Netflix Acquires Screen Rights of an r/Nosleep Horror Story

Netflix has acquired the screen rights for a short horror story, “My Wife and I bought a Ranch,” which was posted on Reddit in Six Parts by Matt Query. This is a “Seven Figure” deal by Netflix, as it won the bidding for this story last Friday, Deadline reports. Netflix is always looking for original content to stay one step ahead of its competitors, and it does not shy away from spending a handsome amount for it.

Matt Query posted this story on r/Nosleep, which is a subreddit famous because of the horrifying original stories shared by users. This story is about Harry and Sasha, who bought a beautiful ranch in the valley of rural Idaho and later discovered that the valley is haunted.

As the story continues, their neighbors inform them that there is an evil spirit that visits the house at the start of the season to manifest itself. To stay safe from the spirit, they have to follow a series of rituals that are not easy to perform nor easy to digest.

The first part of this story out of six gained great popularity and has received more than 3000 upvotes. The remaining five parts of this story are also receiving great acclaim from the readers.

rnosleep my wife and i bought a ranch

According to the report by Deadline, Matt Query’s brother will be writing the screenplay, whereas Scott Glassgold (Ground Control Entertainment) will be the producer. Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen from 21 Laps, along with James Wan and Michael Clear from Atomic Monster, are also in talks for production. However, Netflix has made no comments over this news as of yet.

Netflix is famous for spending a significant amount of money on acquiring original content for streaming. As reported by Deadline, Netflix has increased its budget by up to $17 billion for new content production, showing an increase of $2 billion as compared to its last year’s expenditure.

The quality of content over Netflix has significantly increased, and their content library and their growing popularity is the living proof of it. To be precise, if we were to discuss the best Horror movies or the most disturbing movies in 2020, then most of them would be available over Netflix.

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