50 Best Marvel Villains Ranked In MCU [Updated September 2022]

50 Best Marvel Villains Ranked In MCU [Updated September 2022]

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Marvel movies in the Marvel franchise are adored across the globe and consistently perform well at the box office and among critics. On the other hand, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is known as the best Marvel villains movies and is its thorn in the flesh.

Their quality and interest levels are mediocre at best. With so many movies under their belt, it’s almost become a running joke about how boring Marvel’s antagonists are.

Of course, the protagonists are more than makeup for that, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a memorable Marvel movie villain.

Marvel has had a few excellent villains, including one that stands out beyond the others. As we eagerly anticipate the release of the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let’s look at the best Marvel villains list of all time.

Best Marvel Villains Ranked [Complete List]

When it comes to comic-book villains vs. superheroes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been thrilling audiences for almost a decade.

Marvel’s biggest villains, like Kingpin, Thanos, and Loki, have faced off against one another throughout the years, creating some of the most memorable and best Marvel villains in film history (and TV).

1. Thanos – Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame


The Mad Titan’s quest to collect all six Infinity Stones loomed large over the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years. You may wonder what this intergalactic ghoul would want with the Stones. In other words, he was trying to rescue life itself.

Thanos and his numerous fatal “children” were resolved to wipe off half of the universe’s population, knowing well the hazards of overcrowding, waste, and greed.

Thanos was a ferocious storm brewing in the distance. It was the unfathomable tragedy that destroyed the cosmos.

2. Loki – Thor and The Avengers


Loki is one of the best Marvel villains. For many years Loki grew up with an enormous bitterness against his adoptive brother, Thor, and Asgard’s rule in general.

It took Loki the better part of the first three phases of the MCU for him to begin to change his behavior and ways of dealing with other characters.

Perhaps not with the people of Earth, who were presumably still angry with his attempt to invade and conquer the planet, but with Thor, the brother he had grown up resentful of.

3. Killmonger – Black Panther


The King of Wakanda’s distant cousin N’Jadaka, who was raised in exile in the United States, was an angry and lonely boy. This happened after being abandoned by his family in Wakanda due to his father’s extreme political views.

To prepare for his return to his hometown and face his family over what they had done, N’Jadaka was trained to be a killing machine in a U.S. military black-ops squad.

Killmonger was, without a doubt, one of the finest villains to emerge from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since so much of what he said rang true, it’s difficult to call him “evil.”

4. Xu Wenwu – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


As it turned out, Shang-Chi was the son of Aldrich Killian, who had been misrepresenting himself to Mandarins throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Aldrich Killian! Trevor Slattery! “All Hail the King”) for years.

As a conquering warlord and a criminal genius, Xu Wenwu used the Ten Rings of Power to become a powerful, almost immortal figure.

As played by Tony Leung, the character of Xu Wenwu is a sorrowful one who has done a lot of evil things in his life, but who dedicated his life to save his son from the Dweller in Darkness in the end. For knowing more stream Shang-Chi on Disney Plus.

5. Green Goblin – Spider-Man: No Way Home


Astonishing and heartbreaking villains are always a hit with viewers. Because of this, Willem Dafoe’s return as Green Goblin was eagerly awaited. Spider-Man has never encountered a menace like Norman Osbourne, who is poisoned by the green Oscorp chemical.

The character’s treatment earned the character’s enthusiasm. Like Doc Ock and Electro, Dafoe had plenty of humorous opportunities to shine throughout the film.

6. Adrian Toomes – Spider-Man: Homecoming


They forced Adrian Toomes and his team to work as weapon dealers using extraterrestrial technology. He retrieved the weapons during a Chitauri clean-up and salvage effort, and the government stiffed Toomes and his crew.

When Michael Keaton takes on the role of a working-class parent fed up with significant businesses ignoring him, he changes the character into a scheming thief to make ends meet for his family. You can watch your favorite Spiderman movies on your favorite streaming platform now.

All this sums up to make Adrian Toomes one of the best Marvel villains.

7. The Mandarin/Trevor Slattery – Iron Man 3


In the film, Killian is allowed to be regarded as the “true” Mandarin, although his persona is intriguing. Tony Stark disregarded this man, but he came back more substantial, significant, and worse; he had a genius strategy for combating global terrorism: make it theatrical.

Although it’s not required, it makes sense to hide in plain sight if you’re benefiting from the group’s activities in any case.

