Netflix has Launched a New Test Feature to Crack Down on Password Sharing

Netflix has Launched a New Test Feature to Crack Down on Password Sharing

Freebies, stay alert! Netflix has launched a test feature against password sharing so that nobody can take advantage of another person’s account without his permission. 

Since it is a test feature, only a limited number of people are getting the warning message on their screens while accessing Netflix. The message reads as follows:

If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.”


This policy is actually a part of Netflix’s terms of usage. The message only appears to those suspected of stealing other accounts or borrowing their friend’s accounts.

The main motive of the test feature is to ensure that if the user is authorized to use the Netflix account or not. Another motive of this test feature is to ensure that the revenue is not lost since the streaming industry is getting more competitive every single day. 

Netflix will prompt the user to either text or email a code to the account owner for verification. Users will also be given the option of verifying the account later. If the user fails to verify his account in the given time frame, he will be asked to create a new account.

Netflix is reportedly not against legitimate password sharing, so they are not making any changes there. Currently, Netflix charges $8.99 on Basic, $13.99 on Standard, and $17.99 on its Premium plan. You get one screen on a basic plan, two on standard, and four screens on its premium plan.

Netflix gained more than 35 million subscribers in 2020 and currently stands at more than 200 million subscribers worldwide. The streaming giant is now hunting down those users who are abusing the service with free trials and not paying for it. A lot of new content is being added to the Netflix library, so it’s only fair that the company gets the paid subscription that it rightly deserves.


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