Happy Birthday Hargreeves Siblings 1st October

Time Travelling is something that sounds adventurous but can cause a great stir in anyone’s life. Take the Hargreeves siblings for example, all siblings have different ages despite being born on the same day. All seven siblings of the Umbrella Academy were born on 1st October 1989 and guess what it’s their birthday today.

By keeping what their ages were at the end of season 2, let us see how would they be now:

1.      Five

Five was mentally 58 years old by the end of Season 2 of Umbrella Academy Season 2, though he had a body of a 13 years old. Thanks to his disastrous time travelling, he was stuck in the post-apocalyptic future for 45 years.

If we calculate his age, by today i.e. 1st October, 2020; He would be celebrating his 59th birthday. Many Happy return of the day to the master of disaster!

2.      Klaus

Klaus was 34 years old by the end of Season 2 and that happy go lucky would be celebrating his 35th birthday today.

3.      Allison

Allison would be 32 years old today as she was 31 years old when the Season 2 ended.

4.      Luther

Luther was 31 Years Old at the end of the season and we got that trace thanks to that conspiracist Elliot who had written their dates of arrival in the Dallas Alley.

5.      Diego

By the end of the second season of Umbrella Academy, Diego was 29 years old and he is now celebrating his 30 year old.

6.      Vanya

Vanya would be 30 years old as well because she was 29 years old and the crazy thing is that she and Diego are at last of the same age despite the time travelling shenanigans.

7.      Ben

Ben is the youngest of them all at the end of the season;16 years old and would be celebrating his sweet 17th today.

All seven Umbrella Academy siblings namely Luther, Vanya, Allison, Five, Ben, Klaus and Diego were of the same age. However, by the end of Umbrella Academy Season 2. Thanks to Five who threw the whole family back in 1960 through the time travelling portal as they were not able to stop the apocalypse in Season 1. But just like I mentioned, all of them got scattered in time the time period, appearing in the same Alley in Dallas.

They all went ahead separately and started their lives in a different way as they were all scattered with large time differences. Klaus started his own Cult whereas Allison gets married but then soon they all find each other and are back again at what they do best, trying to save the world.

The master of time travel troublemaking, Five, arrives last of them all just in the right time to save the world from a war between USA and the Soviets. Hazel arrives just in time to save Five escape from there. When they all arrived back, their ages were in a great disorder.

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