Netflix Planning an Animated Reboot of “Good Times”; a Sitcom by Norman Lear

Netflix is planning  an animated reboot of “Good Times”, a sitcom by CBS which aired in during the year 1974 to 1980. Netflix will be bringing this sitcom on its platform in a form of series, having 10 episodes. According to the reports by Deadline, NBA Star Steph Curry’s Unanimous media, Norman Lear’s Act III production, Sony Pictures TV and Seth MacFarlane and his Fuzzy Door will be teaming together to develop the show.


Norman Lear was the executive producer and developer of “Good Times”, which was one of his most popular shows ever. This reboot of Good Times will be his first animated series and the amazing thing is that it follows right after the recently released animated reboot episode by Pop TV of One Day At a Time , which was another groundbreaking show by Lear.

Lear and MacFarlane will be the executive producers of this reboot and Carl Jones will be the show runner. In a statement given by Lear, he said, ““We can’t think of anything better, at this time in our culture, than a re-imagining of Good Times”.


A live episode of “Good Times” was aired on ABC for the network’s live show by Lear last December. There is no official word out yet about the voice over cast and its release date.

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