Guy Pearce’s portrayal is intriguing, and it unusually supports the Mandarin revelation. In the third act, Killian gets a little Bond villain.

8. Red Skull – Captain America: The First Avenger


Hugo Weaving’s depiction of Johann Schmidt/Red Skull is possibly the most depressing villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Weaving is no stranger to portraying villains (most notably in the Matrix films), but his performance as the mad scientist who transforms into a monster in Red Skull may be his best.

Even though he’s a Nazi with tremendous strength and no face, he’s an ideal match for Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, who is a beam of light amid the darkness of Nazi Germany.

9.The Grandmaster (Thor: Ragnarok)


In Thor: Ragnarok, the Grandmaster, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum, may have gone unnoticed if you were simply paying passing attention. To be clear, this nasty freak is awful.

This guy is fun to see on television because of his bizarre dance parties and music. However, Jeff Goldblum plays this role.

Actor Goldblum’s eccentricity makes him an ideal fit for this MCU character, who is one of the best Marvel villains.

10. Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger – Iron Man


This is a great first villain for the MCU: Jeff Bridges, a bona fide icon, as Tony Stark’s mentor. When you hire Jeff Bridges, you don’t cast him merely to be a lovely surrogate father figure.

His heel flip and revelation as the orchestrator of Stark’s abduction put the movie at full speed, and he has a spectacular fight in the movie’s third act. What was Stane’s gravest blunder? Not allowing him to survive long enough to return in future MCU films.

11. Helmut Zemo – Captain America: Civil War


It took a former Sokovian intelligence officer, acting out of sorrow, to bring down the Avengers, despite the belief of many that they could do it. Helmut Zemo discovered Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had a weak point: Bucky Barnes, after decrypting HYDRA information that had been made public.

With the help of Barnes, who was falsely accused of being behind a terrorist assault, Zemo would use Captain America and Iron Man to create a severe gap between the two, which would culminate in the revelation that Bucky, as the Winter Soldier had killed Tony and Pepper Potty.

Later, Zemo appeared in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, where he was one of the show’s most fascinating characters. As well as a hidden dancer!

12. Vulture (Spider-Man: Homecoming)


The Spider-Man films, especially the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield adaptations, always have a sense of intimacy and warmth, while being big blockbusters.

One reason for this being extraordinary when compared to other series’ is because Spider-Man movies have a tendency to include antagonists with unusually intimate ties to our hero.

As the Vulture, Adrian Toomes (Tobey Maguire’s best friend’s father, and Maguire’s professional mentor) is Tom Holland’s most formidable adversary.

13. Justin Hammer – Iron Man 2


As a whole, Sam Rockwell is one of the funniest actors working today, and his performance as the villain in Iron Man 2 is nothing short of brilliant.

It is Justin Hammer, Tony Stark’s not-quite-as-good rival, who frees Vanko from jail and provides him with the resources he needs to carry out his last strike.

His demeanor is nearly purely comedic, although there’s an occasional dash of evil villains Marvel and depravity to keep things interesting.

14. The Winter Soldier – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Bucky Barnes’ death at the bottom of a snowy precipice after falling from a train was one of the most disturbing events in Steve Rogers’ life. Rogers, on the other hand, was frightened when he ripped off the Winter Soldier’s mask and saw a familiar face underneath.

While it first seemed like Bucky had come to kill Pierce, when he sat down with him, brought him milk, and even shot his housekeeper it was a tremendous shock.

The World Security Council was compromised, after all, and no one saw it coming. Fans were forced to confront the possibility that any government person may be Hydra in the wake of corrupted high-ups like Pierce.

15. Gorr the God Butcher (Thor: Love and Thunder)


Despite the fact that Thor: Love and Thunder mostly seems like an upgraded redux of Thor: Ragnarok, the film’s villains are an improvement. His skin is powder white and scarred everywhere, and his eyes sparkle in the dark with a variety of different hues which adds to the villainous look.

Unlike most of the top villains on our list, he doesn’t have a single flaw in his character motives. In addition, let’s face it: Christian Bale. Isn’t it obvious that he’s going to be fantastic in this role?

16. Hela (Thor: Ragnarok)


Loki and Thor were informed of the death of their father, Odin, by their sister, Hela. That she was a villain who was nearly unstoppable was shown by her command of the brothers to kneel, followed by the capture and breaking of Mjolnir. Her confidence further fueled this perception.

