Harry Potter Movies Are Not Available On Any Streaming Service Now

Harry Potter Movies Are Not Available On Any Streaming Service Now

NBCUniversal has taken down all the parts of “Harry Potter” movies from its online streaming platform; Peacock because of its shift to NBC’s cable networks.

The franchise of wizards and magic; Harry Potter, has been taken down from Peacock (which was it streaming home). All eight parts of this franchise are no longer available over NBCUniversal’s streaming service. The films were available on a few other streaming services that had rights from NBC Universal like HBO Max.

This is a huge blow for the millions of fans of the franchise but it also a great opportunity for the streaming platforms with exclusive rights for streaming. Such platforms can now attract the fan-base and become exclusive themselves for having Harry Potter movies available. People can still watch Harry Potter on Netflix but the problem is that it is available in a few regions only. Another thing is that not every region where it is available has all the parts of the franchise.

Rumors were that NBCUniversal took down Harry Potter movies after its author J.K. Rowling was involved in a huge controversy. She recently made some offensive remarks related to transsexual people and was heavily criticized by many people from all over the world. However, the removal of Harry Potter movies from the company’s streaming service has nothing to do with it.

Comicbook has reported that all eight parts of the Harry Potter movies have been taken down from the streaming platform on November 1, 2020. Hunch is that NBCUniversal is planning to broadcast these movies on its cable network and that is why it has removed it from its online platform. NBC Universal has the rights to the movies franchise till the end of 2021.

As their rights are coming to the end next year, this might be their move to promote their cable platform more, whilst they can.

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Arsalan Rathore

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