Lucifer Season 5 Becomes Top Opening Weekend Debut on Netflix

Lucifer Season 5 Becomes Top Opening Weekend Debut on Netflix

Lucifer Season 5 has just aired on Netflix and it has already broke the record of the best opening weekend for a TV series on Netflix. It was released last Friday and since then, it is currently tending on Netflix leaving behind Umbrella Academy.

Season 5 of Lucifer is planned to be divided into two halves and the surprising thing is that its season 6 is now in the works as well. According to the Netflix ranking stats by FlixPatrol, Lucifer has scored a total of 674 points on its opening weekend, whereas the Umbrella Academy was able to score only 643 points.


By this, Lucifer becomes the fourth biggest opening weekend debut, while The Old guard being at the top of the list, followed by Project Power on 2nd and The Kissing Booth 2 on 3rd position.

Lucifer Season 5 is still leading the top 10 charts on Netflix all around the world:


Nevetheless, there are a few countries where Lucifer has not gained the top mark like

  1. Colombia
  2. Hong-Kong
  3. Ireland
  4. Japan
  5. Malaysia
  6. South-Korea
  7. Taiwan
  8. Thailand
  9. Vietnam

As you can see, most of these are Asian Countries and ironically, Lucifer is present in the top 10, but is not leading the board. Netflix UK does not have access to the first three seasons of Lucifer but it did have it in the top 10 charts.

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