When it became clear that Asgard would have to be destroyed in order to stop her, it set off one of the most epic family feuds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even if Thor and Loki worked together, they couldn’t handle an enemy who could smash Mjolnir. Her attitude and authority are well-established at this moment, and the movie’s significance is emphasized.

If you don’t like villains then you can go through the guide on the best Marvel female characters.

17. Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron)


Although Avengers: Age of Ultron isn’t the best entry in the MCU canon, Ultron remains a memorable antagonist and one amongst the best Marvel villains. Why? Well, James Spader’s motion capture performance is a big part of it.

Even his vocal work is better than this incredibly sophisticated robot/AI system should be. It’s simply the most entertaining and enjoyable aspect of this film, by far.

18. He Who Remains – Loki & Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania


It’s not uncommon to see He Who Remains, a strong descendant of Kang the Conqueror, crop up in unexpected places. This isn’t the Kang who will be the Big Bad in the near future thanks to Jonathan Majors’ performance, and that’s a shame.

The viewer realizes exactly how old this entity is when he speaks in third-person about his beginnings, even though he casually admitted that he had committed multidimensional genodice in order to keep his chronology intact.

Even though he’s gone and his primary counterpart will soon pose a huge danger to the MCU heroes, a minute of quiet should be observed in honor of He Who Remains’ bouncing and uncontrolled flair.

19. Ego – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


A Celestial, Ego, revealed that he was Peter’s father, revealing that Peter could handle the Power Stone without horribly bursting because of his cosmic pedigree. As a result, Star-Lord was half-human, half-alien.

Ego, of course, created Peter in order to increase his own power and spread it over the cosmos. Ego deliberately inflicted cancer on Peter’s mother, and although that seems awful, it pales in comparison.

20. Aldrich Killian – Iron Man 3


Aldrich Killian, a scientist Tony Stark had previously spurned, developed a false terrorist commander, The Mandarin, to claim credit for unintentional explosions caused by A.I.M.’s Extremis-enhanced troops “popping.”

As part of a plan to dominate and fabricate America’s war on terror, Killian also attempted to destroy Tony’s image, his relationship with Pepper, and everything he stood for. In the end, though, we would discover that the genuine Mandarin was lurking in the shadows someplace.

21. Spider-Man: Far from Home – Mysterio


It may not have worked perfectly for some of the villains on our list, but sometimes the secret to producing a fantastic MCU villain is just hiring an excellent actor.

Spider-Man: Far from Home is a perfect example of this, as Jake Gyllenhaal portrays a multi-faceted character—and master of illusions—who changes energy throughout the film.

As Gyllenhaal has shown in recent years in films like Nightcrawler and Velvet Buzzsaw, he excels at portraying crazy weirdos, and in Spider-Man: Far From Home, he really goes for it.

22. Kingpin – Hawkeye


A white-suited criminal boss, like Wilson Fisk, does not preside over an all-powerful crime syndicate. When it came to manipulating the world around him, Fisk was an expert five steps ahead of the game.

Convicted felons and mystery players alike would soon find themselves under Fisk’s control. Even though he was under house arrest, this guy had the FBI on his sleeve.

A vulnerable human being with love in his heart might also be found inside this Kingpin of Crime. It wasn’t only the love that drove him to murder but everybody who stood in his path.

And now we know that he has moved over from the Netflix Marvel programs to the Disney Plus universe so watch Hawkeye now on Disney+.

23. Agatha Harkness – Wandavision


Even though over twenty years had gone since the premiere of Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2 in cinemas, it seemed like just yesterday. Alfred Molina, on the other hand, returned to his role with ease in No Way Home. Dr. Otto Octavius has never had another live-action portrayal, and Molina explained why.

For this to be the case, however, more is required than just generous responses (“The power of the sun in the palm of my hands.” After he gets healed at the film’s climax, he vanishes until the end of the movie.

24. Dreykov – Black Widow


There are parts of Black Widow that operate really well. Florence Pugh makes a terrific Yelena Belova. David Harbour’s performance as Red Guardian was a resounding success.

After so many Covid-19 delays, the movie’s stunt work and battle sequences are fantastic, as is the fact that it has finally been released. The Red Room’s commander, Dreyk0v, is a massive yawn of a villain, even if Ray Winstone is a fantastic performer.

