Lucifer Characters Ages: How Old Are The Heroes Really? Their True Ages & Birthdays [Updated in 2024]


As I comb through the celestial tapestry of Lucifer, I can’t help but be fascinated by the enigma of time. From the ageless allure of Lucifer Morningstar himself to the human characters that add depth and relativity to the narrative, understanding the ‘Lucifer characters ages’ sheds new light on their journeys.

In the spirit of Lucifans’ undying curiosity, it would be interesting to know the ages of the characters, as some of them can be thousands of years old while others can be just a few years old. So, let’s get to it and see the age of our favorite characters from the show.

#10 – Lilith


Lilith, Maze’s mother, is one of Lucifer’s old friends, as shown in the show’s fifth season. Lilith Lucifer characters ages should be around 12000 years old as she was Adam’s first wife; ironically, she chose to be mortal despite being immortal once.

If you have watched season 5, part 1, and see how Lilith acts around everyone, you can say she’s like a Virgo who always follows her heart. You might be thinking, how old is Maze in Lucifer, shes is immortal.

#9 – Eve


Eve, celebrated for her boundless vitality and love of life, is a character in Lucifer whose age belies her appearance. Though she appears to be a vivacious woman in her twenties, celestial Eve’s Lucifer characters ages is a staggering 300,000 years old, having resided in Heaven prior to her earthly descent.

Her eternal spirit and passion for revelry perfectly match the Aquarian characteristics she embodies, which value freedom and lively social gatherings. Now let’s find out how old Ella is in Lucifer.

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#8 – Ella Lopez


The joyful bunny, Ella, has the personality of quite a young child as she is so compassionate and loves to show her emotions well. She is a hugging machine who fancies having fun and always strives to find a partner that matches her taste.

Ella Lopez was born in 1986, which means Ella Lopez age is around 33 or 34 by the fifth season of Lucifer. Ella would be a perfect Sagittarius if we were to talk about her Zodiac sign. She is witty and, at the same time, so focused, she loves what she does, and she likes to lead her way.

#7 – Charlotte Richards


Charlotte Richards has had a significant role in the series as Lucifer’s mom possessed her, and then when she returned to herself, she had no memory of what happened. Charlotte was a young, charming lady who died at a very young age.

She was only 40 years old when she died, as she was born in the year 1978 and died in the year 2018.

Her death moved Dan a lot, and he keeps on expressing it from time to time. Charlotte Richards is a sharp, assertive, and highly skilled lawyer who often displays a mix of toughness and vulnerability, hence a Scorpio.

#6 – Linda Martin


Linda Martin, the insightful therapist in Lucifer, is a cornerstone of wisdom and understanding. Born in 1977, Linda Martin’s Lucifer characters ages is approximately 41-42 during the fifth season, aligning her with the depth and maturity of a Pisces.

As a therapist to both humans and celestial beings, Linda exudes emotional intelligence and empathy, traits that resonate with her zodiac sign. Her character’s complexity is further revealed through her backstory, which includes having a daughter at 17 in 1994 that she later gave up.

I hope you got your answer to how old is Linda in Lucifer and also her zodiac sign.

#5 – Charlie


Charlie, the son of Linda Martin and Amenadiel, introduces a captivating dynamic to Lucifer. As a newborn introduced in the series, Charlie is a mere two months old at his first appearance. Born on March 25, 2019, he symbolizes the potential at the intersection of human and divine realms.

His astrological sign, Aries, might suggest a future personality that is bold and pioneering. The enigma surrounding Charlie centers on whether he will inherit immortality from his father or lead a mortal existence like his mother, a mystery that adds intrigue to the series.

#4 – Trixie Espinoza


Trixie Espinoza, Chloe Decker’s daughter, embodies youthful wisdom and charm in Lucifer. At the series’ start, she is introduced as a seven-year-old and matures to 12 by its conclusion.

Her birthday on March 1, 2008, infuses her character with the compassionate and artistic qualities of a Pisces. Trixie’s relationship with Lucifer is one of the show’s highlights, as it reveals a tenderness in the Devil that contrasts with his usual demeanor.

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#3 – Daniel Espinoza


Detective Daniel Dan Espinoza, played by Kevin Alejandro, is a character known for his dedication to his work and love for his daughter Trixie. Born in 1980, Dan is around 40 years old by the end of season 5.

His charismatic leadership style and desire for admiration are traits of his Leo zodiac sign, evident in his approach to work and his personal relationships. Lucifer is undoubtedly one of the best shows on Netflix.

#2 – Chloe Decker


Chloe Decker, a central figure in Lucifer, is known for her sharp detective skills and celestial connection. Born on November 6, 1981, Chloe’s divine origin was a gift from God, making her a predestined being with a path intertwined with Lucifer Morningstar.

By the fifth season, Chloe Decker’s Lucifer character age is 39, highlighting her experience as both a detective and a mother. Her Scorpio zodiac sign contributes to her determination, bravery, and loyalty. How old is Chloe Decker in Lucifer? Yes is shown in here late 30’s.

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#1 – Lucifer Morningstar


Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil himself and age for him is nothing as he is IMMORTAL! However, there are moments when he experiences the feats of mortality.

These are the moments when he is close to Detective Decker because she makes him vulnerable. How old is Lucifer in the show? More than 13.7 billion years old. How old is Lucifer in human years? 37-year-old when the shooting began. You can watch Call the Midwife Season 10 on Netflix, alongside your favorite shows like “Lucifer.”

The Devil is one of the few beings that were created first when the universe came into existence, which means that he is currently the oldest character in the series as of now. He may be the Devil, but yet he has that aura of an Aquarian. He cares for others, especially Chloe.

FAQs – Lucifer Characters Ages

Tom Ellis was born on November 17, 1978. Real Lucifer characters ages was 37 years old at the beginning of Lucifer in 2016 and 42 when the series concluded on Netflix in 2021.

Lucifer is based on a comic series, and while the show stays true to the essence of the characters, there may be variations in ages and backstories to fit the television format. Details can be found by comparing the original DC Comics with the show’s adaptation.

After Lucifer, many cast members have moved on to new projects. For instance, Tom Ellis stars in the upcoming series “Players,” and Lauren German has been involved in various film projects. Updates on their latest roles can typically be found on their official social media profiles and through entertainment news outlets.

In the TV series “Lucifer,” the titular character, Lucifer Morningstar, experiences a unique phenomenon where he ages when in the presence of Chloe Decker, a detective with whom he forms a complex relationship. Despite the passage of time affecting Lucifer, Chloe seems unaffected by aging, adding an intriguing twist to their dynamic.


After exploring the Lucifer Characters Ages, I’ve appreciated the intricate tapestry of stories that blend the eternal with the ephemeral.

It’s fascinating to witness how these characters navigate the complexities of existence, from the eternal dance of celestial beings to the fleeting moments of human life.

The allure of Lucifer lies not just in its supernatural elements but also in its exploration of timeless themes through characters that resonate with us on a human level.

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