plan Type Ad Version Ad-Free Version No. of Screens 4K Content
Monthly Bundle $9.99/mo $15.99/mo 3 No
Annual Bundle $99.99/yr $149.99/yr 3 Yes (a few titles)

How can I Subscribe to HBO Max in India?

Quick steps to get the HBO Max subscription in India:

  • Subscribe to a reliable ExpressVPN service.
  • Install and connect to the New York server.
  • Open the HBO Max website.
  • Select the plan and fill in the details.
  • Done! Enjoy streaming.

You can also get HBO Max on LG TV with these same steps.

How Can I Pay For Max in India?

You can pay via Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and Discover. Besides, your card must support auto-recurring payments to not get into the situation of how to pay to Max in India. Further, if you make a hard decision to cut off your subscription, you can cancel HBO Max anytime from their website.

As Discovery Max merge has done, the website also has removed HBO from its domain name.

What if I already have a Subscription to HBO Max?

If you are already a subscriber of HBO Max, your app will automatically to the Max version. You don’t have to worry about how much is HBO Max now.

You will use the same HBO Max sign in credentials to access the shows and movies. Even the rate of plans are the same in the Max but with the additional ultimate plan. Besides, if you are new to the platform, then don’t forget to take advantage of HBO Max free trial.

Further, ExpressVPN will remain the same powerful as previous to let you access Max in Guatemala. And if you wonder what the new version will bring, know in this blog.

HBO Max and Discovery Plus Merger – MAX

Warner Bros revealed the merger of Discovery Plus and HBO Max into one combined platform. The rebranded service is known as Max, which will entertain subscribers more than before, as HBO Max content in Turkey was doing.


Available channels on Max

You will find all your favorite channels in the Max that are available on HBO Max on iPhone. And if you are curious to know how much is HBO Max now with the changes, the only change is the entertainment which is levelled up. And regarding price comparison details, get the information in the below heading,

Max Plan and HBO Max Plan Comparison in India

Here is the side-by-side comparison of the cost of HBO Max with rebranded Max.

Max Ad-Lite Ad-Free Ultimate
$10/mo $16/mo $20/mo
HBO Max Ad Version Ad-Free Version
$9.99/mo $15/mo

In the newly rebranded version, the addition of Ultimate gives you access to 4K streaming which you can watch with ExpressVPN, which is the best VPN for HBO Max. Meanwhile, we have also covered how much is an HBO Max subscription in India compared with other services to give you more clarity on the decision.

HBO Max Price Compared To Other Services


There is tough competition between the streaming services because Amazon Prime has the best-ever classic content library. Netflix has some amazing original content released every month, whereas Disney Plus rules the heart of the fans through its Marvel shows.

These all have different price plans. Let’s see what the difference is between the HBO Max price in India and other streaming platforms’ costs:

HBO Max Plan vs. Netflix Plan

These days, HBO Max vs. Netflix is a hot debate. Both are great platforms to watch content like The Suicide Squad and can be accessed easily by ExpressVPN. However, both platforms’ costs differ. Find out below how much is HBO Max more expensive or affordable than Netflix:

Netflix Standard (with Ads) Basic Standard Premium
$7/mo $10/mo $15.50/mo $20/mo
HBO Max Ad Version Ad-Free Version
$9.99/mo $15/mo

Now with this comparison, you can easily decide where to watch Beetlejuice.

HBO Max Plan vs. Disney Plus Plan

In the competition, Disney Plus also remains among the top services that you can access with ExpressVPN. Check out its price comparison for more details:

Disney Plus Ad Version Ad-Free Version
$8/mo $11/mo
HBO Max Ad Version Ad-Free Version
$9.99/mo $15/mo

HBO Max Plan and Amazon Prime Video Plan Comparision

Another popular service that comes in parallel with HBO Max is Amazon Prime. To compare HBO Max subscription cost in India with Amazon Prime and stream with ExpressVPN, have a look at the below details:

Amazon Prime Standard Plan
HBO Max Ad Version Ad-Free Version
$9.99/mo $15/mo

HBO Max Plan vs. Hulu Plan

To decide which streaming platform you should subscribe to, along with an ExpressVPN subscription, Hulu also comes in one’s mind. How much is HBO Max compared to Hulu, find out in the below chart:

Hulu Ad Version Ad-Free Version
$7.99/mo $14.99/mo
HBO Max Ad Version Ad-Free Version
$9.99/mo $15/mo

In the run, Next TV also gets peoples’ attention to consume content but above mentioned services are ruling the content world nowadays.