He doesn’t have anything more to say. When it comes to Marvel villains, Taskmaster is one of the most intriguing and the best Marvel villains. However, in the movie, he’s been reduced to a type of secondary weapon without a personality or purpose.

25. Trevor/The Mandarin (Iron Man 3)


The Mandarin, the Iron Man character’s most infamous foe, was one of the most eagerly anticipated villains to be tackled in the films. The primary issue was that the figure depicted in the comics is a racist caricature, so the notion of rendering him modern became impossible.

Shane Black and Drew Pearce, the creators of Iron Man 3, came up with the wild concept of portraying The Mandarin as a stage mask for the Ten Rings, a secretive and evil organization.

The revelation that The Mandarin is a drunk, the classically educated British actor who throws both the viewer and Tony for a loop while throwing the picture into an altogether different setting is a trademark of Black’s work.

For the first half of the film, Sir Ben Kingsley is imposing (if a little ludicrous) and then amusing. Despite the fact that it’s polarizing and goes against the grain, it’s a fantastic idea. It’s distinctive, it’s dangerous, and it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of work.

26. General Ross – The Incredible Hulk

General -ross-us

The Incredible Hulk’s General Ross, played by William Hurt, is one of the film’s most memorable characters, although his arc is overshadowed by that of the film’s hero.

Ang Lee’s Hulk is still fresh in the minds of the audience, and Hurt’s acting as Ross is charmingly steely, particularly when it comes to his relationship with his daughter.

In the Ultimate Universe, S.H.I.E.L.D. is commanded by General Ross, who is also a high-ranking military officer.

Later on, he decides to step down from that position and instead takes up the function of government liaison to the think tank that oversees the Fantastic Four, with General Glenn Talbot serving as his assistant.

27. Darren Cross/Yellowjacket – Ant-Man


Enter Darren Cross, another one of those unremarkable bad guys. After Edgar Wright quit the project, a hastily assembled Ant-Man became an oddity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite the fact that the picture is based on Wright and Joe Cornish’s screenplay, there’s something missing.

Aside from his mentor not disclosing his secrets, Cross’ desire to steal from his master is fascinating; nonetheless, the tale execution is a tad lacking in terms of story development.

Corey Stoll does a good job with the material he’s given, and he gives Cross a fun, exuberant edge that’s pleasantly off-kilter, but it doesn’t amount to much in the end.

28. Thunderbolt Ross (The Incredible Hulk)


In this scenario, Bruce Banner’s role as the Hulk was known before the season started. This makes Ross much more possessive of his daughter Betty and determined to go to any length to eliminate the threat posed by the Hulk, he is a US-based military officer.

His acting was excellent throughout the film, and his followers praised him for it.

29. Alexander Pierce – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce is a “suit-and-tie” villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier since it’s one of the most realistic flicks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He doesn’t have any superpowers or intends to get any. Instead, he’s merely a Nazi who’s attempting to keep Hydra’s infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. a secret. Despite Redford’s considerable abilities, the role is a waste of his time and the picture relies heavily on Redford’s sheer presence.

That being said, there’s not much to remember about Alexander Pierce or his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

30. Wanda Maximoff – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


One of Marvel Comics’ greatest characters is Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). Incomparable in terms of sheer force and variety of storylines and plotlines. But what if we consider Wanda the bad guy?

Clearly, the MCU failed to deliver. Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of Madness erases WandaVision’s development of Wanda’s character and the tale of her sadness with a simple Macguffin.

Wanda’s character is flattened by the influence of the Darkhold, which corrupts her and diminishes her sass.

She lacks the snark that Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha possessed under the thrall of the Darkhold. However, Wanda’s character is pushed into the role of villain, and that positions her at the bottom of the rankings.

31. Arthur Harrow – Moon Knight


Moon Knight introduces cultism to the MCU, with Arthur Harrow guiding worshipers of the Egyptian deity Ammit.

He and Ammit seek to “evaluate” people’s hearts to determine if they are good or evil, despite the fact that Harrow leads an army of mercenaries and wields a staff that can conjure unseen jackal creatures.

As a past avatar, Harrow’s relationship with Khonshu seemed like a squandered opportunity that demanded more investigation.

32. Infinity Ultron – What If…?


What…If? brings back the crazy killer robot in some form as one of the strongest Marvel villains. When Ultron was able to transfer his mind to Vision, murder most of the Avengers, and get all six Infinity Stones, this is a different version of the character.

