Dark Web Frauds Selling TikTok and Netflix Accounts for £8 and Bank Accounts for £350

Dark Web Frauds Selling TikTok and Netflix Accounts for £8 and Bank Accounts for £350

Dark Web is the place where people’s financial and personal information is sold and manipulated on daily basis. Recently, ClearScore disclosed that more than one million people have signed-up for its free Dark Web monitoring service known as ClearScore Protect, allowing users to stay safe from the pirates of the Dark Web in just under three minutes. ClearScore Protect monitors the Dark Web for any potential data breach and alerts users about their stolen passwords available over the Dark Web.

Other than this, they have also launched a “Dark Web Calculator“, which allows you to estimate the value of your information in the eyes of a fraud master over the Dark Web. These services were launched in May 2020, and so far it has discovered over 5.3 million passwords.

Birmingham, UK, tops the list of the regions that experienced the highest number of data theft. On an average, nine data breaches were suffered per person in that region according to the collected data.  Out of 440,000 actions identified by the service, only one third of the people have taken it seriously to secure themselves.

Since the pandemic began, the cyberthreats have increased worldwide exponentially. Phishing and hacking attempts have risen throughout the world as many fraudsters have bought personal data of people over the Dark Web.

You can see all sorts of accounts from various platforms being sold over the Dark Web. For example, TikTok account passwords were being sold for £3, whereas Netflix accounts were sold at £8. The most priced accounts were bank account details, which were being sold for around £350.

A persons financial details are the most expensive data set available over the Dark Web. However, the most commonly available data sets are social media user accounts and email address passwords.

Ceo and Co Founder of ClearScore, Justin Basini issues a statement saying,

“The current pandemic has brought about a period of heightened economic uncertainty for many people, which, unfortunately, has led to a rise in online scams. If ever there was a time to make sure you are protecting yourself and your finances online, it is now.  Having fallen victim to identity theft myself, I understand how it can impact a person’s financial and mental wellbeing. ClearScore Protect was created to help to take away some of the stress many feel by giving peace of mind that your data and your identity is protected online.”

Cybersecurity needs to be taken seriously in this era of digitalization where everything is available online. Protecting your accounts with complex passwords and changing them time to time. Another thing that many people should do is not to allow their browsers to save passwords.

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