How To Get ITV Hub Free Trial in Italy [Get Free Trial For 7 Days]

How To Get ITV Hub Free Trial [Get Free Trial For 7 Days in-Italy

ITV Hub is becoming a popular streaming option in Italy, and rightly so! It is an online streaming service that offers a diverse range of programs. ITV Hub contains channels, including ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV.

If you haven’t got a chance to get hold of impressive content by this VOD service, there’s good news. Streaming buffs can avail of ITV Hub free trial to experience the service for a week before committing to any long-term subscription plan.

Unfortunately, ITV Hub is only available for UK residents and not available to the rest of the world. Therefore, you will need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch ITV in Italy to get access to its shows and movies.

Does ITV Hub have a free trial in Italy?

ITV offers free trial in-Italy

ITV Hub also offers a monthly subscription!

ITV Hub offers a monthly subscription for just £3.99 per month or £39.99 per year. It also offers a free trial that you can avail yourself through a couple of ways mentioned below.

However, if you cancel during the month or year ahead of time, you won’t get a refund for previous monthly or yearly subscription payments. Ads are also present in some episodes and live channel streams.

Free Trial ITV Hub in Italy (7 Days)

You can get a 7-day free trial of ITV Hub+ directly through the website. Upon completion of the ITV Hub Plus free trial, you’ll need to pay the monthly/annual subscription fee per your requirements after ITV free trial.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the ITV Hub+ website.
  2. Register your account with a valid email address. (Take advantage of an ITV 7-day free trial to test the service. If not satisfied you can cancel ITV Hub free trial anytime before completion of the ITV Hub 7-day trial)
  3. Go to the “Manage Account.”
  4. Select the subscription or enjoy the ITV Hub trial.

ITV Hub+ Free Trial in Italy (7 Days) Through Amazon Prime

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber in Italy, you are also eligible for the ITV Hub Plus free trial. Later, you will be paying the standard subscription charges mentioned above. IT Hub+ is accessible through any Prime Video-supported device.

Is ITV Hub free with Amazon Prime in Italy ?

Is ITV Hub free with Amazon Prime in-Italy

Get ITV Hub through Amazon Prime.

No, ITV Hub is not free with Amazon Prime in Italy. It just offers a free trial to Amazon Prime members. After the free trial ends, you have to pay the normal monthly subscription fee for ITV Hub.

If you’re buying an ITV Hub+ membership via Amazon, you’ll need to pre-install the latest version of the ITV Hub app. Your first month’s subscription fee will be charged to your Amazon account on the same day each month until you decide to cancel.

What to Watch on ITV in Italy in December 2023?

The game awards 2023 National Lottery NYE Concert 2023 The Winter King
Bath Rugby v Exeter Chiefs The Masked Singer Christmas Special 2023 The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy
Germany vs Denmark Epic Gameshow The Thin Blue Line
ROH: Final Battle 2023 The Game Awards 2023 Coronation Street Christmas 2023
AEW: Worlds End Britain Get Singing Something Undone
Harlequins Big Game 2023 Gino’s Italy: Secrets of the South Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps: Christmas
Eastleigh v Reading The Real Full Monty : Jingle Bells My Mom, Your Dad US
Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Kate’s 2023 Royal Carols Platform 7
Leicester Tigers v Newcastle Falcons Jingle Bell Ball 2023 No Country for Old Men

What to Watch on ITV in Italy in November 2023?

ITV consistently refreshes its content library, ensuring a monthly infusion of new best movies, ITV shows, and updated material. Here are some of the highly popular titles available for your enjoyment on ITV in November 2023 in Italy:

There Will Be Blood Top Coppers Liar Season 1
‘Big Brother UK’ Series 2023 Hollington Drive Season 1 Cadillac Records
New Episodes Of Love Island Games 2023 Worst Con Artist Agent 203
Inside M&S Documentary The Voice UK Series 12 New Episodes of Love Island Australia Season 5
The Social Network Whale Rider Fearless
Im A Celebrity 2023 UCI Cyclocross World Cup 2023-24 Escape Plan 2
Tom Jones 2023 AEW Together All Elite Dunk And Shoot 2023 Priest
Charade Houseboat A Perfect Christmas
Sorry for Your Loss Abu Dhabi GP 2023 Liar Season 1

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The ITV Hub free trial in Italyis offered for seven days. If you have been using ITV Hub+ for more than one year, you will no longer be able to use the service if you cancel during the middle of the month or year. You won’t get a refund for previous monthly or annual TV subscription payments. It may also contain ads to promote ITV services.

You can cancel your ITV Hub 7 day in Italy trial through Amazon Prime by turning off the Auto-Renew option in your account settings. By doing this you will get free access to ITV Hub Plus till the trial expires. If you have subscribed from Google Play then follow to steps below.

Here’s how you can cancel ITV HUB+ free trial

  1. Head over to the Google Play website.
  2. Make sure you are signed in with the correct Google account.
  3. Click “My Subscription” on the left.
  4. Choose ITV.
  5. Hit the manage option and cancel the subscription.
  6. Click “Yes” to confirm.

Yes, ITV Hub is a free service in the UK that offers access to all the ITV channel lineup. Free service that lets you stream shows including Love Island, Coronation Street, and Downton Abbey. ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, CITV, and ITVBe all offer live and on-demand access to British television programming. However, if you want a premium and ad-free streaming service, you can subscribe to ITV Hub Plus which costs £3.99 per month.


In the realm of online streaming, the UK-based streaming service ITV Hub is quickly becoming a preferred platform for all the content-hungry streaming junkies.

The best thing is that if you are unsure whether to go for a long-term subscription plan, you can get the 7-day ITV Hub free trial to decide whether your streaming needs are fulfilled or not.

Rest assured, you will never run short of impressive TV shows and other live content. As we said the service is UK based and if you are trying to access the service outside the United Kingdom; you will need the assistance of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

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