With all the Infinity Stones, Infinity Ultron seems to be a powerless baddie, and James Spader’s departure from the role makes him feel like a typical Saturday Morning cartoon villain.

Still, it’s a nice addition to a well-known MCU villain, and it’s interesting to see how he interacts with other prominent characters in different universes.

33. Arishem the Judge (Eternals)


Arishem is one of the best Marvel villains. Because they are returning to Earth to arrive at a judgment on human civilization and the Eternals must make a case for saving mankind, Arishem and his fellow Celestials may end up being the real villains of the story.

There is only one member of the group that is more powerful: Dreaming Celestial, who beat him during the Second Host. In addition, the Fourth Host’s might and stature are pitiful compared to other Celestials, such as Exitar.

34. Ghost – Ant-Man and the Wasp


Since Ghost’s character is more of an adversary than a real villain, it’s unjust to put her on this list. John Kamen’s abilities, however, are misused in this film, even though she is the major “baddie” in Ant-Man and the Wasp and receives some welcome moral depth.

For this last combat, Ghost is more of an annoyance than a significant danger to the well-being of our characters. Like Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ghost is doing great.

35. Laufey – Thor


As the film first presents the Frost Giant Laufey (Colm Feore) as the primary enemy, Thor is an odd character when it comes to evil villains Marvel. In addition to S.H.I.E.L.D., Loki emerges as the greatest menace to Thor and Jane in the final act.

As a result, Laufey seems to be something of a coward. This is a deliberate decision on his part to place him at the bottom of the list.

36. Kaecilius – Doctor Strange


When he passed on the Malekith part in Thor: The Dark World, Mads Mikkelsen escaped a bullet. However, he did not fare much better when he took on Kaecilius in Doctor Strange.

Kaecilius is a “clean slate” enemy because of the intricacy of the protagonist and the mysticism Scott Derrickson has had to deal with, according to the film’s co-writer/director.

At the conclusion of the film, we don’t really care what happens to Kaecilius, despite the fact that he has some terrific combat scenes and Mikkelsen looks fantastic while fighting with Strange and other characters.

Considering the writing also had to deal with the Ancient One thing and Strange’s narrative, he’s more of an annoyance than a villainous foe, but he’s not particularly notable in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

37. Yon-Rogg – Captain Marvel


While Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel isn’t as forgettable as Yellowjacket, he’s not near as meaningful as someone like Ego the Living Planet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some of it is a result of the Captain Marvel film’s creators and actor Law, who plays a terrible guy early in the movie, but the movie wants you to think he’s an ally to Carol until beyond the third act. It was a mistake on their side.

38. Ikaris – Eternals


Ikaris, the true antagonist of Eternals, is yet another paradigm of an evil Superman, Marvel bad guys after Homelander and Omni-Man in the surprisingly popular character genre.

Even if he redeems himself by soaring towards the sun as his name implies, he remains the film’s most sly character since he manipulates his pals from the get-go.

39. Karli Morgenthau – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman) and the Flag Smashers feel that the Avengers’ decision to bring back half of the people was a mistake, which lends credence to the “Thanos was Right” movement.

As a result of the Blip’s reversal, the radicals led by Morgenthau feel that the world is now overcrowded and that the less fortunate families are being evicted. Although she was paid for murder, Morgenthau was a symbol of transformation because of the death she suffered for it.

40. Taskmaster – Black Widow


However, even while Taskmaster (Olga Kurylenko) is a strong physical enemy in Black Widow, the character’s actual identity is a surprise you can see coming a mile away, and even then we get very little reward or closure to who is truly behind the mask.

And thus Taskmaster is a minor villain in the film, just there to fuel the action. Taskmaster is a good guy.

41.Najma – Ms. Marvel


In the list of Marvel villains list, Ms. Marvel is a fantastic example of Marvel’s recent habit of giving its villains a little more compassion.

Early on, Najma’s (Nimra Bucha) objectives were purely selfish: she wanted to go home. In order to return to their home dimension, she and the other Clandestines are willing to do everything. Watch Ms.Marvel on Disney Plus right now!

42. Ronan – Guardians of the Galaxy


On the Black Aster, Ronan was awakened from his massacre to learn from Korath as Star-Lord had recovered the Orb, causing Ronan to dispatch his pupil Nebula to chase him, just for Gamora to sacrifice instead.

