“The Thing” (1982) Still One Of The Best Sci-Fi Horror Packed With Scare Jumps and Hyper-Realistic Spine Chilling Scenes

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“The Thing” (1982) Still One Of The Best Sci-Fi Horror Packed With Scare Jumps and Hyper-Realistic Spine Chilling Scenes

“The Thing” came out 38 years ago but it is still one of the most thrilling movie ever-made. John Carpenter gained the attention through his movie “Halloween” and came out with this movie just a few years later. This has been one of his major break-through horror thrillers and is still the highest budgeted movie by him till date. The total budget of this movie was $15 million, out of which $1.5 million was spent on its special effects.

Many Horror fans loved “The Thing” but there were some that felt that this movie could have been better. Here are few of the important things that we would like you to know about the 1982 Horror “The Thing”:

The Characters and The Plot

The plot of the movie revolves around a superficial extraterritorial alien creature that can kill and shift shapes of any organisms. Some scientists at an American Research Station in Antarctica find a Norwegian base that was attacked by this creature. The story takes gruesome turns and the team loses its trust on each other as any one of them can be the thing.

The story is filled with great surprises and twists that you will surely love. The climax of the movie is worth watching but if you are not a fan of sci-fi, then this movie might seem boring to you.

What “The Thing” Really is?

“The Thing” is actually a shape-shifting alien creature from another world that can take any organisms’ form. It can turn into a man or even a simple organ. It can hibernate in a human body in such a way that no one can doubt a person.


It came to earth a hundred years ago and since then it has been present in that cold but has not frozen to death.

The Whole Movie was Shot Within 12 Weeks  in Blistering Cold

The whole movie was shot within 12 weeks in Los Angeles, Alaska and British Columbia regions. The icy shots in the movie were filmed in Stewart, British Columbia and Alaska and this particular filming lasted one month only.

Adaptation of John W. Campbell’s Novel “Who goes there?”


The Thing is based on the all-time popular novella by John W. Campbell “Who goes there?” and it is not the only movie made on this novella, there are several more. Every adaptation of this novella has been different as every director has tried to show the creature in a different way.

The Thing 1982 VS The Thing 2011

Many people get confused when they see the same titles but different timelines of “The Thing”. Another adaptation of the same novella by John W. Campbell came out in 2011 with the same name and had almost the same story line. However, what  viewers should know is that it is nether a sequel or a prequel of the movie, as it has different characters and a bit different plot. Some people believe that it the 2011 movie was a prequel to the 1982 movie but it is not like that.

Harsh Feedback From The Critics

When “The Thing” was released in 1982, it instantly received harsh feedback from the critics and many people called it disappointing. Acclaimed Critic Alan Spencer wrote in Starlog (a Sci-fi magazine),”John Carpenter’s The Thing smells, and smells pretty bad. It has no pace, sloppy continuity, zero humor, bland characters on top of being totally devoid of either warmth or humanity […] It’s my contention that John Carpenter was never meant to direct a science-fiction horror movie. Here’s some things he’d be better suited to direct: traffic accidents, train wrecks and public floggings.”

The magazine Cinefantastique came up with a cover saying, “Is this the most hated movie of all time?”

Another critic called the movie foolish and depressing and there are many more things that “The Thing” got as a feedback.

Nevertheless, this negative feedback may have came forward because the audience of that time did not have a stomach for it. If you watch this movie now, you will see that it is one of the finest Sci-fi horror thrillers to date. The special effects and the work on graphics is way ahead of its time. It surely has some amazing jump-scares that even left me breathless.

Wrapping It Up!

Coming to the conclusion, this movie is now one of my favorites, regardless of the feedback it received back in the day. The Thing has now became a cult movie, and fans of the science fiction thriller should really watch it. If you haven’t watched it yet, then I believe you’re missing out big time on this master piece.

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