Is HBO Max or Max Worth it in India?

There is no comparison or choice you can make here. If you are an HBO Max subscriber, you will automatically switch to Max as the service rebranded after merging with Discovery Plus. And if you wonder how much is Max, it is the same as HBO Max but with the addition of Ultimate plan.

And as you were streaming HBO Max On PS4, the same will remain possible with the Max also.

Difference Between HBO, HBO Go and HBO Max

Here is the difference between HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Max:


HBO is home to movies to series. HBO’s ad-free and HBO Max subscriptions each cost $15 per month. HBO Max is certainly the superior option because it has a broader streaming library than HBO.


HBO Go had been a streaming partner application for HBO cable users, whereas HBO Now was a separate streaming alternative for those who did not have cable and wanted to watch HBO. HBO discontinued the HBO Go application in July 2020. On the same day, HBO renamed HBO Now just “HBO.”

HBO Max:

HBO Max is an on-demand streaming service that combines HBO’s legendary original content with an even greater collection of WarnerMedia films and series. The program effectively replaces HBO’s previous streaming alternatives, HBO Now and HBO Go. Here you can enjoy titles like Dune, The Last of Us, Velma, and others.

HBO Max in India Price: FAQs

Yes, you can get the HBO Max promo access free with Amazon Prime. All you need to go to your Amazon membership to avail the free access of HBO for 7 days. After that, you will be charged as per the plan type.

Yes, you have to pay more on Max to enjoy 4K content. since the launch, there was limited 4K content available on the platform. But in Max, there will be more addition in the library which you can stream at an additional cost.

Discovery Plus will be there as a standalone platform that will contain Discovery-branded content. However, there will not be any HBO movies and TV shows available on the platform. You will pay Discovery + cost to watch only the home content.

Its Ad-Lite version cost $10, Ad-Free version cost $16, while Ultimate version comes for $20. The Ultimate one supports 4K streaming of content. these are the three packages, answering your how much is Max question.

It depends on the plan type you choose. The starting price of Ad version is $10. If you go with the Ad-Free version, it costs $16, and if you want 4K streaming, then it costs $20.

Max library will include an extensive range of content from the brands like HBO, Warner Bros. Studios,  Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, DC, Discovery Channel, and more.

No, Max is not free. It will follow the same pricing plans you used to see in HBO Max. However, there will an additional plan called Ultimate which will allow 4K streaming for $20 per month.

Yes, you can pay for HBO Max for a year which costs $99.99/year with ads and $149.99/year without ads. If you are tight on a budget, then yu can opt for monthly subscriptions.

No, you can watch all the HBO Max movies at no extra cost if you’ve subscribed to one of the plans of HBO Max. There are no additional or hidden charges with the service, and everything includes in one payment.

If you discover numerous email addresses, you have many HBO Max accounts. To resolve this, click on Membership for each profile to determine who is charging you and cancel the unneeded accounts.


Now you know how much is HBO Max in India. We discussed and compared its prices with other streaming services as well. It is a platform that mixes the original show library with a massive collection of blockbuster films, shows, and anime on Max.

The new Max subscription plan and prices are also justified compared with its enormous selection of TV shows, such as Selena + Chef season 4, Friends including documentaries and cartoons.v

Therefore, to get your hands on this amazing streaming service and watch globally, sign up for ExpressVPN today and start streaming your favorite shows without thinking more about how much is Max in India.

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