Ronan is summoned to Sanctuary when Gamora is trapped in the Kyln, and there he meets Nebula. Thanos orders Gamora’s servitude after Ronan murders The Other and brands Gamora a traitor.

After answering to Drax’s call, Ronan goes to Knowhere and challenges him to a fight. While Gamora, Rocket, and Quill flee on mining boats as Nebula follows them, Ronan brutally beats Drax and claims he has no recollection of killing his entire family.

43. Darren Cross/Yellowjacket – Ant-Man


With a villain like Ronan, it’s a wonder that Guardians of the Galaxy works so well, but that’s sort of been the MCU’s signature style.

When a religious fanatic finds out that his people, the Kree, have signed a peace treaty with the Klingons, he vows to provoke a galactic war to prove his point that his race is better than everyone else’s.

44. Dormammu – Doctor Strange


In Doctor Strange, Dormammu is the mastermind behind the scenes, thus it was a natural fit. There is no way he can score highly since the figure only appears for a brief period of time and is only visible as a floating, disembodied visage.

Because he worked with Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One and his visual design is undeniably extremely stunning, the character is only fascinating because of this.

45. Malekith – Thor: The Dark World


Malekith, played by Christopher Eccleston in Thor: The Dark World, is yet another meaningless villain role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To dominate the cosmos, Malekith is an evil Dark Elf.

His tale begins and ends there, and the film makes no attempt to instill any form of sympathy or passion into the character at all, only utilizing him to obstruct Thor and Jane’s relationship.

46. Ulysses Klaue (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black Panther)


The fact that Andy Serkis reprises his role as Klaue, even if he’s never more than a supporting villain in the MCU, makes him a lot of fun. Serkis is a franchise expert, having been in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, and now the MCU.

A character, for sure; an armaments trader who has vowed vengeance against the Wakandans and may have previously been too friendly with Iron Man himself. Klaue serves as a wonderful introduction to Black Panther’s main adversary, and he also adds a dash of ludicrous, chaotic fun to the proceedings.

47. Ayesha (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)


We love Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, the cult-like leader of the golden Sovereign, and recommend you check out Steve McQueen’s overlooked drama Widows if you haven’t already.

When she encounters Yondu and the Ravagers, she has a bit of a fish-out-of-water moment, which shows that she is fully invested in the role. She is one of the best Marvel villains, in terms of her character and her actions.

48. Kro – Eternals


Because of his portrayal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the recent IT films, Bill Skarsgrd appears like the ideal choice to play a Marvel villain. This just adds to the devastating effect of his extremely dull and meaningless portrayal of a villain in Eternals.

Ikaris (Richard Madden) takes Kro’s place as the actual antagonist in the third act. After gaining some of the other Eternals’ talents, Kro is the first intelligent Deviant to appear in the movie. You can easily watch Eternals on Disney Plus outside US with the help of the best Disney VPN.

49. Emil Blonsky/Abomination – The Incredible Hulk


Despite the fact that it was released at the same time as Iron Man, just two characters from Hulk have featured in any other best MCU villain movie.

Despite its inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, this is a forgettable picture. Even Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), the film’s major antagonist, is reduced to being a muscular military jock who wants to grow into the Hulk.

50. Whiplash – Iron Man 2


To be fair to Jon Favreau and Marvel, their desire to cast Mickey Rourke as Iron Man 2’s Whiplash is understandable. Due to his outstanding performance in The Wrestler at the time, Rourke was enjoying an extremely short comeback.

Iron Man 2 saw him turn up in his street clothes, demand that Tony Stark be given a pet parrot, and babble his way through the rest of the movie.

Due to Rourke’s reluctance to offer Favreau and Co. anything even close to a genuine performance, Iron Man 2’s stench is further exacerbated by this complete dud of an enemy.


This was the list of the best Marvel Villains ranked in MCU. The role of a villain in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film is usually the most intriguing. Yes, it’s fun to be a hero; they receive all the attention and praise.

Even though you won’t want to portray the bad guy in any kind of superhero movie, if you’re going to be horrible, you may as well enjoy yourself while you can.

From Hollywood aristocracy (Robert Redford, Kurt Russell), genuine megastars (Michael B. Jordan), and Academy Award winners, the best MCU villains have cast these characters ( Cate Blanchett and, now, Christian Bale).

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